The New Student's Reference Work/Zanesville, O.

Zanes'ville, O., county-seat of Muskingum County, on both sides of Muskingum River, at the mouth of Licking River, 55 miles east of Columbus, is in a beautiful and fertile valley, and is crowded with manufactures and other business enterprises. Having fine railroad and river facilities, it is a prosperous and busy city. It has rolling-mills, blast-furnaces, brass and iron foundries, glass and soap factories, flour, woolen and paper mills, railroad and other machine shops, tile-works and extensive potteries making fine ware. It also has tanneries, breweries, bent-wood works and brick-yards, and manufactures agricultural implements. The Y bridge spanning the Muskingum and Licking Rivers is the only structure of its kind in the United States. Among the prominent buildings are the Masonic Temple, the People's Savings Bank, Soldiers' and Sailors' Monumental Building, the two opera-houses and Zanesville High School. The city has an admirable system of public and parochial schools, a business college, an academy (R. C.), many churches and McIntire Home for Children. Zanesville was settled in 1799, and was the state capital from 1810 to 1812. Population 28,026.