The New Student's Reference Work/Zangwill, Israel

Zang'will, Israel, British novelist and littérateur, of Jewish origin, was born in London in 1864 and educated at the Jews' Free School, Spitalfields. He has travelled much, chiefly on lecturing tours, visiting not only the chief places in Europe and in Palestine but the United States. His writings, besides his Jewish stories, as Children of the Ghetto and Ghetto Tragedies include several plays, the chief ones being Merely Mary Ann and Nurse Marjorie, both of which have appeared on the American stage. After teaching, Zangwill for a time was a journalist, founding Ariel or The London Puck in 1889. Then he took to writing novels and to miscellaneous literary composition. His more notable works include The Bachelor's Club, The Big Bow Mystery; The Old Maid's Club, a satire; The King of the Schnorrers'; 'The Master; Dreamers of the Ghetto; They that Walk in Darkness; and The Mantle of Elijah, the latter being also dramatized. He has, moreover, published essays entitled Without Prejudice; some verse; humorous political effusions under the title of The Premier and the Painter; and gossipy criticisms entitled Men, Women and Books, the latter appearing in The Cosmopolitan of New York City. He is interested in the colonizing of Jews in British East Africa and is connected with the Zionist movement.