The Short Cut to Regeneration Through Fasting/Chapter 9


Special Instructions For Fasting

When we are fasting we throw all our physical machinery out of normal action. We must therefore give it more attention than we would otherwise.

Assimilation–Nutrition–Digestion–Elimination, all struggle under an abnormal condition; for as soon as we cease eating we lose the stimulation which food gives the system and by which it takes care of these things.

Our physical food cells die by the thousands, and must be eliminated quickly or the blood stream will become filled with decaying substance which carries with it the touch of ptomain poisoning. There is no poison more deadly than ptomain and unless we throw out the waste of our own flesh we soon become saturated with it.

A systemic cathartic on the day we do not eat is imperative: there is no use saying “Oh I don’t need it.” “Yes! you do!” and a local enema will not do the work. This will only unload the lower bowel and the need of the system is for the cleansing of the blood stream, as well as the intestinal tract. There are plenty of cathartics which will do the work quietly without disturbing effects.

While fasting, the elimination through the pores of the skin is also most important–and hence good body massage and Turkish baths. Swimming, electrical baths are also good as they stimulate the molecular activity of the whole system.

Body message loosens the muscles and helps in breaking up old adhesions and errors of physical angles–a muscle which is too long will shorten when released and a too short muscle can be stretched to its full length.

Hence the change in the shoulder muscles–round shoulders can be completely cured and flat chests filled in. Double chins can be obliterated, big, full, and sagging abdominal muscles shortened; and the body pulled into its normal shape.