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The Double Fortress

By Alfred Noyes

Time, would’st thou hurt us? Never shall we grow old.
 Break as thou wilt these bodies of blind clay,

Thou canst not touch us here, in our stronghold,
 Where two, made one, laugh all thy powers away.

Though ramparts crumble and rusty gates grow thin,
 And our brave fortress dwine to a hollow shell,

Thou shalt hear heavenly laughter, far within;
 Where, young as Love, two hidden lovers dwell.

We shall go clambering up our twisted stairs
 To watch the moon through rifts in our grey towers.

Thou shalt hear whispers, kisses, and sweet prayers
 Creeping through all our creviced walls like flowers.

Would’st wreck us, Time? When thy dull leaguer brings
 The last wall down, look heavenward. We have wings.


What is The Short Cut?

The Short Cut is the immediate possession of your heart's desire; not next year, not next month, nor tomorrow, but NOW.

The promissory side of the New Psychology is so great that it comes with an almost staggering suddenness to the old mind imbued with the old thought ideas.

"There is nothing we cannot have," says the new seer "if you want any thing, why don't you have it?" This is the only really potent question of the day.

The new Psychologist goes deeply to the root of human desire and sees that all humanity wants the same things, only in varying degrees, and knows that all human endeavor is directed toward the attainment of the heart's desire.

No matter how frail the method, no matter how fraught with superstition, tradition, or weakness, through everything there runs the slender thread of human desire, calling insatiably for its own.

The new seer says, You want health, wealth, love and usefulness. So do I, so does the whole world;—well, you can have them. If it is health you are calling for, bring it to yourself and cease to drag around a body that shrieks with pain. Is it wealth you want? Then get it, and stop your soul-sickened cry for liberty from your limitations. Is it love you seek? Then call it to you, to have and hold till the want grows cold, or links your soul with your "other soul" to the edge of the grave and on beyond into the dream to come. Are you tired of idleness? Then get busy. Why should your soul stand dumb and useless amid the great world throng? What do you want to do? Go do it. There is no one who says no to you but yourself; the great Universal Supply of all these things stands waiting to be acted upon. You are the actor. No one will give to you but yourself, no one can take away from you but yourself; the Universal Supply is willing,—what is the matter with you?"

The New Psychology explains all of the laws of attainment. It explains them in a way that can be understood and practiced, but after the last word has been said and the last lesson absorbed there comes from the questioning students this never failing question and these statements: "Is there no short cut? I believe if I follow the new laws laid down this higher revelation of our day and hour, I shall eventually send myself into possession of all that makes life whole and complete; but these methods take time, this kingdom of conquest is not born overnight.

"I do not want to wait. If these things are law—and all things are accomplished through the law of the thing itself—is there no way by which we can transcend the slower action and become one with the finer actions of the same law, as the motor car transcends the ox cart in the law of transportation?

"I cannot wait. There is nothing I will not do to get wealth at once, there is no personal test I will not stand to free myself from the galling chains of poverty; I will lay down some part of my own life for the love that loves me; I will spare no effort of personal giving to be able to be of great use to my day and age. Tell me, is there no short cut?"

In answer to the thousands who ask these questions this book is written.

Yes, there is a short cut to REGENERATION OF OUR WHOLE BEING. It is a short, steep climb out onto the mountain tops where life's finer forces do the super-work, and the method is simple: just fast and breathe, control eating, exercise, think, feel, and act in unison with the Higher Law and Regeneration will be yours.

Strait is the gate and narrow is the way—and few there be who walk therein." Many are called but few are chosen, but to the one who falters not, the promises are all fulfilled at once, because he sets the law of the promises in action by his own extended consciousness.


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