The Short Cut to Regeneration Through Fasting/Chapter 13


The Super-Man

Before we start to fast, we ask why we should fast, and after we have fulfilled all the laws for the Short Cut we have a right to demand that we shall have, as a permanent possession, some things that are worth while.

We have followed for an ultimate good and we demand that the end shall justify the means. The Human Mind is so constituted that no effort, sacrifice or endurance is too great if it brings the desired end and aim; so the Initiate may well ask “What is in all this for me? What is the complete reward? What do I get to recompense me for the many human indulgences I am obliged to pass up in my search for the Higher Good?”

There is pleasure in self-indulgence, that one cannot deny, and there is hard discipline in this ceaseless round of self-denial and self-education.

The Initiate will go on to accomplishment if he can have positive proof of the certainty of perfect fulfillment at the end. These proofs can be given and are given him. He can find them in song and story; history itself everywhere bstands laden with the gifts of this new world.

The final gift to the one who faints not is Divine Revelation. With this SHORT CUT one becomes a Revelator and he has the light of higher wisdom over his path. The master said “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness; he shall have the light of life” and those who develop this consciousness within, escape the dark miasma-laden swamps of human ignorance and walk in a light that is not only over all but in all.

The mind of the Illuminatus is ever the open doorway between heaven and earth through which genius passes; his plus-consciousness contacts with planes of intelligence unknown to the simple multitudes; he moves upon the same levels as his kind, but is above and beyond them in thought and perception. He eludes, by his own revelation and greatness, the measuring power and the submerging pull of the common crowd. The common man can only catch glimpses of the true light of revelation, the plus man lives it, is it, and through being this he can help the whole world.

Through fasting, breathing, thinking, feeling, being, we become individualized gods on this planet and can enter the eternal Orders of Health, Wealth, Love and Service, then, like a mighty magnet, draw others into these Orders. Those who pay the price of purification, discipline–which the Short Cut demands, will find as their ultimate possession and reward a new consciousness which embodies in super-human powers.

Nothing in the common walks of life can interfere with the progress of these Illuminati; limitation is unknown to them. They simply absorb or dissolve the puny human laws which bind and hold the ordinary race man by meeting them with a perception which finds the higher laws.

With the higher laws of life they enter naturally into a new order of possession so great, so limitless, so free, that it can only be called divine:

“They come to grief and bid it pass to joy,
Their touch unbinds the blinding bands of pain;
The soul finds happiness without alloy,
They turn all seeming loss to greater gain.”

This is the fulfillment of the promises, and by their deliberate appeal to the power of higher knowing and their unchanging response to higher discipline they command and accomplish all.

The plus man does not separate himself from his kind; he is only more closely identified with everything. His exiled human heart has only lost its life on a lower plane to find it on new levels of living. He is now at home on the bosom of reality; he can speak from the wisdom of the all, merged in the all, the parts made perfect in the whole.

The true growth of the human soul is painless, and, knowing this, he turns his transcendental consciousness upon his flesh and heals it. Purified by his long fast, the cell consciousness of his body accepts the new invitation to peace and freedom. Every cell intelligence awakens to the new call, and night and day, works out triumphantly, the plus body.

Then, standing in the midst of the world of intelligence, himself a creator, a receiver, a distributor and an unfolder, he builds his own material world and says–“let there be light over his new universe.” He is universal intelligence, substance and force. He knows that he must manifest his own form, and that, in order to manifest it, he must command the Divine Intelligence around him.

By a conscious fling of mentation, then, he speaks his own desire into atomic mind of matter, and from empty, formless space, cosmic consciousness appears in forms of wealth, success, power, freedom,–anything he desires.

There is concerted action between the atomic mind of substance and the mind of the Illumined. They become the Supreme Creator and Director of their own pathway through life, and through contact with the higher levels of Intelligence, their revelation enables them to be a redeemer of the race.

Nations may come and go, wax strong and perish into nothingness but, still higher than the changing law of time and ignorance, there will always be the voice of the Eternal Truth speaking its message into the minds of Illumined men. Amid the world throng there will always be those, who, pushed by the power of a glorified conviction, will lift their life to the level of the universal life, so that, from the shores of infinite wisdom, great waves of truth, illumination and revelation will beat in upon them.

Above all the seeming limitations of our human consciousness and our limited understanding, revelation and prophesy will sweep into the soul when we have fulfilled the law, and uplift our mind to a great endeavor.

The voice of the Infinite is calling us today, just as it has called to men of all races throughout all time, and as soon as the human mind looks up and seeks and asks, it finds. The answer is already written; waiting for that supreme crest in race consciousness when, like a mountain peak, the rising intelligence unites with its source.

In the everyday life, we must all pass between the world of sense and the world of revelation. The Novitiate and the Initiate are side by side, and each takes his place in, and works with, the power of his own kingdom, and through this reaches complete Illumination.

Whenever or wherever the soul awakens to a great thirst for higher wisdom, it overcomes the limitations of the finite laws and counts as naught the self culture which these higher possessions demand of it.

This, then, is the Short Cut, the pathway of the plus man, the new world of the Illuminati. It is filled with eternal possessions and any life, no matter where it may be in the lesser pathways or the broad, white ways of human ignorance, can find this straight and narrow path and build itself a way from the lowlands of human reality, into a new world of peace.

Crowned, then, with the joy of deeper conquest which we have won through unfaltering allegiance to the laws of the “Short Cut;” we hold in our hands the key to the secrets of Absolute Creation.

The path began by awakening within the self an embryonic Consciousness of Divine Reality,and it ends with reality coming forth not from some strange, far-off outside world of conjecture, but gently and surely from the very heart of life within our own being. From our own center, life's perfect flower of Divine Realization has budded, bloomed and blossomed. We are no longer under the law of the race consciousness but under the grace of Divine potentialities and possibilities.