The Short Cut to Regeneration Through Fasting/Chapter 12




When we take the Short Cut of Fasting we not only rearrange our whole being, but we rearrange our position in the great Universal Etheric Vibrations.

We give ourself a new place in our own firmament and throw around us new expressions of Cosmic Life with which we must again normally connect.

We find new gifts on our path toward rightness and these new gifts are accentuation and intensification of all our human senses. Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell awaken with a new, thrilling sense of finer use, becoming merged into a vivid new sensation, which is a blend of all.

All senses are used, not disused, but used in a sort of overtone of function which perceives without contact and translates with the deeper perception of the essence-sense rather than the crude extracts of the old senses.

Where others see only empty space and hear no sound and find no perfume, the Illuminatus rarefied with his Fast, sees colors and visions, hears voices and merges himself with the music of the spheres in entrancing sounds.

The faster does not go far in the search for the secrets of himself before he comes face to face with the unrevealed secrets of the world in which he lives–secrets sealed to the masses but revealed to him because he has pushed his mind behind the veil of matter in which the common senses had shut him.

In the very beginning in this search for wisdom, he comes to a world of color and sound; he finds these so wonderful that they bewitch his senses; the color sinks him into introspection while the sound either soothes him or jars him into more and more mystery. When fasting has opened his vision to the color scheme of the universe, and his ears to its wonderful harmony, he must then pass, by higher law, into the added peace, power and usefullness which these gifts bring him.

It is a perfectly natural thing for the Illuminati to see colors and hear the vibrations of their life song. Thousands are born just on the edge of these deep, etheric vibrations. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience are just natural expressions of these intensified states of mind and body. They are not the gifts of God to some especial saint or seer, but are the gifts man gives to him self through the normal use of the finer senses already in his possession.

Form, color, sound, this is the trinity of life; every blade of grass gives off its own keynote, or life song, as a tuning fork gives out its notes; every mineral, animal, or man, everything, sings its own song of life.

The metaphysician only hears, but does not understand; the occultist hears, sees and studies all these laws, but they operate on him, not he on them. The Illuminatus sees, knows and operates all these laws, blending them into one grand whole, from which he writes the symphony of his own life.

Within this extension of vision and sense there comes the wonder of the sense of smell, and the Illuminatus detects everywhere the auric smell of all things: he can speak as one who speaks with authority even before he has either seen or heard; he can walk, blindfolded, in the most dangerous levels, be surrounded with the beasts of the human plane and yet, with an unerring subtlety, his finer sense of smell will open the truth for him and become the book of wisdom from which he can read the directions of the trail.

Every one carries with him, in his aura, the finer etheric vibrations of his life; and these, translated into smell, reveal his place in the scheme of all things. The drunkard, the prostitute, the thief, the liar, the glutton, the murderer, at heart, all have the odor of their own vibration, and no matter how beautiful they may appear externally, no matter how much they deceive the uninitiated, the Illuminatus can stand before them, or across the room, or even with a wall between, and by the almost imperceptible perception of his higher sense of smell can gain the truth of their soul position.

It has not entered into the heart of man to conceive of the glories that are prepared for those who love the Lord (Law). The higher Law of Understanding is always a lamp to his feet, the wonderful senses of our physical body are linked with the wisdom of the universe; and through these, the higher consciousness leads, directs and inspires the human heart.

Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell,–these together form the life line for the whole human race. Blest indeed is he who, turning inward for his light, finds that intensified union of all these senses which can lead him fearlessly along the sharpest precipices of life. Then thrice blessed is he when, turning into the world around him, he can use these to help humanity on to higher mastery of its environment and itself.

This consciousness attained by taking the Short Cut–makes for physical, mental, and emotional everlasting efficiency. Those who bring it to bear upon human conditions heal themselves and others, they change their environment and turn a lamp to the feet of the struggling, they help all to get health, wealth, love and success, not tomorrow nor next year but here and now. These are the real magicians, but men unthinkingly call them financiers, builders, promoters, et cetera. Their thoughts, wished out into form, make a fit place for the weaker multitude to live in and they are always the humanitarians, giving their life for the world.