The Short Cut to Regeneration Through Fasting/Chapter 11


The Mystical Breath

Instructions For Breathing

Stand erect: Take a long, deep breath, inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Pass the breath slowly over the lips while they are puckered as if for whistling but passing them without a sound. Continue this exercise for five or ten minutes.

Then empty the lungs completely through long exhalations getting rid of all the residual air possible. Take very shallow inspirations and continue emptying the lungs for five or ten minutes until there is a violent air hunger established; then slowly fill the lungs again to a tension capacity, inbreathing through the nostrils. Close the lips firmly, send the breath by conscious thought out through the top of the head; inhale again, send it out through the eyes; inhale, send it out through the back of the head, the throat, front and back; inhale again, send it through the Solar Center, then the Pelvic Center; then breathe it through each limb to the toes, then through each arm, then up and down the spine inside and out, like a spray, this is BREATHE AS FORCE and is the MYSTICAL REGENERATOR.

THE MENTAL ATTITUDE is a great factor in this part of the breath, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” One must feel himself inside his own body, breathing his own breath out through his flesh just as he would if his face were covered and he was forced to breathe the breath through a thick veil. This is true Regenerative Power. “It is the breath of the Almighty that giveth us life.” This breath gives us life because it fans to a radiant flame the latent fires within the being.

The Temple Fires of the Ancients were only this living fire from within, which is the fire which consumeth not, yet transmutes the baser metals into pure gold.

With this divine alchemy, the Illuminatus melts out the coarser substance and keeps the Temple fires forever burning beneath his caldron of immaculate flesh.

NOW TO SUMMARIZE QUICKLY: First the emptying of the chalice (the lungs); then long, deep physical breathe until the blood stream of the body carries a current of crimson substance charged with the radio-active energy of the higher vibration; then the breath held in, yet driven out through the body by an iron will-force from behind, which is one with the pressure of the universal Energy. When this exercise is correctly followed, there will come a moment when the muscle, bone, brain, spinal cord and every tissue of the body will glow and tingle with an energy before unknown, while the cell nuclei have changed into shimmering electrons, holding in their centers the spark divine. Then, gathering together inside the pulsing dynamo called the body, sealing all escapes like a hermetically sealed casket, this mighty force will escape through the tiny apertures of the cell body. “Man is not flesh, he is fire, and at his center burns the flame from whence he came.” And, as a smouldering fire burns its way beneath the surface of a field until at last it bursts forth in the blaze of a flaming heat, just so the flesh is molten, cleansed, purified, exalted.

Within this wall of flesh, like a fire in an iron vault, this conflagration burns itself to white ashes and expires in the intensity of its own heat taking with it the waste products in the flesh.

This is the Illuminati Law of REGENERATION and the physical body that is born from the funeral pyre of the dead flesh can never know a tomorrow of pain, its day of content and peace is eternal.

While the breath is being intensified, the muscular system must be kept en rapport with the rising vibration and this is accomplished through tensing.

There is just one instruction needed for the Initiate here and that is, TENSE, TENSE, TENSE,–RELEASE your muscles–as you release your breath;–and TENSE, TENSE,–again and again. The TENSE muscle is the vibrant one, and with this new activity, the flesh body keeps pace with the fires of the breath within; and the release floods the whole body with the transmuted product of breath, which is force.

Bring every muscle in the body, deep and superficial, under the control of the will; twist–turn–breathe–tense, until like a contortionist every intelligence within your body springs spontaneously to your command.

The awakened, eager, muscular system casts off at once all that is clogging response. An used muscle cannot deposit fat, neither can it become bound and inert in its sheath.

With this call the muscle juice (myocine) reconstructs itself, lubricating the whole internal flesh, while the skin slipes again over every muscle and becomes a normal excretory channel, covering, protecting and feeding the tissue beneath.

There is no exoteric exercise that will accomplish what this esoteric one of breath and tensing will; it frees the body, exalts the mind, restores healthy emotions, rejuvenates the whole being, while it lets the higher concept centers become unclouded to receive transcendental revelation.

Fasting, Breathing, Thinking, Tensing; this is the sunrise over our new world. It wipes the dullness of our old dead cells off our spiritual horizon like mists from glass and we look out, clear eyed, over a new kingdom which our own inspired wisdom has conquered.