The Soul Of A Century/Jaroslav Vrchlicky



With the appearance of Jaroslav Vrchlicky upon the horizon of Czech literary firmament, the scope of Czech literature leaps suddenly from the narrow local confines to cosmopolitan dimensions and significance. Vrchlicky was born February 16, 1853, and died September 9th, 1912 . At an early age he came under the guidance and influence of his uncle, a theologian, and young Vrchlicky’s first steps almost naturally led to the field of theology. Within six months after entering the theological faculty Vrchlicky made a complete change in his plans and chose philosophy, history and comparative philology for his life’s work. As was the custom of the day, the young philosophy student accepted a tutorship in the family circle of Count Montecuccoli-Laderchi, and was thus enabled to spend a profitable year in Italy. After his return to Prague he accepted a teaching position and remained in several teaching appointments until 1893. In 1892 Vrchlicky was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters at the Charles University, where in 1898 he was appointed to a professorship. Vrchlicky is unquestionably the most profilic, most versatile of the Czech poets, and an outstanding translator of all world literature.