The Spirit of the Nation/Stand Together


Stand together, brothers all!
Stand together, stand together!
To live or die, to rise or fall,
Stand together, stand together!
Old Erin proudly lifts her head—
Of many tears the last is shed;
Oh! for the living—by the dead!
Stand together, true together!

Stand together, brothers all!
Close together, close together!
Be Ireland's might a brazen wall—
Close up together, tight together!
Peace!—no noise!—but hand in hand
Let calm resolve pervade your band,
And wait—till nature's God command—
Then help each other, help each other!

Stand together, brothers all!
Proud together—bold together!
From Kerry's cliffs to Donegal,
Bound in heart and soul together!
Unrol the sunburst! who'll defend
Old Erin's banner is a friend—
One foe is ours—oh! blend, boys, blend,
Hands together—hearts together!

Stand together, brothers all!
Wait together, watch together!
See, America and Gaul
Look on together, both together!
Keen impatience in each eye—
Yet on "ourselves" do we rely—
"Ourselves alone" our rallying cry!
And "stand together, strike together!"