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Title The Spirit of the Nation
Author Various
Year 1843
Publisher James Duffy
Location Dublin
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Part 1


Names of Pieces. Airs. Authors' Signatures. Page.
Ourselves Alone Mrs. Casey Slievegullion 1
The Men of Tipperary Nora Criena The Celt 3
Sonnet E. N. Shannon 4
The Munster War Song The Old Woman tossed up in a Blanket Shamrock 5
The Monopolists' Lie Theta 7
Grainne Ṁaol Grainne Ṁaol H——— 8
Fag a Bealaċ Black Northern 11
Epigram Terræ Filius 12
O'Connell T. C. D. 13
The Exterminator's Song I am the Gipsy King. Gracchus 13
The United Irishmen The Siege of Belleisle Fermoy 15
The Vow of Tipperary Nora Criena The Celt 16
Father Mathew ————— 17
Epigram Black Northern 18
What's my Thought like? M. P. 19
The Grave of Bric J. M. C. 20
The Nation's First Number Rory O'More Terræ Filius 22
Epigram Terræ Filius 23
Nation's Valentine Molly, my Dear Shamrock 24
Epigram Terræ Filius 25
Lament for the Brave Savourneen Deelish Montanus 26
Epigram S——— 26
New Natural Philosophy Terræ Filius 27
My Land The winsome wee thing The Celt 28
The Song of Ulster The Yeomen of Bucks Black Northern 29
Song for Irishmen Gramachree Cuchcullin 31
A Traveller's Testimony Theta 32
Lines on a Rock R. G.——— 32
Awake and lie Dreaming no more Savourneen Deelish J. Coen 34
Tyrol and Ireland Theta 35
Death of Owen Roe The last rose of Summer The Celt 36
Epigram T. C. D. 37
O'Connell Astrea 38
The Coquette Gracchus 39
My Grave The Celt 40
The Ulster Septs Castle Tirowen Cuchcullin 41
Dalcassian's War Song Fag a Bealaċ M. J. M'C 43
The Curse of the Renegades Garryowen Theta 44
The Saxon Shilling Paddy Carey K. T. B. 45
Irish War Song, 1843 Minstrel Boy W——— 46
When Britain first Rule, Britannia The Celt 48
The Memory of the Dead Auld Lang Syne S———, T.C.D. 48
Western War Song Meeting of the Waters Shamrock 50
The House that Paddy Built M. P. 51
Punchification Terræ Filius 54
The Leinster War Song Araby's Daughter Shamrock 55
The Botanic Gardens W. M. Downes 57
Erin our Own Corravoth Jig Fermoy 58
The Voice of the Nation Black Joke Slievegullion 60
Portrait from the Peerage Gracchus 61
Epigram Terræ Filius 62
Song of Sorrow Black Northern 63
The Saxon Massacre M. J. M'C 63
O'Sullivan's Return Cruiskeen Lawn The Celt 64
The Extermination Shamrock 67
The Clanconnell Warsong Roderich Vich Alpine M. J. M'C 68
The Death of Sarsfield Logie O'Buchan The Celt 70
The Trampled Land H——— 70
Boyhood's Years Clericus 73
Literary Leisure Black Northern 74
The Spirit of the Times Black Northern 74
The Irish Catholic Slievegullion 75

Part 2


Names of Pieces. Airs. Authors' Signatures. Page.
The Voice of Labour Weep on, weep on The Black Northern 1
Song of the Volunteers of 1782 The Boyne Water The Celt 3
Young Ireland Fare thee well, my own dear Love Slievegullion 5
Epigram Brutus 6
The Battle of Beal-an-ath-Buidh And doth not a meeting like this W. D—— 7
Song for July 12th As vanquished Erin J. Ff—— 9
An Arms' Bill Ballad Farewell, but whenever you welcome the hour Anon 10
Hymn of Freedom Brutus 11
The Anti-Irish Irishman The Irishman H. H—— 12
The Arms of '82 Brutus 14
Stand Together Highland Laddie Beta 15
The Squire's Complaint The night before Larry was stretched Anon 16
The Gathering of Leinster, 1643 Cailin das crutheen na mbo Shamrock 17
The West's Asleep The Brink of the White Rocks The Celt 19
The Wexford Massacre, 1649 Brutus 20
The Union Alley Croker Slievegullion 21
The Songs of the Nation Sheela ni Guira W——— 23
The Forlorn Hope Cruisgin Lán O'K——— 24
The Voice of Tara The Rose Tree W——— 25
The Muster of the North, 1641 The Black Northern 27
The Slaves' Bill After the Battle 31
Song of the Irish Army, 1689 Jacobite 32
A Voice from America Festis 33
The Peasant Girls Come, chase that darling tear away. (French Air.) Anon 33
Steady Shamrock 35
The Gathering of the Nation J. Ff——— 36
The Lion and the Serpent. A Fable Shamrock 38
Erin Aboo They may rail at this life Brutus 39
Song of the Penal Days. (Translated) Chreevin evin W——— 41
A Rally for Ireland. May, 1689 The Celt 42
The Irish Arms' Bill 'Tis believed that this harp W. D——— 44
The Invocation When through life unblest we rove J. S. O'S——— 45
Paddies Evermore Paddies Evermore Slievegullion 47
The Shan Van Vocth, 1176 Eiranach 49
Epigram The Black Northern 50
The Harp of the Nation Molli a Stór W——— 51
Ninety-Eight There is nae luck W——— 52
The Men of Twenty-Five When my Old Cap was New J. K——— 53
A Rude Repeal Melody J. S. O'S 54
Epigram The Black Northern 54
The Vision Shamrock 56
A Health Sally in our alley J. Ff——— 58
Devil may care Head of Denis J. K——— 59
Adieu to Innisfail Cruisgin Lán Shamrock 60
English Schools and Irish Pupils Patricius 62
English and Irish Eyes Jock of Hazeldeen W. M——— 64
Epigram T. C. D. 65
The Patriot's Wife Whene'er I see those smiling eyes Clericus 66
Winter Shamrock 67
Epigram Brutus 68
Love Song How sweet the answer Echo makes The Black Northern 69
The Rath of Mullaghmast Weep for the hour Shamrock 70
Young England to Young Ireland Sail on, sail on Serle 72
The Irish Maiden to her Lover Lesbia 74
O'Nial's Vow Eiranach 75