The Story of Ginger Cubes

The Story of Ginger Cubes  (1922) 
by Christopher Morley
Illustrated by W. Gorman. First serialized in The Bowling Green section of The New York Evening Post.

Dear Russell: When I heard that you had been taken to the hospital with a badly dislocated sense of proportion and exhaustion of the adjective secretions, I was worried. The doctor said that you were suffering from a severe attack of deprecation and under-statement, and I feared that would mean you would be quite unfit to help me in the forthcoming campaign for Ginger Cubes...

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The Story of



Reprinted from

New York Evening Post

This tender homily is dedicated to
(but not aimed at)

Daniel Henderson

in conference with whom while sitting at lunch
it was first conceived

20 Vesey Street
New York City
april. 1922

Copyright 1922. by New York Evening Post, Inc
All Rights Reserved by the Author

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