The Times/1893/Obituary/Arthur Locker

Obituary: Arthur Locker  (1893) 

Source: Obituary. The Times, Monday, Jun 26, 1893; Issue 33987; pg. 10; col D

Mr. Arthur Locker, whose death occurred last Friday, was the youngest son of the late Mr. Edward Hawke Locker, F.R.S., a civil commissioner of Greenwich Hospital, and was born in that institution on July 2, 1823. Passing through the Charterhouse to Oxford, he graduated at Pembroke College in 1851. After a short mercantile experience at Liverpool he emigrated to Australia where life was more adventurous then than now, and later on he lived for some time in India. In 1861, however, he returned home to continue the literary career which he had begun in Australia. He contributed reviews to The Times from 1865 to 1870, but in the latter year he became editor of the newly-established Graphic, and this position he only resigned in December, 1891, owing to ill-health. Besides his slighter contributions to periodical literature, Mr. Locker published a number works of fiction, including "Stephen Scudamore" and "On a Coral Reef." Mr. Locker, who was a brother of Mr. F. Locker-Lampson, was first married in 1856 to a daughter of the late Lieutenant J. W. Rouse, R.N., of Greenwich Hospital, and secondly, to Mrs. J. H. Carpenter.

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