The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)/Cendrillon

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"Vous l'avez dit: je suis le rêve."

I am a dream,
A fairy gleam
Of rose and amethyst;
A creature of the moonlight and the mist,
Woven of stars that, meeting, silent kissed.
Think of me as a dream!

I am a note of melody that woke
Within your breast, and to your longing spoke:
A lonely strain
Of ecstasy and pain;
A hope that, glimpsed, must fade;
A form, illusion made,
That, vanishing, shall come no more again!

Regret me not that I
Must like to music die!
The virgin rose,
In blossoming, hastes to its fragrant close,
And whatsoe'er this magic hour I seem,
I am enchantment, only, and a dream,—
Love always is a dream!