The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)/Exaltation—After the French of Victor Hugo

For other versions of this work, see Exaltation.


After the French of Victor Hugo.

Alone by the waves, on a starlight night,
No mist on the sea, not a cloud in sight,
My eyes pierced further than earth's desires;
And nature—all nature, the hills, and the woods,
Seemed to question, with murmur of myriad moods,
The waves of the sea and the heavenly fires.

And the infinite legion of golden stars
Replied in a chant of harmonious bars,
Their scintillant crowns seeming earthward to nod;
And the waves, which no puissance can rule or arrest,
Made answer, while curbing the foam of each crest:
—It is God! it is God! it is God!