The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 20

A Prophecy found in the library of Salizarius of Heidleburgh in Germany, about two hundred years ſince.

THERE shall a great King ariſe out of the nation of the moſt illuſtrious Lillies, having a long forehead, high brows, large eyes, and an Eagle's noſe; he shall gather a great army and deſtroy all the tyrants of his kingdom, and ſlay all that fly into mountains and caves from his face, for righteouſneſs ſhall be joined to him as the bridegroom to the bride; with them he shall wage war, even unto the fortieth year, bringing into ſubjection the Iſlanders, Italians and Spaniards; Rome and Florence he ſhall deſtroy and burn with fire, ſo as ſalt may be ſown on the land. The greateſt clergymen that have invaded Peter's chair, he shall put to death, and in the ſame year obtain a double crown; at laſt going over ſea with a great army, he shall enter Greece and be named the king of the Greeks: The Turks and Barbarians he shall ſubdue, making am edict, that every one shall die the death that worshippeth not the crucified one, and none shall be found able to reſiſt him, becauſe a holy arm from the Lord shall be always with him; and he shall poſſeſs the dominions of the earth. These things bring done, he shall be called the reſt of the holy Chriſtians. 'Tis ſuppoſed of king William, being prince of Orange, which is in France.