The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 26

A Predicton of Dooms-day, upon theſe words, viz. Jeſus Chriſt the Son of God, the Saviour.

IN ſign of Dooms-day the whole world shall ſweat,
Ever to reign a King in heaverly ſeat;
Shall come to judge all flesh, the faithful and
Unfaithful too before his God shall ſtand.
Corporeal he shall ſit, and thence extend,
His doom in ſouls: the earth shall quite lie waſte,
Ruin'd, o'ergrown with thorns, and men shall caſt
Idols away, and treaſure-ſearching fire
Shall burn the ground and rage with fatal ire,
Through ſeas and ſkies, and break hell's black fate,
So shall free light ſalute the bleſſed ſtate
Of Saints; the guilty in laſting flames shall burn,
No act ſo bad but thence to light shall turn;
Nor breaſt ſo cloſed but God shall open wide,
Each, where shall crys be heard, and noiſe beſide,
Of gnashing teeth. The ſun shall from the ſky
Fly forth, and ſtars no more move orderly;
Great heaven shall be diſſolv'd, the moon depriv'd
Of all her light, places at heigt arriv'd
Depreſt, and valleys mounted to their ſeat;
There shall be nought to mortals high or great;
Hills ſhall be levell’d with the plains, the ſea
Endure no burthen, and the earth as they
Shall periſh, cleft with lightning, every ſpring,
And rivers burn, the fatal trump ſhall bring;
Unto the world from heaven a dismal blaſt,
Including plagues to come for ill deeds paſt:
Old Chaos through the ſcatter'd maſs appears,
Unto this bar all kings come priſoners,
Raptur'd with joy, or overwhelm'd with fears.