The Wild Goose

The Wild Goose  (1867) 
edited by
John Flood and John Boyle O'Reilly

a hand-written newspaper created in late 1867 by Fenian prisoners aboard the Hougoumont, the last ship to transport convicts to Australia.
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Assumed pseudonyms:

  • "Binn Éider" is John Flood
  • "J.N." is Joseph Nunan
  • "Beta" and "Delta" are Fr. Bernard Delaney (ship's chaplain)
  • "Laoi" and "Kappa" are John Edward Kelly
  • "Mushra" is Thomas Duggan
  • "Boyne" is O'Reilly
Number 1
Queen Cliodhna. Chapter 1 story Mushra
Home Thoughts essay
Farewell poem John Boyle O'Reilly
Prison Thoughts poem Laoi
A Leap for Liberty story J.N.
Australia essay Kappa
Number 2
Queen Cliodhna. Chapter 2. story
Samuel Wiggins story
Self-Reliance essay
Did we deserve it? essay
A Scotch Echo story
The Green poem JBO
Hallow E’en poem Binn Éider
Number 3
Queen Cliodhna. Chapter 3. story
A 4th of July in America. Part 1. story Kappa
Forethought essay
What are the wild Waves saying. essay
Mary poem JBO
To —— poem Binn Éider
Two Days at Killarney story J.N.
Mr. Wild Goose,— letter Delta
Number 4
Queen Cliodhna. Chapter 4. story
A 4th of July in America. Part 2. story Kappa
Under the Surface essay
A Mother’s Love poem JBO
Extract translated from the family of St. Augustin essay Beta
Two days at Killarney (cont'd) story J.N.
In the rose-scented breeze, ... poem Laoi
First steps essay Boyne
To the Editors of the "Wild Goose." letter Paddy from Cork
Number 5
An Incident in the Life of Lord Edward Fitzgerald story
Musings essay Kappa
Laudable Ambition essay
Little Things essay
Past.—Present.—Future. essay
Live it down. poem Binn Éider
Prison Thoughts.—II. poem Laoi
Memory poem JBO
Friendship poem Yuir
Two Days at Killarney (contd.) story J.N.
Number 6
Nora Daly. Chapter 1 story Laoi
Erring Ones poem JBO
Biology essay
A Look Within essay
Gentle Words essay
The Useful essay
Louisa Hayden poem Binn Éider
The Old School Clock poem JBO
The Boyne essay Boyne
Number 7 - Christmas Number
Adieu! essay
The Future essay Beta
Nora Daly. Chapter 2. story Laoi
Nora Daly. Chapter 3. story Laoi
Cinderella poem Binn Éider
Farewell essay
Christmas Garland poem
Cremona poem Binn Éider
The Flying Dutchman poem JBO
A Merry Christmas! poem JBO
Holly Leaves poem Binn Éider
Welcome Merry Christmas poem Binn Éider
Kate poem Binn Éider
Christmas Night poem JBO
Christmas Eve poem Binn Éider