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The naming has been standardized, but there is considerable variation in how it is implemented. You may see Dewey Defeats Truman (bare title) or Chicago Daily Tribune/Dewey Defeats Truman (periodical/Title Case) or Chicago Daily Tribune/Dewey defeats Truman (periodical/Sentence case) or The Chicago Daily Tribune/Dewey Defeats Truman (periodical/no year) or Chicago Daily Tribune/1948/Dewey Defeats Truman (periodical/year only) or Chicago Daily Tribune/1948/11/03/Dewey Defeats Truman (periodical/full date/Title Case). The optimal would be Chicago Daily Tribune/1948/11/03/Dewey Defeats Truman but all the other variations exist, and at some time in the future they will need to be harmonized.

The way individual articles from a common publication are aggregated and indexed also varies. It ranges from automated aggregation to a half dozen ways of manually aggregating them in various formats, such as lists and sortable tables, with and without annotations about the individual articles. There are also various schemes to index them by year and month using categories. See for example:

They will have to merged and harmonized in the future. There are also article titles containing annotations such as New York Times/1900/Advertisement: Epson Salts and New York Times/1900/Obituary: John Smith. There are also entries where the article has no formal title and a fragment of the first sentence serves as the title: New York Times/1900/Today something amazing happened" or New York Times/1900/Today something amazing happened ….

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Date Title Newspaper
1832-09-08 Sep 8, 1832 Circular Address The Liberator
1838-05-05 May 05, 1838 Letter to the editor The Perth Gazette
1881-10-27 Oct 27, 1881 Yesterday's Tragedy Tombstone Daily Epitaph
1882-03-20 Mar 20, 1882 The Deadly Bullet Tombstone Daily Epitaph
1886-10-15 Oct 15, 1886 Edith Kingdon The Ottawa Daily Local News
1887-03-30 Mar 30, 1887 Interview with William Law. March 30, 1887 Salt Lake Tribune
1887-10-11 Oct 10, 1887 In Memoriam - "Granny" The Scotsman
1888-09-12 Sep 12, 1888 The Latest Murder Olean Democrat
1888-10-02 Oct 02, 1888 Another London Horror British Daily Whig
1888-10-08 Oct 08, 1888 The Whitehall Discovery Inquest Today St. James Gazette
1901-06-07 Jun 07, 1901 A Sheriff Who Did His Duty Public Opinion
1902-01-05 Jan 05, 1902 Travel by Balloon Baltimore American
1902-10-09 Oct 09, 1902 Three Grades of Fabric The Brooklyn Eagle
1907012-07 Dec 07, 1907 Minutes of the Essendon, Victoria Council The Independent
1912-04-04 Apr 4, 1912 Aviator C.P. Rodgers Almost Instantly Killed. His Biplane Falls Distance of 200 Feet (Obituary) Chattanooga Daily Times
1912-04-15 Apr 15, 1912 Passengers Safely Moved and Steamer Titanic Taken in Tow Christian Science Monitor
1914-09-14 Sep 14, 1913 Proclamation of the Route of the Lincoln Highway South Bend News-Times
1916-02-01 Feb 01, 1916 Why I joined the Army Daily Express
1916-02-09 Feb 09, 1916 In the Front Trenches Daily Express
1916-03-04 Mar 04, 1916 What they Think in the Trenches Daily Express
1916-03-23 Mar 23, 1916 The Resiliency of Mr. Atkins Daily Express
1916-07-11 July 11, 1916 Night Raid by the Royal Munster Fusiliers The Irish Times
1916-08-17 Aug 17, 1916 How a Trench Raid V.C. was won Daily Express
1917-10-20 Oct 20, 1917 Columbia's Dismissed Professors The Literary Digest
1917-10-19 Oct 19, 1917 Death Comes to Mata Hari International News Service

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