General Works

Top level portal for Class A: General Works

Subclass AC: Collective works

Collective works are the compilation of the individual works of a number of authors.

Example: Dictionary of National Biography (1885—)

Subclass ACA: Collections

Subclass ACB: Series

Series are serial works, often with different authors but explicitly linked together.

Subclass AE: Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are works that summarise other branches of knowledge (or the different aspects of a specific area of knowledge).

Examples: The American Cyclopædia (1879), Encyclopædia Britannica (1911), Catholic Encyclopedia (1913).

Subclass AG: Dictionaries and general reference

Dictionaries and general reference can be works that list words, with meaning or other context-appropriate information, but also includes simple, sorted reference texts, such as biographical dictionaries, that follow a similar format.

Examples: Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (Jehiel Keeler Hoyt & Kate Louise Roberts, 1922), A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms (Gilbert H. Lawson, 1924), Easton's Bible Dictionary (Matthew George Easton, 1897).

Subclass AGA: Reference works

Reference works are works to which a person can refer to quickly and easily find facts and information.

Examples: Twelve edible mushrooms of the United States (Thomas Taylor, 1894), The New Student's Reference Work (Chandler B. Beach & Frank Morton McMurry, 1914).

Subclass AI: Indexes

Indexes are sorted lists of bibliographic information. They are usually limited to a specific form, type, format or subject.

Subclass AM: Museums

Museums are institutions that conserve, and often display, a collection of artifacts.

Child portal: British Museum

Subclass AMA: Collectors and collecting

Collectors and collecting are people and their occupation, as either a profession or a hobby, that involves finding, acquiring and storing items of interest.

Subclass AN: Newspapers

Newspaper icon
Newspaper icon

Newspapers are periodicals that contain information and opinion about current and recent events.

Child portals: Bath Georgian newspaperThe New York TimesObama Administration Press BriefingsPress releasesPulitzers

Subclass AP: Periodicals

Periodicals are publications issued on a regular basis, such as magazines and scientific journals.

Child portals: Amazing StoriesThe New YorkerNiles' Weekly RegisterNotes and QueriesPopular Science MonthlyPunchTimeVanity FairWeird Tales

Subclass AS: Academies and learned societies

Academies and learned societies are organisations that exist to support and promote academic disciplines or professions; either specialising in one or covering a group of related fields). This covers societies, associations, congresses and conferences.

Child portals: Madras Literary SocietyRoyal Asiatic Society

Subclass AY: Yearbooks

Yearbooks are annual publications in some countries that commemorate the past year of a school and its pupils.

Subclass AYA: Almanacs

Almanacs are annual publications that list information, data and useful facts.

Subclass AYB: Directories

Telephone directory
Telephone directory

Directories are sorted lists of names and information about specific types of people, business or other organisations.

Subclass AZ: History of scholarship and learning

Subclass AZA: The Humanities

The Humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition; distinct from the empirical methods of science.

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