The Writings of Carl Schurz/From President Cleveland, April 6th, 1893

Executive Mansion,
Washington, April 6, 1893.

This is about the way the fourth-class postmaster record stood on April 3, 1893:

Vacancies by resignation on the 4th of March—501.

Removals from the 4th of March to April 3—374.

Those removals include many for cause—probably a majority are in that category. We have been at work twenty-four days. Three hundred and seventy-four removals in that time certainly do not justify your suggestion that “the guillotine is lustily at work and that heads are falling at the rate of a hundred or a hundred and fifty a day.”

I do not claim it to be relevant, but it is a fact, that on the 4th of March, 1889, there were 500 vacancies by resignation, and that the removals between that date and April 3, 1889, numbered 849.