The Writings of Carl Schurz/From President Cleveland, March 19th, 1893

Executive Mansion,
Washington, March 19, 1893.

If any extradition treaty is or ought to be made with Russia, there need be no fear that the points which seem to disturb the imaginations of some good people will not be fully covered.

Though the matter cannot, I suppose, be regarded as beyond the mystery and secrecy that accompany such things to their last stages, I may, I think, properly say, that Senate amendments, in my opinion, remove all cause of apprehension as stated in your letter. Of course, those who think that we ought not to have any extradition treaty with Russia, no matter how well guarded, have abundant cause of complaint—or perhaps, I should say they probably will have such cause of complaint.

I have about concluded to send the name of Ex-Chancellor Runyon of New Jersey to the Senate to-morrow for Minister to Germany. I believe he is a first-rate man.

I read your articles in the Weekly with great satisfaction and was especially pleased with the one on Hawaiian annexation. I do not now say that I should hold annexation in all circumstances and at any time unwise, but I am sure we ought to stop and look and think. That's exactly what we are doing now.