The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Matthew H. Carpenter, October 20th, 1870


St. Louis, Oct. 20, 1870.

I have just received your letter of the 17th inst., and sincerely regret to say that I cannot leave this State before election-day.

But your note has given me much pleasure. You do not seem to be aware that Grant has read me out of the Republican party and is vigorously at work chopping off the official heads of those who are suspected of sympathizing with me. Under such circumstances I have to fight right here. Had not Grant given himself in Drake's keeping and interfered in our affairs, we “bolters” would have swept almost the whole Republican party with us. But the President fighting us (and fighting against himself too), we have to work; for we not only want to carry the State, but to carry it heavily.

So you may thank Grant for it if I have no time to devote to the outside world. Oh, there is much wisdom in high places!

I send you a copy of our address and wish you would read it.

  1. Then Senator from Wis.