The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Richard Watson Gilder, August 8th, 1898


Bolton Landing, Aug. 8, 1898.

Your letter of August 3d with enclosure did not reach me till yesterday. I return the address with my signature, as I earnestly desire the maintenance of a true and lasting friendship between the American and the British nations. I mean such a friendship as is represented by James Bryce on the British side.

I distrust that kind of British friendship which would hurry us into an imperialistic policy and thus make us dependent upon British aid, obliging us in turn to give American aid in promotion of British policies; and which by a most unscrupulous manipulation of the news service seeks to stir up ill feeling between this country and other nations.

I wish I could attach this to my signature. But if that cannot properly be done, I shall find some occasion for expressing my sentiments to that effect.