The Writings of Carl Schurz/To W. M. Grosvenor, March 29th, 1877


Department of the Interior
, Mar. 29, 1877.

I am not such a dunce as to put out advertising to the lowest bidder, but I have regulated the advertising business in my Department on business principles in such a way that what cost over $40,000 two years ago and over $25,000 last year, will cost something less than $3000 this year. I should think this pretty good for a beginner.

Hayes makes haste slowly but surely. You will soon wake up and see things done. Hayes is a general like old Thomas; wants to have his wagons together when he marches, but loses no battles. You need not be anxious.

Now, I do want your suggestions, and I want them sincerely, and as many of them as possible. Only you must not find fault with me if I do not answer very promptly and at length. This Interior Department is no joke.