The Zoologist/3rd series, vol 2 (1878)

















In taking a retrospective glance at the contents of 'The Zoologist' for 1878, it is satisfactory to note that the suggestions made in the Preface to the volume for the preceding year have found favour in the eyes of contributors. Although, as of yore, Ornithology has received a considerable share of attention, other branches of Natural History have not been neglected, and the many interesting observations on Mammals, Fishes and Crustacea which have been recorded during the year 1878 in these pages show how much there was to gather, how much still remains to be gleaned, even in the circumscribed field of British Zoology.

The increased attention paid of late to the Natural History of Ireland has resulted in the discovery there, during the past summer, of two species, the Tree Pipit (p. 348) and the Red- backed Shrike (p. 437), which were not previously known to visit the Sister Isle ; while a third species, the Wood Wren (p. 348) has been found to be of more frequent occurrence there as a local summer visitant than has hitherto been shown to be the case.

The exceptional appearance of the American Snow Goose, Anser albatus, for at least the second time, in Ireland (p. 419), is a circumstance of no little interest to ornithologists. Nor should Dr. Bureau's valuable paper on the seasonal change which takes place in the bill of the Common Puffin (p. 233) be passed over in silence. The careful observations made by him on this subject have resulted in the elucidation of a very singular meta- morphosis, which, if not unsuspected,* has at all events only now, through his instrumentality, been fully realized and understood.

In Bingley's 'North Wales ; including its Scenery, Antiquities and Customs and some Sketches of its Natural History,' published in 1804, an interesting account is given (vol.i., pp. 348—354) of the habits of the Puffin as observed in the island of Priestholme, off the coast of Anglesea, where the author saw "upwards of fifty acres of land literally covered with these birds." After describing both old and young, be remarks (p 354) that "Puffins do not breed till they are three years old, and they are said to change their bills annually" This statement occurs in nearly the same words in 'A Tour round North Wales,' during the summer of 1798, by the same author vol. i., p. 309 (1800), where a much briefer account of the Puffin is given, admittedly borrowed from Pennant, who in turn derived his information from the Rev. Mr. Davies, of Aber, sometime resident at Beaumaris.

On the return of the English Arctic Expedition, in November, 1876, several correspondents wrote to express a hope that some account of the Zoology of the voyage might appear in the pages of this Magazine, and it was with great satisfaction that the Editor was able to prevail on Captain Feilden, Naturalist to the Expedition, to give the readers of 'The Zoologist' his "Notes from an Arctic Journal," which are replete with interest and information. These will be continued in succeeding numbers.

On the subject of Provincial Names of Animals, the Editor feels that his thanks are due to the many contributors who, in response to his invitation, have favoured him with local lists, and other information. It is proposed at some future time to amalga- mate the lists received, as well those which have appeared as those which are still unpublished, in a way which it is hoped will render them useful alike to naturalists and philologists. The non- appearance for the present of further lists of the kind need not deter those who may have collected any provincial names from forwarding them at their leisure.

The Editor feels that his obligations to contributors would not be discharged without some acknowledgment to those gentlemen who, at a sacrifice of valuable time, have furnished him with Reports of the Meetings of Scientific Societies during the year, and his thanks are accordingly tendered to the Secretaries of the Linnean, Zoological, and Entomological Societies, for their respective periodical communications. These Reports are especially acceptable to those readers of 'The Zoologist,' who, residing at a distance from the metropolis, are prevented from personally attending the Meetings.

While thanking his other contributors for the many inte- resting communications with which he has been favoured during the past year, the Editor is encouraged to hope that he may rely upon a continuance of their friendly aid.


1st December, 1878.

Contents of Issues

Contents of The Zoologist, 3rd series, vol. 2 (1878)
Issue 13 (January, 1878)
Harting, James Edmund On the Distinguishing Characters of the British Cetacea 1
Lee, Henry On a Specimen of the Beaked Whale Recently Killed in the Menai Strait 13
Betta, Edoardo de On the Appearance and Breeding of Pastor roseus in the Province of Verona 16
Occasional Notes 22
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 30
Issue 14 (February, 1878)
Stevenson, Henry Ornithological Notes from Norfolk 41
Cordeaux, John Autumnal Migration of Birds on the N.E. Coast 47
Gatcombe, John Ornithological Notes from Devon and Cornwall 52
Occasional Notes 55
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 62
Notices of New Books 62
Issue 15 (March, 1878)
Dugmore, F.S. The Revival of Falconry 73
The Editor (James Edmund Harting) The Land and Freshwater Mollusca of Sussex 84
Saunders, Howard A Catalogue of Works and Articles relating to the Ornithology of France 95
Occasional Notes 100
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 107
Issue 16 (April, 1878)
Reeks, Henry The Mammals of Shakspeare 113
Durnford, W.A. Ornithological Notes from the Lake District 118
The Editor (James Edmund Harting) The Land and Freshwater Mollusca of Sussex (cont.) 122
Occasional Notes 127
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 136
Notices of New Books 145
Issue 17 (May, 1878)
Feilden, Henry Wemyss Ornithological Notes from the Færoe Islands 153
White, E.W. Condor Hunting on the Sierras 155
The Editor (James Edmund Harting) The Land and Freshwater Mollusca of Sussex (concl.) 161
Reeks, Henry The Mammals of Shakspeare (cont.) 168
Warren, Robert Ornithological Notes from the Moy Estuary 173
Occasional Notes 177
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 181
Notices of New Books 187
Issue 18 (June, 1878)
Hamilton, Edward The Rooks and Rookeries of London, Past and Present 193
Feilden, H.W. On the Reported Occurence of a Gare Fowl in the Færoes 199
Reeks, Henry The Mammals of Shakspeare (cont.) 202
Occasional Notes 205
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 227
Issue 19 (July, 1878)
The Editor (James Edmund Harting) On the Moult of Bill and Palpebral Appendages in the Common Puffin. Discovered by Dr. Bureau. (with a plate) 233
Cordeaux, John Bird Migration in the Spring of 1878 240
Reeks, Henry The Mammals of Shakspeare (cont.) 244
Gatcombe, John Ornithological Notes from Devon and Cornwall 249
Occasional Notes 251
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 258
Notices of New Books 263
Issue 20 (August, 1878)
Cocks, Alfred Heanage A Visit to the Existing Herds of British White Wild Cattle 274
The Editor (James Edmund Harting) The South American Manatee in the Westminster Aquarium 285
Gurney, J.H., Rope, G.T., Whitaker, J., Prior, C. Matthew, Gough, Thomas, and Stamper, Walter Provincial Names of British Animals 287
Occasional Notes 292
Proceedings of Scientific Societies 297
Notices of New Books 301



Adamson, Charles Murray
Wading birds in autumn in Holy Island, 22
Atkinson, Rev. J.C, M.A.
Provincial names of British animals, 330
Backhouse, James, Jun.
Pied Water Rail in Ireland, 106
Baldwin, Edward T.
Fauna of the Lake District, 205; Provincial names of British animals, 332
Barrington, Richard M., LL.D.
Difference in mode of attacking turnips by Rabbits and Rats, 178
Beale, Arthur
Cuckoo laying two eggs in one nest, 256
Bell, Thomas, F.R.S.
Wood Pigeon nesting near a house, 180; Turtle Doves building near a dwelling-bouse, 255
Benson, Rev. Charles W., LL.D.
Summer migrants near Dublin, 217; Tree Pipit in Ireland, 348; Provincial names of animals, 385
Bidwell, Edward
Snow Geese in Ireland, 463
Booth, E.T.
The migration of birds in autumn, 100; The habits of the Merlin, 133
Brown, E.A.
Song Thrush incubating on the ground, 350
Brown, J. A. Harvie F.Z.S.
Goats eating Serpents with impunity, 207; Plover-shooting on the Stirlingshire coast, 210; Nesting habits of the Water Ouzel, Early nesting of the Kingfisber, 255; Provincial names of British animals, 329, 387; Knot retaining its summer plumage, 391; The egg of Owen's Apteryx, 437
Butler, Arthur G., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Inability of birds to distinguish eggs, 340
Butterfield, E.P.P.
Note on the Long-eared Bat, 22; Spring migration of birds, 30; Autumn and winter migrants, 215; Spring migration of birds, 216; Willow Wren nesting at a height from the ground, 351; Provincial names of British animals, 429
Careless, George A.
Hoopoe in the Isle of Wight, 392
Chamber's, C.E.S.
Great Shearwater, &c, at North Berwick, 436
Christy, R.M.
Cuckoo laying twice in the same nest, 350
Clark-Kennedy, A., F.G.S., F.L.S.
Common and Rough-legged Buzzards in Kirkcudbrightshire, 58 Cocks, Alfred Heneage, F.Z.S. Abnormal nesting of the Nuthatch, 254; A visit to the existing herds of British white wild cattle, 273; Provincial names of British animals, 334
Corbin, G.B.
Sparrowhawks flocking, 28; Grey Phalarope in Hants, 134; Provincial names of British animals, 429; Bernicle Geese at Ringwood, 435
Cordeaux, John
Autumnal migration of birds on the N.E. coast, 47; Migration of birds in the winter of 1877-78, 102; Birds striking the lanterns of lighthouses, 132; Bird migration in the spring of 1878, 240
Cornish, Thomas
Red Mullet in December, 61: Scyllarus arctus off Penzance, 136; A rare Crustaceau from Mount's Bay, Cornwall, 256; Provincial names of British animals, 333; Swordfish in Mount's Bay, 351; Cornish Crustacea, 352; Black Eat in Cornwall, 388; A destructive summer sea, 392; Notes on some Fish and Crustacea recently obtained in Cornwall, 423
Crewe, Rev. H. Harpur, M.A.
Orange variety of the Mole, 22; Albino specimens of the Common Snipe and Wryneck, 29
Darragh, Thomas
Red-backed Shrike in Ireland, 437
Davies. Rev. R.P.
Hoopoe in Gloucestershire, 392
Dover, Capt. W. Kinsey
Double migration of the Woodcock, 389
Dugmore, Capt. F.S.
The revival of Falconry, 73
Durnford, W. Arthur
Ornithological notes from the Lake District, 118; Marten-cat in Wastdale, Cumberland, 128; Destruction of shell-fish by sea birds, 223; Provincial names of British animals, 332
Edward, Thomas, A.L.S.
Morris's Tape-fish at Pennan, Aberdeenshire, 60
Feilden, H.W., F.G.S., C.M.Z.S.
Ornithological notes from the Fseroe Islands, 153; On the reported occurrence of a Garefowl in the Faeroes, 199; Notes from an Arctic Journal, 313, 372, 407, 445
Fitch, Edward A.
"Bribe-Buck," 388
Flemyng, William W.
Nesting habits of the Kestrel and Sparrowhawk, 436
Gatcombe, John
White-fronted Goose, 29; Ornithological notes from Devon and Cornwall, 52, 249, 430; Bottlenosed Dolphin at Plymouth, 56; Large Mackerel at Plymouth, Scyllarus arctus at Plymouth, 107; Common Dolphin at Plymouth, 128; Ornithological notes from Devon, 131; Little Crake in Cornwall, 214; Swordfish aud Sunfish on the coast of Devon, 351; Variety of the Weasel, 434
Gough, Thomas
Provincial names of British animals, 291
Gurney, J.H., F.Z.S.
Anecdote of a Rough-legged Buzzard, 26; The Swannery at Abbotsbury, 208; Provincial names of British animals, 287, 386; Pugnacity of the Waterhen, 347; Gazelle-hawking in Egypt, 389; A fight between a pair of Kestrels, 391
Gurney, J.H., Jun., F.Z.S.
The attractive power of light on birds, 27; Purple Galliuule in Norfolk, 29
Hadfield, Capt. Henry
Notes from the Isle of Wight, 253
Hamilton, Edward, M.D., F.L.S.
The Rooks and Rookeries of London, past and present, 193; Spotted Flycatcher nesting in Hyde Park, 455
Hart, Henry Chichester
Wood Wren in Ireland, 348; The Grey Wagtail gregarious at roosting-time, 390; Tree Pipit in Ireland, 454
Harting, Hugh
Red-backed Shrike nesting near London, 297
Harting, J.E., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
On the distinguishing characters of the British Cetacea, 1; Scarcity of the Corn Crake, 59; The land and freshwater Mollusca of Sussex, 84, 122, 161; The Falconry Club, 103; Goats eating yew-leaves, 177: Former nesting of the Kite in London, 215; An old list of Lincolnshire birds, 219; On the moult of bill and palpebral appendages in the Common Puffin, discovered by Dr. Bureau (with coloured plate), 233; Hunting the Wild Cat, 251; Cattle eating yew, 253; Remarks on British White Wild Cattle, 275; The South-American Mauatee in the Westminster Aquarium, 285; Bearing Water Ouzels in confinement, 298; Gazelle-hawking in Egypt, 335; Hybrid Black Grouse and Capercaillie, 349; European Quail in America, 390; Occurrence in Ireland of the Lesser Snow Goose, 419; Snow Geese in Ireland, 453; A hen swimming, 454
Heaton, William H.
Longevity in the Dog, 100; Wood Pigeons nesting near a house, 215; Goats eating tobacco, 292; Provincial names of animals, 385
Jeffery, William, F.Z.S.
Land and freshwater Mollusca of Sussex, 180; Hoopoes on the Sussex coast, 392
Kerry, F.
A hen swimming, 437
Langley, E.
Orange variety of the Mole, 128
Lee, Henry, F.L.S., F.Z.S.
On a specimen of the Beaked Whale recently killed in the Menai Strait, 13
Little, G.G.
Provincial names of birds, &c, 222
Long, William, F.S.A.
On the appearance and breeding of Pastor roseus in the Province of Verona (translated from the Italian of Edoardo de Betta), 16
Lumsden, James, Jun.
Provincial names of birds, 347
Mackenzie, Thomas
Crossbill nesting in Sutherlandshire, 180
Marshall, Thomas
Wryneck in Perthshire, 437
Mathew, Rev. Murray A., M.A.
Ornithological notes from the Sea of Marmora, 217; Early appearance of the Jack Snipe, 435
Miller, H.
Difference in mode of feeding in the Rabbit and the Hare, 100
More, A.G., F.L.S.
White-nosed Dolphin on the Irish coast, 292; Montagu's Blenny in Ireland, 297
Morres, Rev. Arthur P., M.A.
Hoopoes near Salisbury, 24; Great Grey Shrike nesting near Salisbury, 56
Newton, Alfred, M.A., F.R.S.
The Rooks and Rookeries of London, 441
Nicholls, H.
Bat seizing a Snake, 128
Norgate, Frank
Young Ring Doves in February, 106; Hybernation of the Slow-worm, 135
Palmer, J.E.
Chiffchaff 's nest in a holly, 254
"Peregrine" (Rev. G.E. Freeman)
The revival of Falconry, 129
Pike, T.M.
Natural-History notes from Poole, 130; Spoonbill in Dorsetshire, 209; Glossy Ibis in Dorsetshire, 296
Porritt, G.T., F.L.S.
Provincial names of British animals, 331, 428
Prior, C. Matthew
Brent Goose in Bedfordshire, 58; Dunlins in Bedfordshire in December, 59; Kittiwake in Bedfordshire, 60; Curious death of a Kingfisher, 106; Singular immigration of Jays into Oxfordshire, 133; Pugnacity of the Moorhen, Manx Shearwater in Oxfordshire, 135; Nesting habits of the Kingfisher, 213; Manx Shearwater in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, 220; Provincial names of British animals, 291, 386; Nesting habits of the Kestrel and Sparrowhawk, 346
Reeks, Henry, F.L.S., F.Z.S.
The mammals of Shakspeare, 113, 166, 202, 244, 325; Goats eating yew, 206
Reid, Savile G., B.E.
Egg of the Pallid Swift, 25
Roberts, Alfred
Sabine's Gull at Scarborough, 455
Rodd, Edward Hearle
Note on the Pied Wagtail, 28; Golden Oriole in Cornwall in the winter, 106; Beech Marten in Cornwall, 127; Grey Phalarope in Cornwall in May, 255; Purple Heron and Wood Sandpiper at Scilly, 391; Hoopoes at the Land's End, 392

Rope, G.T.

Provincial names of British ani- mals, 290 ; Seal killed in a sluice, 389 ; Spotted Crake in Suffolk, 454

Saunders, Howard, F.L.S., F.Z.S.

A catalogue of works and articles relating to the Ornithology of France, 95

Service, Robert

Provincial names of British ani- mals, 427 ; Starlings destroying Larks' eggs, 451

Shackleton, J.F.

Blackcap in the County Dublin, 256

Sharp, C.H.

White Jay and Pied Lapwing near York, 106

Smee, A.H., F.Z.S.

Goats eating tobacco, 253 ; Pro- vincial names of British animals, 333

Smith, Cecil

Pied Flycatcher and Black Red- start in Somerset, 27 ; Curious nesting freak of the Common Buzzard, 339

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Abnormal growth of a New Zealand Laud Snail, 61

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Hydrophobia from the bite of a Polecat, 55

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Ornithological notes from Norfolk, 41

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On some peculiarities in the anatomy of Soft-shelled Turtles, 401

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Nesting habits of the Kingfisher, 178; Nesting habits of the Water Ouzel, 212 ; Nesting habits of the Stonechat, Wheatear, and Whinchat, 294 ; Notes from the New Forest on Woodpeckers, 345 ; Chiffchaff nesting at a height from the ground, 350

Tuck, Rev. Julian G., M.A.

Ornithological notes from Alde- burgh, Suffolk, 434

Wallis, H.M.

Pomatorhine Skua and Puffiu in Berkshire, 134

Warren, Robert

Terns and Skuas in the Estuary of the Moy, 20, 60 ; Spotted Red- shank in the County Mayo, 28 ; Ornithological notes from the Moy Estuary, 173 ; Godwits and Knots retaining their winter winter plumage in summer, 341

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Scientific research in the 17th century, as exemplified in the Diary of Mr. Samuel Pepys, F.K.S., 361

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Scarcity of the Corn Crake, 59

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On the orthography of the genus Chroïcocephalus, 105

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Little Auk in Nottinghamshire, 60 ; Harlequin Duck at Filey, Grey Crow in Yorkshire in summer, 135 ; Provincial names of British animals, 290

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Condor hunting on the Sierras, 155

Williams & Son, Messrs.

Black Hare in Ireland, 434 ; Sa- bine's Gull in Ireland, Early arrival of the Snow Bunting, 437


Abnormal growth of a New Zealand Land Snail, 61

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Acme liueata, 126

Anatomy of Soft-shelled Turtles, some peculiarities in, 401

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Arion hortensis, 86

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" Bribe-buck," 388

Bubble-shell, Slender, 166

Bubble-shell, Stream, id.

Bulimus montanus, 122

Bulimus obscurus, id.

Bunting, Snow, 43 ; early arrival, 437

Buzzard, Common, curious nesting freak of, 339

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Cachelot, 6

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Capercaillie in Scotland, 221, 342; and Black Grouse, hybrid, 349

Caprimulgus europæus, 154

Carychiidæ, 125

Carychium minimum, id.

Cat, Wild, hunting the, 251

Cattle, British, White Wild, visit to the existing herds, 273

Cetacea, British, distinguishing cha- racters, 1

Chamois, White, in Switzerland, 337

Chiffchaff 's nest in a holly, 254; at a height from the ground, 350

Chroïcocephalus, orthography of the genus, 105

Clausilia biplicata, 124, 168

„ laminata, 124

,, nigricans, vel rugosa, vel perversa, id.

„ Rolphii, id.

Close-time Committee of the British Association, Dublin, Report of, 321

Coil-shell, Flattened, 165

„ Horny, id.

„ Keeled, id.

„ Nautilus, id.

„ Round-spired, 106

„ Shining, id.

„ Smooth, 165

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White, 165

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Crake, Corn, scarcity of, 59

„ Little, in Cornwall, 214

„ Spotted, in Suffolk, 454

Crossbill nesting in Sutherlandshire 180

Crow, Grey, in Yorkshire, in summer, 135

„ Hooded, in summer, 43

Crustacea, Cornish, 352 ; and Fish recently obtained in Cornwall, 423

Crustacean, rare, from Mount's Bay, Cornwall, 256

Cuckoo, late appearance of, 43 ; lay- ing two eggs in one nest, 256, 350

Curlew, Pigmy, 43

Cyclostoma elegans, 126

Cyclostomitidæ, id.

Cypselus pallidus, 25

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Delphinus acutus, 11

,, albirostris, id.

„ bidentatus, 15

„ delphis, 11

,, tursio, id.

Diver, Great Northern, 45

Dog, longevity in, 100

Dolphin, Bottle-nosed, 11; at Ply- mouth, 56

„ Common, 1 1 ; at Plymouth, 128

White-beaked, 11, 292

„ White-sided, 11

Doves, Ring, young in February, 106

„ Turtle, building near a dwel- ling-house, 255

Duck, Harlequin, at Filey, 135

„ Long-tailed, food of, 221

Dunlins in Bedfordshire in December, 59

Egg of Pallid Swift, 25 ; of Owen's Aptervx, 137

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Geese Snow, in Ireland, 419, 453

Globiocephalus rnelas, 10

Goats eating yew-leaves, 177, 206, 253 ; eating Serpents with im- punity, 207 ; eating tobacco, 253, 292

Godwits retaining their winter plu- mage in summer, 341

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Goose Snow, in Ireland 419, 453

Goose White-fronted, 29

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Grampus, 9

,, Risso's, id.

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Gull, Sabine's, in Ireland, 437 ; at Scarborough, 455

Habits of the Merlin, 133 ; nesting, of Kingfisher, 178, 213 ; of Water Ouzel, 212, 255 ; of the Kestrel and Sparrowhawk, 346

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Harrier, Marsh, 44

Harrier, Montagu's, 43

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Helicidæ, 87

Helix aculeata, 89

Helix arbustorum, 91, 180

Helix aspersa, 90

Helix cautiana, 91

Helix caperata, 92

Helix Carthusiana, 91

Helix concinua, 92

Helix ericetorum, 93

Helix fusca, 92

Helix hispida, id.

Helix lapicida, 93

Helix nemoralis, 91

Helix obvoluta, 94

Helix pomatia, 89

Helix pulchella, 93, 181

Helix pygmaea, 93

Helix rotundata, id.

Helix rufescens, 92

Helix rupestris, 93

Helix serieea, 92

Helix virgata, id.

Hen swimming, 437, 454

Henry, Prof., death of, 257

Heron, Purple, at Scilly, 391

Hewitson, W.C, death of, 257

Hoopoe, 44 ; in Gloucestershire, 392 ; in the Isle of Wight, id.

Hoopoes near Salisbury, 24 ; on the Sussex coast, 392 ; at the Land's End, id.

Hybernation of the Slow-worm, 135 Hybrid Black Grouse and Caper- caillie, 349

Hydrophobia from the bite of a Pole- cat, 55

Hyperoodon latifrons, 7

„ rostratus, 7, 14

Ibis, Glossy, in Dorsetshire, 296

'Insects, Injurious, Notes of Obser- vations of (review), 149

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Kingfisher, curious death of, 106; nesting habits of, 178, 213 ; early nesting of, 255

Kite, former nesting in London, 215

Kittiwake in Bedfordshire, 60

Knot retaining summer plumage, 391

Knots retaining their winter plumage in summer, 341

Lamellibranchiata, 161

Lapwing, pied, near York, 106

Larks' eggs, Starlings destroying, 451

Larus glaucus, 154

Larus leucopterus, id.

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Limax maximus, 87

Limnæa auricula, 167

Limnæa glabra, id.

Limnæa palustris, id.

Limnæa peregra, id.

Limnæa stagnalis, id.

Limnæa truncatula, id.

Limnæidæ, 165

Limnaeus truncatulus, 181

Limpet, Lake, 167

Limnæa River, id.

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Marsh-shell, Common, 164

Marten, Beech, in Cornwall, 127

Marten-cat in Wastdale, Cumberland, 128

Megaptera boöps, 4

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Mesoplodon bidens, 8

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Migrants, arrival and departure of, as observed chiefly in the vicinity of Cromer and Norwich, 45 ; autumn and winter, 215; summer, near Dublin, 217

Migration, spring, of birds, 30, 216; autumnal, of waders, 43 ; of birds ou the N.E. coast, 47 ; in autumn, 100 ; in the winter of 1877-78, 102 ; bird, in the spring of 1878, 240 : double, of Woodcock, 389

Mole, orange variety, 22, 128

Mollusca, land and freshwater, of Sussex. 84, 122, 161, 180

Monodon monoceros, 8

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Mud-shell, Ear-shaped, 107

Mud-shell, Marsh, id.

Mud-shell, Pond, id.

Mud-shell, Smooth, id.

Mud-shell, Truncate, id.

Mud-shell, Wandering, id.

Mullet, Red, in December, 61

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Mussel, Swan, id.

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Owl, Short-eared, 42

Pagophila eburnea, 154

Paludina vivipara, 164, 180

Paludinidæ, 164

Partridge swimming, 349

Pastor roseus, appearance and breed- ing in the Province of Verona, 16

Pea-shell, Glossy, 163

Pea-shell, Little, 162

Pea-shell, River, id.

Pea-shell, Stream, id.

Pectinibranchiata, 163

Phalarope, Grey, in Hants, 134 ; in Cornwall in May, 255

Pheasant, mule, 44

Physeter macrocephalus, 6

Physeteridæ, id.

Phocæna communis, 10

Physa fontinalis, 166, 181

Physa hypnorum, 166

Pigeons, Wood, nesting near a house, 180, 215

Pipit, Tree, in Ireland, 348, 454

Pisidium amnicum, 162

Pisidium fontinale, id.

Pisidium nitidum, 163

Pisidium pusillum, 162

Planorbis albus, 165, 181

Planorbis carinatus, 165

Planorbis complanatus, vel marginatus, id.

Planorbis contortus, 166

Planorbis corneus, 165, 181

Planorbis fontanus, 166, 181

Planorbis glaber, 165

Planorbis nautilus, 165, 181

Planorbis nitidus, 166

Planorbis obtusale, 181

Planorbis spirorbis, 166

Planorbis vortex, 165, 181

Plover, Norfolk, 41

Plover shooting on the Stirlingshire coast, 210

Polecat, hydrophobia from the bite of, 55

Porpoise, 10 ; hunting in Norway in olden times, 338

Porpoises in the Thames, 207

Puffin, Common, moult of bill and palpebral appendages in the (with coloured plate), 233

Puffin in Berkshire, 134

Puffinus griseus, 154

Puffinus major, 155

Pugnacity of the Moorhen, 135 ; of the Waterhen, 347

Pulmonobranchiata, 165

Pupa marginata, vel muscorum, 123

Pupa secale, vel juniperi, 122

Pupa umbilicata, vel cylindracea, 123

Quail, European, in America, 390

Rabbit and Hare, difference in mode of feeding, 100

Rabbits and Rats, difference in mode of attacking turnips, 178

Rail, Water, pied, in Ireland, 106

Rat, Black, in Cornwall, 388

Rat seizing a Snake, 128

Razor back, 5

Redshank, Spotted, in the County Mayo, 28 ; on Breydon, 44

Redstart, Black, in Somerset, 27

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Rookery, how to form a, 255

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„ Lesser, id.

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Sea, summer, destructive, 392

Seal killed in a sluice, 389

Shearwater, Great, &c, at North Berwick, 436

„ Manx, 43; in Oxfordshire, 135 ; and Northamptonshire, 220

Shell, Common Chrysalis, 122

„ Common Varnished, 125

„ Dark Close, 124

„ Dwarf Whorl, 123

„ Elegant Circle, 126

„ Folded Closed, 124

,, Fragile Moss, id.

„ Glossy Trident, 125

,, Laminated Close, 124

„ Little Sedge, 125

,, Margined, 123

„ Marsh Whorl, id.

„ Needle Agate, 125

„ Rolph's Close, 124

„ Striated Pointed, 125

„ Toothless Whorl, 123

„ Umbilicated, id.

Shell-fish, destruction of by sea birds, 223

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Shrike, Great Grey, 41, 45 ; nesting near Salisbury, 56

Shrike Red-backed, nesting near Lon- don, 297 : in Ireland, 437

Skua, Pomatorhine, in Berkshire, 134

„ Richardson's, 44

Skuas in the Estuary of the Moy, 26

Slow-worm, hybernation, 135

Slug, Black, 85

„ Field, 86

„ Great, 87

„ Sowerby's, 86

„ Yellow, id.

Snail, Amber, 87

„ Bristly, 92

,, Carthusian, 91

„ Cellar, 88

„ Cheese, 94

„ Clear-shelled, 88

,, Common Garden, 90

., Crystalline, 88

„ Dusky, 92

„ Edible, 89

,, Garden, 86

„ Garlic, 88

,, Glossy, id.

„ Heath, 93

„ Kentish, 91

,, Little-rayed, 88

„ Little Wall, 93

„ Neat, 92

„ Pigmy, 93

„ Prickly, 89

„ Rock, 98

„ Rounded, id.

,, Rufescent, 92

,, Shining, 88

,. Shrub, 91

„ Silky, 92

,, Slender Amber, 87

,, Tawny, 89

,, Transparent Glass, 87

„ White, 93

„ Wood, 91

., Wrinkled, 92

,, Zoned, id.

Snail, Laud, a New Zealand, ab- normal growth of, 61

Snake seized by a Rat, 128

Snipe, Common, albino specimen, 29

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