Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association/Volume 1


Rules of the Association iii
List of Officers and Members vi

Part I. Essays and Cases.
I.—An Address delivered at the first Meeting of the Association. By Charles Hastings, M. D. Physician to the Worcester General Infirmary.
II.—On the Objects and Modes of Medical Investigation. By Edw. Barlow, M. D. Physician to the Bath United Hospital, and to the Bath Hospital.
III.—Theory of the Frontal Sinus. By E. Milligan, M. D. Edinburgh, F. S. A.
IV.—On Imperforate Hymen. By Jas. Milman Coley, Esq. of Bridgnorth, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London; Member of the Medical and Philosophical Society of St. Bartholomew's, &c.
V.—Some Observations on the Peculiarities of Diseases in Infants and Children. By J. K. Walker, M. D. Huddersfield
VI.—Upon the Reciprocal Influence of the Mind and Body of Man, in Health and Disease. By Jonas Malden, M.D. Senior Physician to the Worcester General Infirmary.
VII.—Cases illustrative of Diseases of the Heart. By Thos. Jeffreys, M.D. Liverpool.
VIII.—Some Observations on the Value of the different Signs which distinguish the Sac in Strangulated Hernia; with some practical Remarks on the Operation, and Cases in Illustration. By J. H. James, Surgeon to the Devon and Exeter Hospital.
IX.—Case of Hydrocephalus. By Thos. Stewart Traill, M. D. late of Liverpool; now Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the University of Edinburgh.
X.—A Proposal to establish County Natural History Societies, for ascertaining the Circumstances, in all Localities, which are productive of Disease, or conducive to Health. By J. Conolly, M. D. Warwick, late Professor of the Practice of Medicine in the London University, &c.
XI.—History of a Case of what has been commonly called Spina Bifida, occurring in the Adult. By Jas. Dawson, Surgeon of the Liverpool Infirmary and General Hospital.

XII.—Case of Melanosis. By David Williams, M. D. Physician to the Liverpool North Dispensary. With a Portrait.
XIII.—Some Observations on the Necessity, the Utility, and the Precursory Symptoms of Sleep. By Roger Wakefield Scott, M. D. Physician to the Liverpool South Dispensary.
XIV.—Case of Aneurism of the Basilar Artery, suddenly giving way, and occasioning Death by Pressure on the Medulla Oblongata. By Egebton A. Jennings, F.L.S. Surgeon to the Leamington Charitable Bathing Institution. With a Plate.
XV.—On fixing the Scapula, in Dislocations of the Humerus. By Jonathan Toogood, Senior Surgeon of the Bridgwater Infirmary.
XVI.—Case of Osteo-Sarcoma of both Jaws, in which Amputation of the Joint was effected, and very considerable Portions of each Bone were removed by Operation. By William Hetling, Esq. M. R. C. S. Lecturer on Surgery, and Surgeon to the Infirmary, Bristol.

Part II. Reports of Infirmaries and Dispensaries.
XVII.—Report of the Birmingham Infirmary for Diseases of the Eye, from March 1 to December 31, 1832. By Mr. Middlemobe, Assistant Surgeon to the Eye Infirmary, &c.
XVIII.—A Report of the Out-Cases attended by Mr. Parsons, at the Birmingham Infirmary, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1832.
XIX.—Report of the State of Disease in the City of Worcester, during the year 1832, with a Summary of the Atmospherical Phenomena during the same Period. By Robert J. N. Streeten, M. D. Physician to the Worcester Dispensary.

Part III. Medical Jurisprudence.
XX.—A Case of suspected Poisoning by Cantharides, with an Account of the Inquest before the Coroner. By Chas. Hastings, M. D. Physician to the Worcester General Infirmary.

Part IV. Biography.
XXI.—Biographical Memoir of the late Dr. Thackeray, of Bedford.