Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association/Volume 2


List of Officers and members, v
Proceedings at the Anniversary xxiii

Part I.
I.—An Address delivered at the First Anniversary of the Association. By Edward Barlow, M. D. Physician to the Bath United Hospital, &c.

Part II. Medical Topography.
II.—Sketch of the Medical Topography of the Hundred of Penwith, comprising the district of the Landsend, Cornwall. By John Forbes, M. D., F. R. S. Physician to the Chichester Infirmary, &c. With a Map.
III.—Medical Topography of Bristol. By Andrew Carrick, M. D. Senior Physician to the Bristol Infirmary; and John Addington Symonds, M.D. Physician to the Bristol General Hospital, and Lecturer on Forensic Medicine,
IV.—Topographical Account of Stourport, Worcestershire, and its immediate neighbourhood. By Kenrick Watson, Esq. Surgeon.

Part III. Essays and Case.
V.—Additional Facts and Observations on the Efficacy of Strychnia in some forms of Paralysis. By James Lomax Berdeley, M. D. Physician to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, &c.
VI.—Observations on the Treatment of Syphilis without Mercury. By Thomas Green, M. D. Bristol,
VII.—Observations on Chronic Peritoneal Inflammation and its Treatment, with Cases. By Rdward Thomson, Esq. Whitehaven, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
VIII.—History of a Case of Lithotomy by the Rectum. By James Dawson, Esq. Surgeon to the Liverpool Infirmary,
IX.—Case of Hydrophobia. By Ralph Barnes Grindrod, Esq. Surgeon Manchester. With a Plate.
X.—On the Variations in the Production of Certain Diseases not usually supposed subject to Epidemic Influence. By J. Brown, M. D. Physician to the Sunderland an Bishopwearmouth Infirmary,

XI.—A Case of Tuberculous Affection of the Right Kidney, with extensive disease of the Spinal Column, preceded by the expulsion of a Biliary Concretion. By John Prichard, Esq. Surgeon, Leamington,
XII.—A Case of Uterine Hydatids. By William Daniel Watson, Esq. Surgeon, Warwick. With a Plate.
XIII.—Singular Case of a Foreign Body found in the Heart of a Boy. By Thomas Davis, Esq. Surgeon, Upton-upon-Severn. With a Plate.
XIV.—On Dislocation of the Shoulder. By W. F. Morgan, Esq. late House Surgeon to the Bristol Infirmary,
XV.—A Description of the Anatomical Structure of the Liver of a Rat, from Cuba. By Heny Riley, M. D. Senior Physician to St. Peter's Hospital, Bristol. With a Plate.
XVI.—Observations upon Cholera, as it appeared in Wolverhampton and its Neighbourhood, in August, September, and October, 1832. By T. Ogier Ward; M. B. Physician to the Dispensaries of Wolverhampton and Lichfield,
XVII.—Some Observations on the Peculiarities of Diseases of Infants and Children. By J. K. Walker, M. D. Senior Physician to the Huddersfield Infirmary,
XVIII.—Some Observations on the Influence of Sleep on the Vital Functions. By Roger Wakefield Scott, M. D. Physician to the Liverpool South Dispensary,

Part IV. Medical Jurisprudence.
XIX.—An Attempt to ascertain, by experiment, the exact differences between the changes produced in the Lungs of still-born Children, by their artificial initiation, and those produced in the Lungs of new-born Children, by natural respiration. By Egerton A. Jennings, Esq. F.L. S. Surgeon to the Leamington Charitable Bathing Institution,

Part V. Reports of Infirmaries.
XX.—Report of the Birmingham Infirmary for Diseases of the Eye, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1833. By Richard Middlemore, Esq. Assistant Surgeon to the Eye Infirmary, &c.
XXI.—A Report of the Out-Cases attended by George Parsons, Esq. at the Birmingham Infirmary, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1833. Biography.

Part VI. Biography.
XXII.—Biographical Memoir of the late Dr. John Darwall, of Birmingham. By John Conolly, M. D. of Warwick,