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Criminal Procedure Code of Thailand
(Thai: ประมวลกฎหมายวิธีพิจารณาความอาญาไทย)

by the Government of Thailand, translated by Wikisource


Offences under the Penal Code[2] as referred to by § 79 and

in respect of which private citizens may make arrests without warrants thereof


Offences against the Royal Household §§ 97 and 99
Offences against national internal security §§ 101 to 104
Offences against national external security §§ 105 to 111
Offences against foreign relations § 112
Offence against foreign flags or symbols § 115
Offences against public officers §§ 119 to 112 and 127
Offences of escape from lawful custody §§ 163 to 166
Offences against religion and public worship §§ 172 and 173
Offences of riot §§ 183 and 184
Offences against public safety, public communications and public welfare §§ 185 to 194, 196, 197 and 199
Offences of counterfeiting and alteration §§ 202 to 205 and 210
Offences of ravishment §§ 243 to 246
Offences against life §§ 249 to 251
Offences against the person §§ 254 to 257
Offences against civil liberty §§ 268, 270 and 276
Offences of theft §§ 288 to 296
Offences of snatching, robbery, brigandage and piracy §§ 297 to 302
Offence of extortion § 303
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  1. This Schedule has been amended by the Act Amending the Criminal Procedure Code (No. 6), BE 2499 (1956).
  2. The Penal Code as promulgated in 1908 has been repealed and replaced by the Criminal Code as from January 1, 1957. Therefore, all offences and sections appeared in this Schedule are now defunct.
    In this respect, § 8 of the Act Promulgating the Criminal Code, BE 2499 (1956), prescribes:

    “Upon coming into force of the Criminal Code, any legal provision referring to the Penal Code or its provision shall be deemed to, by implication, refer to the Criminal Code or its provision, as the case may be.”

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