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Daany Beédxe by Guillermo Marín Ruiz, translated from Spanish by Wikisource
First Part

D A A N Y B E É D X E.


The day had been very long, the Sun was slowly declining. The sky was lit among mountains of red and orange clouds piling up in the horizon, accompanying the incandescent star “Lord of fire darts” on his journey to the underworld, the place of the emaciated. The Etla Valley, all covered with loving milpas, was preparing to receive the mysteries of the night.

The house of "Garra de Jaguar” (Jaguar claw) was full of friends and relatives, especially laborious women, who were preparing everything for the big event. “Flor Menudita” (Thin Flower), his wife, was about to give birth to the fruit of their love, that for nine months carried in her womb.

The midwife had arrived five days ago, it was the custom that she prepared food and directed younger women, who were learning and served with emotion. The friends of Jaguar claw for their part, in addition to bringing food for the consumption of guests and aides, had encouragement words for the future father.

Jaguar claw now understood why his heart was trapped by the energy of Thin flower. As his son birth neared, all emotions came together to his chest. He was fulfilling his destiny.

The night completely covered the fertile valley. The light of torches and bonfires lit the town houses, which were preparing to rest. Suddenly, the sky illuminated by a huge full moon was obscured by an invasion of black and heavy clouds, which presaged a storm. The midwife, wise and nature knowing woman, realized that this night would fall a huge storm and the child would be born. The peace of town was broken by a lightning bolt, which first lit up the Valley and then shook the bodies with a very strong thunder. Rain precipitated as if by mandate, from the outset abundantly fell and remained all night.

Young women started praying and the midwife with four experienced women began to work. The screams of pain were overshadowed by thunder and raindrops hitting the ground. Thin Flower fought with force, in the midst of great pains, to bring her son to the world.

It was early in the morning when the storm ended. Just as it started, a luminous lightning detached from the sky, as never seen before and its powerful thunder announced the birth of the child; while a huge eagle flew around the home of the newborn.

A thunder woke all the people up, who in the strange silence left by the tempest, heard the cry of the child and saw the strange night flight of the majestic bird, which pierced deep in the hearts of all.

The midwife then took the child and said:

—"Be very welcome, dear boy. We know the work that you had to get to this world, full of fatigue and suffering. We do not know that gifts and venture was given to you by the gods, we hope that you're a worthy heir to your parents and grandparents, and you flourish among us". At the end of the speech, the midwife cut the child navel and buried the placenta at the house patio with Jaguar claw. After washing and drying the navel in a ceramic pot with scented herbs.

In the House everything was joy around the couple and their offspring, the whole family gathered. As it was customary, the oldest man of the paternal family, began a solemn speech on behalf of all:

—"My beloved and tender son, hereby receive the education left to us, our Lord, our Lady, your father and your mother. You should know and understand, this is not your real home, here where you were born, because you are a spirit warrior, golden eagle, servant of our Lord that is everywhere.

This place that you have reached is not your final home, is only a temporary nest. Because here you came to flourish, learn to fly.

Your own land is elsewhere; where you are promised. This land is just a battlefield where you must learn to defeat yourself. Your true land is in the Sun."

Then the oldest lady of the mother's family began her speech:

—"My beloved daughter, brave and vigorous woman, you've behaved as the eagle and jaguar on the battlefield. You have fought, suffered, were victorious, gave us a beautiful child, beloved daughter. Our father, our mother; are satisfied with you."

After the speeches, all the people gathered in the House, came to pay tribute to the smallest of the people and congratulate the proud parents. Immediately came the wise men of the books, the holders of "the black and red ink". They first asked the exact time of birth; they consulted the books and discussed among them, meanwhile relatives kept a respectful silence and expecting parents waited the wise men ruling.

Then the eldest man spoke and said: —"Ladies and Gentlemen and all those that lovingly assembled in this House." Those who are relatives or friends of the parents of our grandson. That is our precious stone and our rich feather, which again has arrived and is manifested. That is a gemstone and a gold bead, and is hair and nail of his ancestors. For some days the child will need all their help, he is the hope of the old grandparents and of us, this child, as every child is our bright future. Our great father gives us the opportunity to take care of him and serve him, because this is a big party and a wonder."

Immediately the old wise man approached the parents and said to them:

—Here they are, man and woman as this child parents; enjoy him and let him be your greatest asset. This little gem, this bundle of quetzal feathers, he is like a piece of precious stone cut from their ancestors, the hope of all of us. Mother and father, I am pleased to say that its beautiful small gem was born with a good sign, just in time and at the right place; but just as everything in life and the world, is made up complementing pairs; because such is day and night; cold and hot, your beautiful gem is entrusted with a difficult task. Your son will work hard and will have nothing; the gifts given by the Great Lord will not be for him, nor for us... he shall be the seed of other times.

Therefore, that is his fortunate and difficult road. Because of the large eagle that flew when he was born and his fate, the name of your precious pebble, will be Night Eagle.

Three months went by and as the Night Eagle christening was being prepared, again the family and friends came together. As it was the ancient custom in these lands, people gave as they received, and as there was a "commitment" from Jaguar claw with the community, for a party to celebrate the christening of his cub, the solidary support of friends and relatives began to arrive; corn, beans, chili, cocoa, and wood, were received by the immediate family. A relative made a list of all the presents received. Because the custom was that if friends or relatives had another "commitment" with the people, due to a birth, baptism, wedding, a house construction or death; Jaguar claw would have to cooperate, with a little more than what he received. This is how men learned from very little, that solidarity and fraternity, was what linked human beings from birth to death.

So at the day chosen by the wise men of the books for Night Eagle baptism, friends and relatives gathered in the house of the parents before the Sun rose, the midwife was responsible for the ceremony which started by taking the child in her arms and faced the East saying:

—"Oh Eagle oh jaguar, oh brave man, my grandson; you have come into his world, your father has sent you, your mother, the great Lord, the great Lady. You were created and engendered in your house, which is the house of the supreme gods, of the great Lord and the great Lady at the nine heavens; they gave you the opportunity to come and he for who we live so ordered; the Lord of water gave you life, the Lord of the wind gave you the divine breath."

Having said these words, the midwife gave the child water to drink, by getting her fingers wet and placing them on the child’s tiny lips; and then she said:

—"Our beloved son, receive, see here that you shall live on Earth, so that you grow and flourish; this water, sacred life essence, is why we live and through whom we receive the things necessary to support life on Earth! Receive it!"

Everyone was quiet, could only hear the monotonous sound of the great drum and bone bells, which rhythmically and solemnly accompanied the voice of the old midwife. Then the four marine snails sounded that surrounded the four corners to the majestic drum, as signal so that the midwife now placed her wet fingers in the child bare chest, saying:

—“Here taste the heavenly water, hope of our hope, taste here the very pure water that washes and cleanses your heart, that removes all dirt, receive her; She shall clean and will purify your heart."

Once again sounded the marine snails and the incense smell became stronger, which was burnt in the four corners of the patio. Then the old woman threw water on the child head by saying:

—"Oh my grandson, my son, receive and take water from the Lord of this world, that is our life and is for our body to grows and flourish, it is to wash, it is to clean; I pray that it enters your body and there live this heavenly blue water, and clear blue! I pray that it destroys and separates from you, all the bad and negative things that were given to you before the beginning of the world, because all men are left at its mercy, because is our mother, the Lady of the jade skirt, the goddess of earthly waters".

Immediately after, the midwife took the child with both hands and slowly lifting him to the East, in search of heaven, said thus:

—"Our Lord, here is this child that you sent to this place of pain, suffering and sacrifices, which is this world; please bless him with your gifts and your inspiration.

Lowered and raised the child, saying: "Lady, mother of heaven, I turn my words to you, I beg you to give this beautiful pebble, your immense virtue and inspiration."

There was then a waiting space on the ceremony, for a few minutes, all kept silent. Then flutes and whistles began to play a sublime melody, awaited by all the eager hearts, who shared the ceremony.

The old midwife again took the baby in her hands and raised him towards the Sun, saying:

—"Mighty and wise Lord of the wind; you who take care for us here on Earth, you who are all wisdom and goodness, you who have taught everything that we know, you who motivates our awareness of being, you who with your divine breath give spiritual life to our body; "You, the great feathered serpent!, give wisdom and illuminate this child."

Suddenly, to everyone surprise, the house patio was inexplicable swept by a cold and powerful gust of wind, flaring up the fire of the incense burners, scenting the environs with smell of copal. The amazed voices of those attending saw this wonderful event as a good omen.

This is how began the life of Night Eagle, as all children, they were consented for five years. In those wonderful five springs, the splendid puppy was the complete joy of his parents.

Night Eagle was a tender and sweet child, but at the same time a strong character could be seen. His premature prudence and acute intelligence amazed; he was always in the proper place and with the exact intensity; but what drew much attention, was his warm smile and deep glance, which seemed a leafy tree full of trills and tender joy.

The village where Night Eagle was born, as it was the millenary tradition, was divided into four quarters, each had an inherited artisan specialty, besides the normal work of the field, which was common to all. Each district had its public buildings, schools, market, Government House, and especially its patronal Temple. The four neighborhoods were interconnected, physically and socially, through a central place. This was the fifth element where the supreme government rested, administration and coordination of the four neighborhoods and surrounding towns of the Etla Valley.

This central square, which was the fifth element of the city had the main buildings. Thus the meeting place, both for festivals, rituals or assemblies; where openly and democratically decided the life of the town.

Jaguar Claw and Thin flower were common couple, in a Zapotec community in the Valley of Oaxaca, towards the year 830 CE. Jaguar claw was a laborious farmer, he made the land shake with his milpa; there he planted corn, beans, chili and pumpkin. Sometimes he planted cotton, amaranth, peanut or what was required

With his wife and his son, Jaguar claw obtained from nearby fields and forests; honey, mushrooms and a wide variety of wild plants. They also collected grasshoppers and other edible insects. Their diet was supplemented with fish from nearby rivers and Lakes, or shrimp and salted fish brought from the coast.

Sometimes, Jaguar claw went out hunting. Meat was an occasional dish and especially, for special circumstances, which were almost always related to religious or family holidays. In the House patio, Thin flower also had turkeys and hairless dogs, which were a succulent and very special dish.

And as a family and neighborhood tradition, Jaguar claw was a skilled Potter. This allowed him to exchange goods that he did not produce; as salt, which was brought from the coast, some fabrics, paper and some materials used to decorate his pottery. At the age of five, Night Eagle was a distinguished child, despite the love excess from his parents and relatives; the boy seemed to understand his relationship with the world. He had a pleasant, rather tender and imaginative character. Night Eagle was slim, strong and agile. His hair was straight and thin; large dark brown eyes and his permanent smile, made him well received everywhere. When there was a party or a civil, religious, or family ceremony; all children would gather to play, with the patient tolerance of the community, because one of the old grandparent’s inheritances was the treatment given to children by the community, where they never interfered and were always welcome.

Night Eagle had special preference for one of his cousins of the same age, named Dawn deer, both spent most of the time together, they had reached such communication ability; they could communicate by glancing at each other.

Dawn deer was slightly bigger and stronger, he was impulsive and for this reason, liked the company of his cousin, who indirectly contained and focused him. As the right and left hand; Dawn deer was enthusiastic, strong and passionate. Night Eagle on the other hand was thoughtful, prudent and sweet.

The two explored the wonderful world which consisted of the grandparents, uncles, cousins and friends from the neighborhood.

At the age of six Night Eagle, already helped his parents in household chores; playing he learned to make clay figures and in the afternoon when his parents worked the ceramic, he gradually learned the language of the mud. He liked going to his the grandparents to listen to stories told by his grandfather. These were wonderful stories that described the forest mysteries, magical animals and wise plants.

On certain occasion, some strange people arrived in town. The commotion of these people arrival shook all the people, they gathered around the central government building, where they were talking with the authorities. They were very strange men, dressed in an austere manner; they shone peace and harmony, but at the same time, strength and sobriety.

As all children, Night Eagle came under the crowd, through a forest of legs came to the building gate and he could see the visitors. However, he oldest man in the group mightily called his attention, a very strange force attracted him to the man, whom all paid much reverence and admiration.

His small body shook when the foreigner smiled at him; without thinking he approached, he was immediately stopped, but the old man intervened and took him in hand, leading to an interior patio and sitting with the child, on the edge of a pond.

The crowd expectation climaxed, when time went by and the venerable old man and the child, fluidly and naturally talked, as two adults and the child began to glow. After a time, the old man asked for a room and conducted a very special ceremony, with the other men who were they with him, and where the boy occupied a central part.

At the end the man gave the boy a small snail that was hanging on his chest and said good bye to him with great affection; days later, although everyone in the village talked about it, no one, or his parents, could explain to him who were these men and especially the strange and venerable old man, who gave him the snail.

Night Eagle was a pleasant company for his parents; their house was on a plot on the outskirts of town. It was composed of a large adobe room, with reed, mud and straw roof. The floor was compacted dirt, inside were rolled petates where they slept, a shelf where they kept a few belongings and clothes. In one of the side walls, there was a shrine, where every morning and at night, they had learned to thank their tutelary gods, for the goods and ventures extended upon them. Their parents as all the people were deeply religious. Along the house corridor, was the kitchen, at the center was a stove, with three large stones symbolizing the home center. At the back of the patio, was the Temazcal bath, that in addition to its ritual purposes, was used for medicinal and hygiene purposes; since it was an ancient custom, deeply rooted in the everyday life of the people. Finally, also in the back of the patio, were the ceramic workshop and the barn.

Thus the first years of Night Eagle childhood were spent. But the time to go to the House of youth arrived, this institution was where children and adolescents started their education; there they were trained to acquire the basic knowledge to become "citizens". Their assistance was mandatory and the costs were covered by the teachers and students.

There was a school for girls and one for boys; and in the House of singing, they participated together. There they were taught everything related to the arts, because according to old grandparents, the reason for existence was learned with the wisdom that the old grandparents called "Flower and Song" (Flower and Song), understood as wisdom and beauty.

To perform the school reception ceremony, Jaguar claw invited grandparents, godparents, uncles and cousins of his beloved child. After burning incense and praying to the tutelary gods, all attending met in the back yard, which had been prepared for the party. Jaguar claw and Thin flower flanked by grandparents sat in the western side of the patio and on the eastern side, sat Night Eagle accompanied by his godfathers. The mother relatives were located in the southern side and those of the father in the northern side. A branch canopy was installed with fragrant field flowers, with the smell of burnt incense produced a spiritual and mystical atmosphere. It was then when Jaguar claw began his speech: —"My beloved and very dear son, listen careful to what I'll tell you. Our Lord brought you in this hour, where I want to talk about what you have to keep every day of your life; and that I do because you are my beloved and very dear son, more than any precious stone, more than any rich feather, I have nothing but you; you're the first, second and third, you're the last.

I have decided to tell you certain things that pertain to you, by the duty I have as your father; I want to do my duty, because tomorrow or any other day, God will take me and remove me from this earth, because he is almighty, because we are subject to human frailty and death, our life on Earth is very uncertain.

I wish to tell you, son, what you need to know and put into work, that is something worthy of being estimated and kept as gold in cloth, and gemstones in chest, because were left with us by the old grandparents and grandmothers; the elderly, our ancestors, who lived in these lands and Lordships; they talked among the people of this town and had dignity and wisdom.

These were very great lords and had the dignity of the Kingdom and its Government, they were not arrogant, on the contrary, were very humble and simple. They did not consider themselves as lords but as poor and pilgrims; these ancestors, of whom we descend, lived in austere and humble manner in this world, did not live presumptuously, with arrogance, haughtiness or desire for honors.

This is how, my son, the Toltec grandparents lived in the world, from whom we descend, your grandparents and great-grandparents, that left us here, from whom you descend. Look at them, my beloved son, look at their virtues, at their fame and the brightness and clarity they left; look at the mirror and the virtue that they left and put it in front of you, and keep it in front of your eyes; look at yourself in it and see who you are; see that your life is conducted in a like manner; try to put their life in front of you, and then you will know the flaws and stains in you. See that our Lord "He for whom one lives" sees the hearts and all secret things, no matter how hidden. And listens to what stirs in our hearts, when we live in this world; see that your humility is pure and true and without any arrogance mix; try that your humility before God is pure, like a very fine precious stone; try not showing something outside and have another inside.

You should know, my son, that the Toltec old grandparents said to us that children are beloved by "the invisible and impalpable", much appreciated by our Lord who is everywhere. Thus learn well my beloved son, keep you from carnal delights and in no way you should desire them, keep you away from all the dirty things that stain men, not only in the spirits, but also in the body, causing sickness and bodily and spiritual death.

The old grandparents said that god has gifts and deeds for children and youth; at this time he points out who shall become Lords, Kings, or Captains; also during childhood and adolescence, our divinity gives gifts and wealth.

“My son, already told you many things that are necessary for your education and your aging away from home, so that you live in the world as a human being, so you know to be a worthy descendant of our noble and wise Toltec grandparents; now it is up to you to use them, now you will have to go to the House of the youth and the House of the singing, you will have teachers and guides, but the most important thing is that we all are there, your family and old grandparents", inside your heart”.

Night Eagle remained silent, it seemed as if one by one all the words expressed by his loving father, were slowly accommodating within him, to form a solid Temple. After a few moments, the little puppy embraced his parents, who silently wept, while all relatives sang a love hymn.

The party lasted all day, they ate tamales and mole; the children were given fruit and honey. They sang and danced. The almighty Lord was thanked, they burned incense and prayed; grateful for the gift of Night Eagle having successfully completed his childhood. At night, after all guests departed and before bedtime, Jaguar claw spoke alone with his son and said:

—"Now that you are no longer a child and that you will need to control yourself, now that you're leaving home, as birds from nests, now that you have to flourish your heart and sculpt your own face, I want you to know, that there is no man that has no need to eat and drink. The body maintenance, have standing all who live, and give life to everyone and with this the whole world is populated. Corporal foods are the hope of everyone who lives, for life. Then learn my son to take care of sowing the cornfields and planting the magueys, tunas and fruit trees, because according to what the wise Toltec old grandparents said; the fruit is the delight of children, rejoices and removes thirst from children. And you, boy, do you want fruit? Where should you take it from if you did not plant it and grew it, as your own inheritance? Learn how to be a dignified and righteous man. Strengthen your body, temper your spirit, dominate your passions and develop your will power.

Understand now, beloved son, I have come to the end of my words; therefore, write them in your heart. Many more things I would have to tell you, but it would be endless, only three more things I will tell you, that are very important and that old grandparents stressed. The first thing is to make sure you befriend God, who is everywhere and it is invisible and impalpable, and it behooves to give all the heart and the body, make sure not to deviate this road, try not to brag, or that your heart becomes haughty; do not despair nor make your heart coward. On the contrary, try to be simple and humble so that you have hope in the invisible and impalpable, our Lord. The second thing you should always do is be at peace with everyone. Do not be upset or fight with anyone, do not offend anyone. Respect everyone, not provoke people’s anger, and do not make fun of anyone; be humble before everyone, no matter what they say about you. Learn to control and dominate yourself and your passions; if attacked do not respond; achieve the immeasurable power of silence and indifference temperance.

Never behave as a poisonous snake, do not attack people even if you have reasons. Learn to suffer and moderate, this is the difficult part! Because God sees and will respond for you and he will retaliate; be humble with everyone, and God will reward you and give you honor. The third thing you should do is not waste time, because wasting time is to miss the wonderful opportunity of life. That "He for whom one lives for" placed you in this life to make us of it; don't miss a day or a night: rest when you have to and work all you have to, without haste and laziness. Stop worrying and only take care of beneficial things.

My beloved son, this should suffice, and with this I do my duty as a father. If it is recorded in your heart or is forgotten and lost; it is your responsibility. Let your heart flourish, purify your spirit! I have done what was needed."

Night Eagle said goodnight to his father and went to the corner of the room, he spread out his petate, lay down and pulled a light cotton blanket over him. The night was cool; the insects’ songs lulled his thoughts.

He understood that on that day, he had left behind his childhood; the days of games and loving treatment from his parents, would never return. On his chest were two opposite feelings. On the one hand, he felt an immense nostalgia and sadness, for the past; but on the other hand, aroused a growing excitement about the future that awaited him.

The House of young people was a very impressive compound, moderate but elegant, austere but large; as was customary of all public buildings. The old grandparents from many “bundles of years” ago, had taught the people to live in extremely modest and moderate houses, built of adobe, wood and straw, regardless of the person social condition.

Social differences were established through people internal values; and above all, by the service throughout a lifetime of work undertaken for the welfare of the community. For this reason, there was a millenarian value, for the prestige and dignity of each citizen, where material wealth was not considered at all.

It was customary that the gods deserved all material splendors; just as the community, represented by the Government. Those deserving the divinity sacrifice; human beings, the only means they had of expressing their full potential, was the development of a virtuous life, through austerity and frugality; religiosity and service to their community. Those were the rules that the old grandparents taught the first men who started lineages, back at the history origin; and it is still the custom, for the children of their children, until the end of time.

Hence, public buildings and temples were manifested through art as an expression of the most exalted inspiration that flowed from spiritual strength. In these beautiful buildings, art was depicted as union means, a bridge between the human and the divine, between spirit and matter, between heaven and Earth.

This is why people spared no effort and sacrifice, in the construction of these buildings. These were carved in stone, covered with stucco and decorated with beautiful paintings, alluding to its use.

The building of the House of the youth had a large square, in the center had a shrine dedicated to multiple avocations of the Supreme divinity. Surrounding the plaza were four buildings. In one were sleeping quarters. It was rectangular as all others, wide and high ceilings. The floor was stone and in the room were the petates used to sleep, every young person had a wooden box, where they kept their limited personal items, as it was the norm, they should learn to live with the minimum essential.

In another building, of equal proportions, lived teachers and instructors, the austerity and sobriety was the same as in the young people building. The third building, around the square, served as warehouse for education utensils, library and an administrative area. The facilities also had a small kitchen and a dining room towards the rear. The fourth building was used as studies area. The four buildings and the square were surrounded by a wall. In the southern part was a large access door and in the north part, behind the building, were the baths and a water pond, fed from the town aqueduct, which passed near the wall.

The youth house was a place of values education. The boys should learn self-discipline, to be responsible and to work in group; their ability to be responsible, disciplined, focused, attentive, respectful and humble. There they learned the old urbanizing rules. Teachers and instructors taught good manners, to express and conduct themselves. The word of the old and wise grandparents was also an important part of teaching, as well as basic knowledge of religious rites, the history of the people and their civilization, the political and administrative organization, laws and ancestral customs; in short, they were prepared to be citizens.

The youth House had farmland and orchards, where students learned to work various activities to ensure sustenance; from working the land, care for fruit trees, collecting plants, honey and insects, hunting and fishing, and performing various craft activities, essential for family life, such as wood and stone carving, fiber fabrics, basketry and pottery. Another education aspect was construction learning. This was an ancient passion, a form of expression of the immeasurable spiritual force, learned at the origin of the days of the old grandparents. Young people made up a formidable and well organized labor force, which helped; to maintain the institution, public and religious buildings; to build roads, bridges or any work of community benefit. Night Eagle immediately adjusted to his new life. Something inside of him made him feel a quiet rejoicing, in all he heard, saw and did. His happiness was complete, as Dawn deer, his beloved cousin, had also entered the school and they were once again, the inseparable pair.

In the House of youth, the day began before the sunrise. The night guards sounded their large sea snails in unison, to wake students up; who had to clean the House and bathe. The first ceremony was at the first Sun rays, youngsters sang hymns to "He for whom one lives" and its multiple devotions, officiated by priests.

The students then had breakfast. All meals were frugal, as part of discipline, but appropriate, to ensure the healthy growth and sufficient energy to perform arduous physical and intellectual tasks.

The old Toltec grandparents through thousands of years of plants, insects and animal domestication knowledge, had inherited a varied cuisine to their children's children. Always at the end of each meal, they thanked the almighty Lord, the invisible and impalpable. Then they would work as teams; some went to the field, others went to the forest for firewood; others, according to the institution needs, fulfilled the required tasks. Works were made by age and knowledge, elders taught the younger.

The institution was ruled by strict rules and hierarchies, gained through work and capacity. The old grandparents had taught them, that the strength of men was multiplied by organization and discipline. Young people had to learn to work as a single body, tempering the body strength and refining the spirit. Instructors tried that young people developed a spirit of fraternity and respect, in all activities performed.

When the Sun reached the zenith, all students gathered at the House, bathed and ate. After the thanking ceremony, they had time to rest. When the sun disappeared, they gathered at the instruction building. It was the time in which teachers taught old and wise grandparents histories; these histories were supported by the Toltec black and red ink books, which as a mnemonic resource, helped them remember histories. The books were made from amate paper and lined with deer skin. They were long strips of paper that folded as an accordion and were protected with covers. When the book extended, the pages were square-shaped, and in them, a series of symbols were painted; each of them, represented a certain action, so to when symbols were related, the reader had a detailed description of the events, that were to be kept in memory and in the language.

As time went by Night Eagle began to stand out from their peers. In addition to the advice of his father, scrupulously followed; there was a mysterious force in the soul of the boy, which aroused the sympathy and respect; from his peers, trainers and teachers.

It was at about the time, when a deep friendship began developing between one of the teachers and Night Eagle. “Espejo Humeante” (Smoky mirror) was one of the oldest teachers of the institution, who saw in Night Eagle, the most outstanding student, since he entered the House of young people.

At nighttime, the students left the teachers instruction and walked, singing solemn hymns to the House of Song; there they were received, both boys and girls, who also had their own institution and where trained them in the same way, to be citizens, mothers and wives. The old and wise grandmothers said that men and women form a unity. As the divine duality, which is made of male and female parts; thus, family life develops. Women in the community were very important. Family life was based in her. With no competition with men; between the two formed a production unit, between the two educated children and between the two worshiped the diverse manifestations of the Supreme divinity.

Therefore, the education of young women was very important. Like boys, maidens learned the words of the old grandparents. Good manners and the appropriate language, embroidery, weaving, cooking; as well as learning the ancient legends, books of the black and red ink, learn the plants and animals food and healing properties; the religious songs, ceremonies, as well as the count of time and the movement of the stars. The discipline although not as rigid as that of men, was present in their institution.

The House of Song was a common area for men and women. The teachings of old grandparents said that human virtue could only be reached through "Flower and Song" (Flower and Song). The function of art is to create a bridge between Earth and Heaven, so that the human being spirit, finds its divine origin.

Thus, girls and boys, learned together to develop Arts in their education. Music, dance, painting, modeling, poetry and theatre were addressed every evening by young people, such that the House of Song seemed a tree full of singing birds.

Later at night the boys returned to the school. They bathed, dined and thanked the Great Lord and the Great Lady, for all they received that day and then went to their bedrooms to rest. However, at midnight and in the very early morning, the elder went out to the nearby forest, to make offerings to the gods, and the younger rose to bathe with cold water and to pray. The old grandparents had taught that the formation of young people should not only be external; in other words, of theoretical knowledge and work practices. The real formation of the young was to understand the phenomenon of their own existence and the link it had, with the community, nature and the Supreme divinity. Their formation was fundamentally in the spirit temperance and strength; because the passion and dedication, that the Toltec old grandparents had taught to the children of their children, over the spiritual meaning of life, became their most important legacy.

The education provided intended that young people fully integrated with the community, its history, its religion and culture. It also managed to awaken the sense of sacrifice and individual selflessness, for the good of the community.

In the House of the youth, they were taught to transform themselves into "human beings", to be the best of them and to flourish their heart. These three basic goals were achieved through "being responsible"; that implied, that no one would have to tell them what to do, and finally to "be disciplined"; that is, that they do what they had to do, even if they did not like it. Thus with responsibility and discipline, they came to control and with it, the will of power capable of moving almost anything in the outside world. Teachers insisted that inner strength was the only thing men possessed, to deal with the mysteries of the world and the challenges of life.

The House of the youth maintained a paramilitary structure and discipline; although there had not been any wars for many “bundles of years”. The old grandparents said that the purest essence of humanity is their children, and children of all ages and all places play; some military, others maternal games. This means that the military has two faces; biophilous and necrophilia. One which served to form and build, the other that serves to deform and destroy. In this way, training and youth temperance was managed with military discipline. In fact, in the House of young people, they were taught the handling of weapons, in particular hunting, but without a military sense.

One afternoon, when young people were arriving to an instruction session, their teacher waited them to settle in their petates and when there was a total silence; with strong, sonorous voice, he began to say:

"You, owner of nearby and the together, omnipresent,
here we give you pleasure,
next to you nothing is missed,
Oh Life giver!

You only assess us as a flower,
so we are withering, your friends.
As an emerald,
You break us in pieces.
as a painting,
you thus delete us!

Everyone will leave to the region of the dead,
to the commonplace for losing us.
What are we to you, oh God?
Thus we live.
This is how, in the place of our loss,
such we are gradually losing ourselves.
We the men, where will we have to go?

That is why I cry,
because you get tired,
Oh life giver!
Jade breaks down,
quetzal tears apart.
you are mocking us.
We no longer exist.
Are we nothing for you?
You destroy us,

you make us disappear.

But you share your gifts,
Nobody says, being with you
that lives in abject poverty.
There is a sprout of precious stones,
quetzal feathers flourish,
Are these your heart, life giver?"

When Smoky mirror finished, the room had a solemn silence. The impact of the words, as accurate darts, touched the hearts of these young people, who had never before heard something like this.

—These are ancient words of "Flower and song", immemorial inheritance of our noble and wise ancestors. For many bundles of years, the old Toltec grandparents taught the beautiful art of "Flower and song", which is food for our souls; the light of the great walkers; it is a delicious nectar, which flourishes in our hearts. What do you young people think of what you heard?

The students were amazed; they looked at each other and remained silent. Then Night Eagle quickly stood up and with his head down said:

—With your permission, Venerable teacher; it is the voice of a warrior naming our Lord, the impalpable, the invisible, he who invents himself. He is named “Omnipresent”, because the warrior expresses that being next to the beloved Lord, nothing is missing. But that despite being his friends, we die, we disappear from Earth. Then the warrior asks, what are we to him?"

Smoky mirror then said:

—The old grandparents said from the beginning of time; that the only way of speaking true words, capable of introducing root in man, is through the path of the flowers and the songs, because only based on "Flower and Song", is how the precious stone inside of us can be sculpted and polished.

It is your duty to know this song of flowers, that it will sustain and sculpt your soul. Because old grandparents said it to grandparents and to the children of their children, from bundle of years to bundle of years (generation to generation), and today you must learn "the old word", so that tomorrow, your children and their children's children keep in their hearts, the memory of these noble and wise men, who lived long before us; because tomorrow others will ask about us. This is the custom, which is life. Would someone else like to ask something? Asked Smoky mirror.

Then Dawn deer stood up with the same humility of his cousin and said:

—Respectable teacher, for many moons I wonder at this venerable House, where do we come from? Why do we exist? Where are we going after death? My heart is afflicted, because I cannot find a satisfying answer. Why live? How to live? If we do not know where we come from, why learn, suffer, loves work, struggle... anyway, why live this life and where do we go afterwards.

Then Smoky mirror outlined a tender satisfaction smile, —this litter of puppies is promising, he thought. Expectation was growing among the students, who vibrated similarly. Smoky mirror replied:

—I see that the good effects of this Studies Center begin to flourish in your heart and your head; as beautiful flowers words of ideas begin to bloom in you. Well then, I'm going to tell you, what at the beginning of the times, the old grandparents said, of how the world was created:

—"It was referred, it was said
that as such there were already four ages,
and that this was the fifth age.

As the elders knew,
in the year one rabbit
earth and sky were founded.
And such they knew,
that when earth and sky were founded,
already had existed four classes of men,
four kinds of lives.
They also knew that in each of them
a Sun had existed .

And they said that first men
Were made by their God, forged from ash.
This was attributed to the Feathered Serpent,
whose sign is seven wind.
He made them, he invented them.
The first Sun was founded,
its sign was four water.
was called the Water Sun.
In it happened
that everything was taken by water.
People turned to fish.

Then the second Sun was founded
Its sign was four jaguar
in it happened
that the sky was pressed,
the Sun did not follow its path.
When the Sun reached midday,
then it was night
and when it was dark
jaguars ate people.
And in this Sun giants lived
said the elder
that Giants thus greeted:
"do not fall"
because who falls,

fell forever.

They the third Sun was founded.
His sign was four rain.
Said to be Sun of fire rain
Those alive were burned.
And during its period also rained sand.
And they said that also rained
the pebbles that we see,
that the tezontle stone boiled
and then the rocks turned red.

His sign was four winds
then the fourth Sun was founded.
Was called Wind Sun.

During this sun, everything was taken by the wind.
Everyone became monkeys.
They spread through the mountains,
They went to live as monkey-men.

The Fifth Sun:
Its sign is four movement.
It is called Sun movement,
because it moves, follows its path.
And as the elders say,
in it there will be earth movement,
there will be hunger
and so we will perish,
in the year thirteenth year cane, it is said that came to be
the Sun that exists now
it was then that illuminated,
at dawn,
the movement Sun that now exists.
four movement is its sign.
This is the Fifth Sun which was founded
in it there will be earth movements,

in it there will be famines.

This Sun named four movement
this is our Sun,
in which we live now,
and here is its sign,
how fell into the Sun fire
of our Prince, in Tula
that is the Feathered Serpent."

—Does it mean, venerable teacher, that there have been four eras before ours; that there have been four Humanities, who have preceded us here on Earth, —Dawn deer exclaimed surprised.

It is so, actually our old and wise grandparents, say that there is nothing new under the Sun, that everything is a never-ending spiral, as a great cosmic serpent; everything is a constant repeat; that everything happens again, but not at the same time... as our calendar. Smoky mirror said in a severe voice.

—Venerable teacher —asked Night Eagle—. If as the old grandparents say, that there have been four previous attempts to find human perfection on Earth, how is it that our humanity, our people, our era is born?

—Well —Smoky mirror replied— Here's the story as told by the old grandparents:

"When it was still night, when there was no day, when there was not yet light, they met, called the gods, back in the land where men learns to be God. They said, they talked among themselves, —Come here, oh gods! Who will take upon himself, who will take care of making days? That there is light?— From all the gods, only two volunteered; one was the Snail Lord, pretty, beautiful; the other was Pustule Lord, poor and full of wounds. Then the two set out to do penitence. However the Lord of the snails was so flashy that instead of doing penance, filled the gods with jewels, gold and quetzal feathers. On the other hand Pustule Lord, made with his blood and flesh, the sacrifice, as he tried to throw himself to the cosmic fire, which the gods had prepared. The first to attempt a leap into the great fire was Snail Lord, but indecision and fear prevented him.

Immediately jumped Pustule Lord with courage and determination; upon seeing this, full of shame Snail Lord jumped. The two gods were then consumed by the purifying fire, while the other gods waited. Soon after Pustule Lord appeared on the East converted into a splendid and bright sun and later Snail Lord also appeared very brightly, and to prevent the Sun and the Moon from being together, one of the gods took a rabbit and threw it on the face of Snail Lord, thus becoming the Moon, hence the moon has a rabbit figure.

The sun and the moon were already there but they were not moving; then, the other gods had to sacrifice, so that the sun and the moon moved and men could live. Therefore the men of the Fifth Sun, are called "Deserving", because we are worthy of life, thanks to the gods self-sacrifice.

Afterwards, the Feathered Serpent undertook the task of restoring men on earth and providing sustenance. This is how the Feathered Serpent starts a trip to the place of the dead, in search of "precious bones", relics of the previous Sun men and that served the Feathered Serpent to create new men. For this task, he was helped by his double, worms, ants, and bees and with the help of "Witch of war", ground precious bones, then sacrificing the Feathered Serpent, by bleeding his penis, gave them life again. This is how this Sun was created in which we live and the humanity that we are; as such it was stated by the old grandparents and it happened as such."

All students were eager; they were talking of very ancient and sacred things. Smoky mirror was encouraged by the interest of young apprentices; it was then that Night eagle spoke again:

—Dear teacher; must we understand that sacrifice is the energy that moves the world? The almighty gods sacrificed themselves so that we were born, and we had Sun, Moon movement and livelihood.

Somehow —responded Smoky mirror—, I cannot tell you now... you would not understand. But the truth is that spiritual sacrifice is the energy that drives the universe as we know it. And I think that it is enough for today, because it time to go to the House of Song.

Two moons went by, in which Night Eagle and Dawn deer went to rest with their parents. During the day they were helping in the field, but in the evening they met to continue talking about their origins. It was one afternoon in the patio of the House of Night Eagle parents that his cousin told him that his heart was left with a maiden named “Paloma Pequeña” (Little Dove), who he saw every day in the House of Song. Dawn deer told his cousin that always he managed to have her as companion in the ritual dances and that his heart was restless to see her again. Night Eagle kept a respectful silence and recalled the words of his father.

The boys continued their instruction. It had exactly been ten years since they entered the House of young people. Not only Night Eagle and Dawn deer had grown and developed their bodies, all the boys had changed; both physically and spiritually and this is could be seen on their behavior.

On certain occasion, as the afternoon instruction began, with their teacher Smoky mirror, he spoke unto them of what was a wise man, in the words of the old grandparents.

—"The wise man: a light, a torch
a thick torch that does not smoke

A drilled mirror,
a mirror drilled on both sides.
His is the black and red ink,
His are the codices.

He himself is writing and wisdom,
Is the way, everyone accurate guide.

Leads people and things,
is guide for human business

The true Sage is careful
and guard tradition
his is wisdom transmitted,
he is who teaches,
Follows the truth,
Do not let anyone reprimand him.

Makes other faces wise,
makes other take a personality
makes them develop it.
Opens their ears, enlightens them
is a teacher's guide,
gives them their way,
one depends on him.

Places a mirror in front of us,
Makes them sane, careful;
Makes a personality appear in them.

Locks into things,
regulates his way,
offers and orders.
Apply his light on the world.

Knows what is upon us
and, in the region of the dead.

Is a moderate man
anyone is comforted by him,
is corrected, is taught
thanks to him people humanizes
helps, remedies, cure all."

After a long pause, Night Eagle turned to his teacher saying:

—Venerable teacher, I have heard with attention the words of the old and wise grandparents in your voice; one by one they fell like precious stones into the pond of my soul and its waves still shakes my body. I am grateful for the generous education that was given to us; there is no wealth to pay... perhaps only in life itself and with others. However, I would like to ask a question in the most respectful way, a question that has been around in my head: Venerable teacher, where are they now, the sons of the sons of the wise and old grandparents?

Many of his colleagues did not understand Night Eagle question, but Smoky mirror and Night Eagle, were united in a deep stare. It seemed that there was a light bridge between the two. These were not challenging looks, or anger; but rather an encounter stare.

Smoky mirror confirmed that the young man was a high flying eagle. The sympathy felt for the young turned to committed interest. Many teachers, better than him, had given their life in teaching and never found a pupil as Night Eagle. This young man represented more than a challenge to the master, represented the opportunity to transcend beyond teaching.

From that evening onwards, Smoky mirror made the teaching hours deeper and more interesting. Young people are vital and uncontrollable. Night Eagle leadership was unquestioned. The young man exercised a fascination power on his teammates, such that energy increased, sputtering by the entire room.

Those afternoons were truly magical and incredible, that litter of young puppies and his master Sage, moved from one place to another in the world, through the wisdom of old grandparents and the energy of young people.

One day while in classes with Smoky mirror, one of the youngest pupils asked for an explanation of time and how it was measured. The teacher smiled with satisfaction and told them. —In principle time does not exist, is just an invention of man, the young people who respected his master, opened their eyes wide and with them, asked for an explanation— time is a way to measure movement in space. For example the first movement measure is the day, the time in which Earths rotates on its own axis. The second movement is the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun; this distance is always covered in 365 days and a quarter. The third movement measure lasts 52 years, we call it a “bundle of years”, two “bundles of years we call "old age"... because nobody has lived for 3 bundles.

Since the beginning of time, the Toltec old grandparents were devoted to observe nature and the sky, because as you know, there are two lines of knowledge. The first, is masculine, perfect, immutable, distant, exact, cold... it is precisely celestial mechanics. The other line or knowledge source, is nature; feminine, always generous, kind, flexible and tolerant. Thus, through stars and Earth movement measure, the old grandparents learned to measure time, and with it they invented mathematics and calendars. We have twenty days, which occur without interruption and each has a name and a symbol; 1 Cayman, 2 wind, 3 House, 4 lizard, 5 serpent, 6 death, 7 deer, 8 rabbit, 9 water, 10 dog, 11 monkey, 12 grass, 13 cane, 14 jaguar, 15 Eagle, 16 Vulture, 17 movement, 18 Flint, 19 rain and 20 flower. The first calendar bequeathed by the old grandparents, consists of 18 months with 20 days each month; so 18 by 20, are 360 days, plus 5 uncertain days with each year, gives a total of 365 days. Each month is divided into four groups of five days, the fifth being dedicated to the market.

Also, in the year we celebrate 16 different invocations of "The one for whom one lives", in 16 months of 20 days each; and in two 20 days months, we celebrated 4 devotions of 10 days each, making a total of 20 devotions celebrations in 18 months; again, 18 times 20 equal to 360 days.

Each month in turn, have very old meaning as stated by the old grandparents. The first month is dedicated to the Water Lord and we pray to him for rain for the crops. The second month is assigned to the Emaciated Lord, drives us to think about the need to break from our spirit, all those material particles that condemn it to corruption and thereby to the death. The third month is dedicated to the first flowers of the year and the sick are taken to be cleansed from bad energy. The fourth month is dedicated to the maize deity and our livelihood. The fifth month is dedicated to education, the carving of the precious stone that we all carry within. The sixth month goes to the family unit and to again ask for rains. The seventh month is dedicated to women, especially the grandmothers and pregnant women, as well as the deity invocation represented by salt. The eighth month is dedicated to the deity of the cobs of tender corn, this month food provisions are made for the poor and needy. The ninth month pays cult to left handed Hummingbird, as internal invocation of the internal war that we all must face, to overcome our weaknesses. The tenth month is dedicated to the domestic fire divinity, which is the oldest energy that all of us carry inside and that moves the world. The eleventh month is offered to our grandmother, our heritage, our tradition. The twelfth month is dedicated to the arrival of all the divinities in which "He for whom one lives for" are represented. The thirteenth month is the festivity of the town Tutelary Hill that protects people and mountains. The fourteenth month is consecrated to the cloud serpent deity. The fifteenth month is once again dedicated to the divinity of the left handed Hummingbird, where women and men, will fight together to become the best of themselves. The sixteenth month is dedicated to the rain deity, here penance is made and pray for rains. The seventeenth month is dedicated to the divinity of motherhood, prays for all pregnant women. The eighteenth and last month, is dedicated to the resurrection in the name of the fire divinity that cleanses and purifies through spiritual sacrifice.

The second form of time counting, taught by the old grandparents, is by 52 bundle of years, cosmic cycles organized as follows: we have a thirteen years and each one has a number and a name; so we have: 1 rabbit, 2 cane, 3 Flint, 4 House, 5 rabbit, 6 cane, 7 Flint, 8 House, 9 rabbit, 10 cane, 11 Flint, 12 House and 13 rabbit. This calendar is made with four thirteen year periods, which gives us 52 years, because four by thirteen is 52 years, exact period of time in which earth revolves around the seven stars that are together and are known as "the seven that shine". The first thirteen period begins with 1 rabbit and ends with 13 rabbit, the second with 1 cane and ends with 13 cane, the third begins with 1 Flint and ends with 13 Flint and fourth starts with 1 House and ends with 13 House; After completing the 4 thirteen year periods, a new bundle starts a new year with 1 Rabbit tied and so on infinitely, because every 52 years the same year repeats. Each thirteen year period in addition to having a symbol has a course for Earth; the East is represented by the thirteen year period beginning with cane, the West House, the North Flint and South rabbit.

The third form in which the old grandparents taught us to count time, is called "Destines Count”, because the old grandparents said, that all living beings of the universe, including the stars, are intimately linked in a perfect equilibrium and is determined as follows: the count is divided into four groups of five thirteen years each, or 20 thirteen year periods making a total of 260 days. The days are counted and are accompanied by a number from one to thirteen, which prevents any day repeating itself with a number in 260 times.

So it was that the old grandparents bequeathed three ways of measuring the same time, only for different things. The first count of 365 days helps us with the sowing cycle and festivities to venerate to the different devotions that manifest "He for whom one lives” that have no name or form, nor can be touched. The second count of 52 years helps us measure the great cycles and name the years. The third count of 260 days helps us know the fate of human beings. That is, how the old grandparents have bequeathed their wisdom that mainly comes from millenary observation of celestial mechanics and nature. Suffice then to be attentive observers, to get closer to the mysteries of the old grandparents". Smoky mirror concluded.

One morning as all, to boys awoke at the sound of the marine snails. In brief moments the bedroom was on the move, everyone knew what had to be done, only one petate was still extended.

Dawn deer had spent the night with high fever, but did not want to bother anyone. Now he was deeply asleep. Immediately the boys called their instructors as it was common in these cases, the young man was separated from others and taken to a special room of regular dimensions with four wooden bases for petates and in the background a beautiful altar with some representations of the Supreme divinity. There were flowers permanently and incense was burned. Later came the “Hombre Buho” (Owl man), to heal Dawn deer. He took strange herbs and resins from his sack and burned them incense. He asked Night Eagle, which so far had not separated from his cousin, to leave them alone in the room. It took a long time, until Owl man came out. Immediately Night Eagle ran to meet him.

Do not worry —said Owl Man—. Nothing serious happened to your cousin, what happens is that Dawn deer has his thoughts and feelings out of place, are overwhelmed. His spirit is not at peace, in order, and his body suffers this, his body protest. The body is a divine good that "He for whom one lives" has given us, but he is very fragile, very tender. Not so his mind and feelings.

Dawn deer has fallen in love with and his river carries more turbulent water than it can handle. Almost all the body ills, are generated by thoughts, emotions and feelings. Dawn deer must order his thoughts and his feelings in peace. To restore his energy balance, will have to make some sacrifices.

By sunset, Dawn deer had already bathed and began the ceremony in search of his balance. After praying to the Supreme divinity for a long time and accompanied by one of the institution priests, began to puncture some special points of his body with maguey tips, despite being very acute, they shot drops of blood. The old grandparents since immemorial times had taught their grandchildren to heal the body, restoring energy balance through this ritual, which distributed and rechanneled the energies that flow in the body.

The whole life of the people was closely linked to the divine and sacred. The old grandparents had spoken of the sacrifice and purification that the gods made to create the Sun and this humanity. And if so, men are the "honored" by the gods sacrifice, life was completely dedicated to thank them and to venerate them for their sacrifice.

Hence, everything that exists in the life of the people, has to do with the gods. The work of the field, food, clothing, construction, medicine, science, count of time and celestial mechanics, the games and the relationship with the animal, vegetable and mineral; as well as music, dance, painting. The life of the community revolves around the divine and sacred. For this reason, life had to be mystical and spiritual; on a daily basis and even unintentionally, as traditions, forms, uses, festivities and millenary customs, guided vigorous and absolutely all spaces of social and private life to the spiritual. During the constant visits by the Owl man, the cousins had many questions to the wise man. The boys seemed to be a couple of sponges, which wanted to absorb all the possible knowledge from the generous man. In less than five days, Dawn deer was completely restored. On his head and his heart was again balance. He fully understood the words of Owl man when he said:

—"Listen well to what I'm going to say, Dawn deer, young boy, precious stone, hope of our tomorrow; understand that because you have possibilities of multiplying yourself, your body already has the human seed. And for generation and multiplication Gods established, that a woman needs a man and a man needs a woman; but it needs to be done with temperance, discretion and at its time. Do not throw yourself to a woman as a dog throws himself to swallow food given to him, giving yourself to a woman before time; resist even if you have appetite for the woman, resists to your heart until you're already a perfect and strong man; see that if the maguey opens too small to remove honey, does not have substance nor honey, but it is lost; before opening the maguey to get honey, they let it grow up and come to its perfection, and then honey is removed.

This is why you have to, before you have a woman, allow time for you to grow and develop, and be a perfect man, which will be the right time for the wedding. You will thus father children of good stature and strong bodies, light, beautiful and good faces. It will be the time that you will be strong and skillful for body work and you will be light, strong and diligent; and if by misfortune extravagantly and before time you surrender to carnal delight, the old grandparents stated, you will be diminished, will never achieve full physical development, and will wander about colorless and skinny. You will be like a brat and fainted; sick, and you will soon be old and bitter, and when you marry, you will be like the maguey, which may not give honey because they took it before time, and when they try to get honey, nothing will come out, so will be discarded; likewise you wife will do; as you are already dry and finished, not having anything to give, you will say no more; then she will reject you because you did not satisfy her desires and will look at another man, because you'll already be exhausted you will make her commit adultery, because you destroyed yourself carelessly, delivering yourself to woman before time and so you’re finished before your time".

In the House of the young people great preparations were being made, they were about to celebrate the tenth month festival called "the fall of the twenty-four fruits". Like everything in the legacy of old grandparents, it had to do with the collection of orchards fruit, but symbolically represented the good fortune of the people and its fruits, which were shown at the heart of their children. The House of the youth participation in the yearly twenty parties was common. In the early morning students marched singing the corresponding hymns, heading to the densest part of the forest, outside the Valley in the mountains. At sun rise in the horizon, youngsters came to a huge pine tree, which had previously been selected by teachers and priests. The ceremony started immediately asking the Lord of the forest. They begged for one of his sons, the immense pine, since they needed it for the party. They told him it would be treated with respect and that in exchange, they brought him tamales and atole, beans and corn seeds.

Then another similar ceremony was conducted, and the high priest of the House of the youth explained to the tree what would be its fate; he was asked for its cooperation and apologized for cutting it and taking it away.

Thereafter, the immense pine was cut, between prayers and hymns by the young people. Removed all branches and with ropes, and with 40 pairs of young people, the tree started its route to the town. In front were the priests conducting hymns and smoking the way, followed by the young people with the tree and finally to teachers and instructors. When they arrived at the gates of the town, women with gourds of fresh chocolate were already waiting. The tree was taken to the Center of the village. In the square, in front of the great pyramid, a deep hole had been previously dug, where the tree would be placed. At that time sea snails began sounding at the four quarters, signal that all men should help to lift the huge tree; they all called "the fruit".

Carpenters polished the tree and three men placed beautiful figures on amate paper. Next to the trunk, maidens from "the house of the young women", made a human figure using Amaranth seeds with honey, this figure was also decorated with paper and huge amaranth balls in the hands, resembling tamales. The human figure was placed at the end of the tree, which would be at the top. The tree was finally hoisted with many difficulties.

That evening families gathered around grandparents or older siblings. It was the tradition to bake a tasty corn bread, made only on this day. First in every home and then in the square was a ceremony, in which the basic joy, was the effort made during the year, to be the best of themselves and share the fruit. Then a great bonfire was set, which recalled that where the gods had sacrificed themselves and making a contrition act, the family first and then the people sought to throw their sins, bad wishes and thoughts into the purifying fire. "The fruit of that sacrifice was family and collective well-being and harmony."

Late at night the young people prepared to climb the huge trunk, which had been polished, and had wild boar lard smeared. The stronger and better equipped, were struggling to the first to get to the top. To Night Eagle surprise, Dawn deer was the first to get to the tip of the trunk, took the figures and threw them on the crowd below around the trunk. It was a symbol of good luck; to get a piece of Amaranth and to eat it, it symbolized participation on the "fruit" of spiritual sacrifice. That night Dawn deer was treated as a hero.

At the end of this ceremony, the huge drums began to play a ritual dance. Girls and boys, adults, the elderly and the children had a place in the great plaza. As everyone had gone in their education to La Casa del Canto and as every year, the dance gained creative vitality and energy continuously. Dance rhythms were marked by the majestic and sonorous drums, marine snails were heard consistently.

The dance was magic; each dancer lost their individuality as they focused on the sound and the steps.

It was strange, but happened to all. The drums rhythm achieved a perfect sync with the body; and with Earth and all together with heaven. Time passed and people were not tired, on the contrary, it seemed that the more they danced the more energy they received. The town was then a single body, a single rhythm, a single step, a single spirit in communion.

One day Smoky mirror talked to the young people:

—The old grandparents have left us their wise words, in order to live better. There is nothing new in the world, everything is repeated.

This is why I now wish to declaim an old poem, that I learned here, when I was young like:

—"Eagles and Jaguars!
One by one we shall perish,
none shall remain
meditate it, oh! Princes
even if its jade,

even if it is gold,
will also have to go
to the place of the emaciated

But I say:
only in a short time
only as corn flower,
as such we have come to flourish
as such we have come to meet
over the land.

We only come to wither,
oh friends! Let the helpless disappear
let bitterness out,
let there be joy

Eagles and Jaguars!
one by one we shall perish
none will remain.
In peace and joy we shall live,
come and enjoy."

As you can see —said Smoky mirror— the problem of life and death, of BEING and TRANSCENDING, has no limits in time. For many bundles of years, many; the old grandparents raised this same issue, and there will be hundreds bundles of years more and men in the future will face the same problem.

It is customary and the mission of this institution to promote in your heart an own and true face; a personality. We would like for you to know the wise words of the old grandparents. That you achieve equilibrium, that you understand and revere "He for whom one lives", he who is night and wind, he who is here and everywhere at the same time, that you learn and respect the ancient conduct rules and social life; that you penetrate the augustan mysteries of the knowledge of our ancestors; in synthesis that you all become one of us.

Each of you, in time, will take their respective way, tomorrow shall govern the course of our people. Each will be where the community requires it. The bountiful land always jealous claim the loving work of their children, but each of you will also have a skill to be able to serve the community. In truth it does not matter what you do, what matters is how you do it; because if you don't, others will come and do it better than you. No one is special and important; the important thing will always be the community.

So, take responsibility for the decision to serve the people; it can be as a potter, goldsmith or painter, whatever it is does not matter. What is important is that you take responsibility for the decision to BE, because any job is only the means. The goal is to TRANSCEND THE BEING.

Know then, my youngsters, what the old grandparents said about trades in this world:

"The Carpenter shall do the following: cut with axe, straighten beams and make wooden pieces and saw, cut branches and split and split with wedges any wood.

A good carpenter often measures and compares wood with level; works it, shape it with a plane tool, make it even, joining it and properly place beams on walls; in short, be skilled in the profession.

The stonemason is powerful and strong, light and skillful in styling and carving any stone. The good Mason is understood and skillful in cutting the stone, smooth down, make corners and cut with wedges. Also in is work can draw a house, make good foundations, corners and make portals and windows adequately, sets adobes in place. The painter, in his work knows how to use colors, draw and trace figures with coal; makes good color blends, knows how to grind and prepare them. A good painter has good hand and grace while painting, blends paint very well, knows how to apply shadows, the far and the foliage.

The mason work is making admixtures, wetting them well, making lime paste, apply it and finish it, polish it to make it look good.

The medical doctor usually heals and remedies illnesses; the good doctor knows, is a connoisseur of herbs, stones, trees and roots. Is experienced in curing, knows about bones, purges, stitching and finally prevent the gates of death.

The orchard farmer work is sowing seeds, plants and trees. Dig and mix the land well. A good farmer is usually discreet, careful, has a prudent judgment and must learn to count time of the months and years.

The Potter is robust, light, well versed in clay, knows and thoroughly thinks the how and ways to make pots in any shape required.

The tailor knows cutting, proportions and properly sewing clothes. A good tailor is good worker, understanding and skillful, true to his craft.

Finally remember, dear youngsters, the most important thing is that whatever you are; is that, really love what you do, and feel passion and pride for doing it. Because only in this way may have a heart, strong like stone, a tough heart like a tree trunk; a wise and gentle face, and a skilled and sympathetic heart."

Six years had gone by in the House of the young, and Night Eagle was an outstanding young man. Over time a close friendship had developed between Smoky mirror and his young disciple. Night Eagle had become the leader of the institution. His sympathy was total; both from older boys, and younger people newly admitted. Always courteous and humble, with an expression that showed affection and harmony, Night Eagle was always very well received. The same happened with teachers and instructors, it seemed, as intuited by Smoky mirror, there had never before been at the House of youth a student such as Night Eagle.

The priests for their part had also detected the strange and beautiful powers of the boy. The illustrious and high priest of town, had among his ranks the young boy and had made recommendations to the priests of the House of the youth, to be very attentive of him. However, Night Eagle was very reserved and solitary, each time he could, spent hours in the temple meditating or on the Codexes, made available by his teachers; his best friends remained, Dawn deer and Smoky mirror.

Visits to the parental home were less common, the love and respect towards his parents was unchanged; what happened was that each day, Night Eagle felt more dissatisfied with the teachings. He felt in his heart, a very deep voice, calling him to meet.

This concern, which was growing and began to overwhelm him, was carefully informed to his teacher. Smoky mirror was silent for a long time, and after listening to him said:

—Beloved and admired student; it is true that no one like you had arrived at this institution. It is also true that I never had a disciple as gifted as you; but it is also true that everything in the world and life, takes a time and pace. Each one of us has a destiny; each of us came to fulfill a task given by the Lord that is everywhere. The Sun, which is the Supreme star and the almighty, teaches us every day, how one should do their duty. Does not get ahead nor delay the tasks, always rises on the East and retires on the West. Despite his greatness... the Sun is humble and scrupulously fulfills its duty.

Learn to wait, and to do so, the first thing you need is knowing that you are waiting and what are you waiting for; control yourself, and be even more humble. Relax your heart, learn to wait, and while you're waiting, do not miss any second, what is to be, will be; at the right time and in the right quantity. Night Eagle eyes filled with tears and his face was covered with shame. His teacher had subtly taught him, that despite everything, he yet had much to work and learn. That self-control was the most difficult struggle that a man can take. To carve a face and polish the spirit was the work of a lifetime. Then peace came back to the boy spirit and he could only express:

"Thank you, thank you very Venerable Teacher".

From that day, Night Eagle changed significantly; not externally, but internally. He felt more settled, more moderate and humble. Something that came from very deep, surfaced in the everyday world; was something indescribable, filled with harmony, peace and quiet all Night Eagle spaces and in some mysterious way, a poem permanently came to his mind.

—Perhaps I am going home? Perhaps will go with him?
Also my life on Earth shortened!
Be you, God, for me: mold me!
Entertain your chest, appease your heart, and brighten your heart!
Perhaps you think my heart that you will only live on Earth?
You worry, oh my heart. I was born on Earth!
Perhaps you are your own friend?
Perhaps you live by yourself?
Be you, God, for me: mold me!
Entertain your chest, appease and brighten your heart!
Oh you, Lord of the Turquoise staff:
I'm crawling, I walk the Earth!

Be you, God, for me: mold me!
Entertain your chest, appease your heart, brighten your heart!
I come from the House of fine butterflies:
My song opens its Corolla my song: there multiple flowers:
A varied painting is my heart!
I am a singer and deploy my song!"

Night Eagle now more than ever was clear about his destiny, no longer had doubts or uncertainty; at its heart there was harmony, humility and a sense of peace, which came from the depths of his being and which attached itself to the everyday world, like a fragrant flower.

In the House of the youth time and activities were subject to strict ancient rules. However physical exercise, sports and games, had a very important place in their training.

As everything else in the community, sports and games were closely linked to the Supreme divinity and religion. Since in the year there were 20 festivities dedicated to an equal number of divinity devotions, in them especially practiced the "ball game".

The old grandparents said that the gods already played it before the creation. In the House of the youth, the basics were taught. Dawn deer was part of a five member team, with a reputation of invincible.

When youngsters played, teachers served as referees and instructors. They did so in a space that had been conditioned on the outskirts of town. But when it was played in a celebration and was part of a ritual; then were the priests, who officiated and directed the game. This was done in a building, which was next to the great temple, in the center of the square. The philosophical meaning, started from the principle that everything in the universe and life, is composed of opposite and complementary pairs that are always fighting and in movement. It symbolizes the dialectic posed by positive and negative forces, order and chaos, the true and the contrived, life and death. As in an oracle, priests made a consultation and two men or two teams of five players each, found the answer in the random outcome of the game. There were other ancient games, in which the physical prowess and intellectual agility were combined, the knowledge of religion and faith.

Night Eagle and Dawn deer, as well as the litter of puppies, that entered at the same time the House of young people, were reaching the physical wholeness and instruction.

Especially Night Eagle, he had imprinted a special seal to his generation. As the leader, Night Eagle inspired an everyday example among their colleagues and their relationship with Smoky mirror that was felt throughout the group.

Then the time came to teach the youngsters standards and ancient laws of the community. Smoky mirror during a training session began by saying:

—"Here is the story
That the elders used to tell:
During a certain time
that no one can count anymore.
Of which no one can remember anymore
who came here to sow
the grandparents, the grandmothers,
they, it is said.
They arrived, came
followed the road,
they came to finish it,
to govern here on this earth,
with a single name was known,
as if this had turned into a small world.
On water in their boats they came,

in many groups,
and there arrived at the edge of the water,
to the North coast,
and where they left their boats,
at Panuco, where people walked over the water
immediately followed the water's edge
were searching the mountains,
some the white mountains
and the smoky mountains."

Then Smoky mirror told them a wonderful story, which was the treasure of all the peoples of the mainland. Told them that the old and wise grandparents knew that there were other continents, beyond where the far sea ends. That there was a huge ring around the world. That for a long time, all men lived in a wonderful place; around a lake and that seven groups lived, in seven caves. And that one day the gods ordered them to go in search of a sacred place. As a sign to find the promised land, the gods told them, they were to find an eagle standing on top of a cactus between stones and in a lake, devouring tunas, as it would be the signal to again found their home.

Smoky mirror explained to them that the sacred history was a parable, which enclosed a great secret:

—As you know, since the world began, the old grandparents taught us that the Eagle is the symbol of the Sun, our father and Lord. The Snake is the symbol of wisdom. The nopal is the symbol of humanity, because it is immortal. Humanity bears fruits, such as the Cactus bears tunas. In addition -he said- the fruit of the tuna flourishes. Men to become mankind flourished fruit, needs of land and water to live. In this way, the old grandparents toured the world, to reach this land. You know —added Smoky mirror— that this is not our real home, we are here only for a brief time, to flourish our hearts and to reach the House of our Great Lord; omnipresent, the Owner of the Near and the Next, because he, is the owner space and distance, being next to everything, everything is also next to him; our great almighty Lord, he for who we live; him who is invisible as the night and impalpable as the wind. Our Lord, he who nobody invented, he invented himself.

That evening, in the "House of music and song", young people danced and sang; the heart of Night Eagle moved faster than his feet. A wealth of questions danced on his head.

In those years of training, Night Eagle had managed to strengthen his body, night baths, long walks and the work, helped him achieve his full physical development. But at the same time, he had achieved self-control, discipline, responsibility, attention development, concentration and retention. The frugality and practice of the knowledge of the old grandparents had tempered his spirit and refined his mind. Night Eagle flourished his body and his spirit; teachers, priests and peers saw in him, the spirit of the institution.

On another occasion Smoky mirror spoke to the young people:

—Here in the House of youth, teachers and instructors have tried to convey the knowledge of the old and wise grandparents. Celestial mechanics, the laws of "our dear mother" and all her children: animals, plants and minerals; our history; our customs; of how the black and red ink in the books remain; of the count of days; how to speak and behave among ourselves; of how to build and farm, how to cure and how to enjoy and play; how to worship the diverse manifestations of the divine; of how one become "people", and to become a "citizen".

There is very little to go, so that some of you finish your instruction in our honorable House. Some will marry and form family; others, the more advanced, will go to the institution called the House of measure, there will have to continue your studies to serve the community with greater responsibility, wisdom and success.

Today I want to talk to you about how old grandparents taught us to organize ourselves... to govern us among us. Just as "He for whom one lives" manifests itself in a "divine duality", which is a unit consisting of two different parts, but complementary. Just as day and night, cold and hot; thus the "divine duality", generator of everything, is half man, half woman, female and male. Also, who directs and administers all in our community, is a complementary pair. One is who administers, called woman serpent; the other is the executor, called "Who speaks". As a man and woman in a House, a family, such as the right arm and the left arm, such is how they perform.

But as any living organism, it has a head that thinks, that analyzes and reflects. This head is the Council of elders which is composed of twelve venerable men, who throughout their life, have served and served well to our people. They have had charges, from those serving below, carrying the rod and the messages, from their youth. They have had to go through all the jobs, little by little, serving the people, in the eyes of all. They have left their hearts and kidneys, in the land worked for service of our gods in the Organization and implementation of the "middle work” that is nobodies and benefits all; to build houses and temples, roads and schools. They who have been exemplary sons, brothers and fathers. They who have been able of being worthy guides of our parties and honest and efficient civil servants for the Government of our people. They are our pride and our example, with all our admiration. They who have walked upright and straight throughout their life in front of the whole community.

These twelve venerable elders analyze and advice to the two "Servers"; one that governs and the other administers, forming the Supreme Council. Together with the Assembly of the people, this is where community problems are discussed and analyzed, for appropriate decisions.

The old grandparents, long time ago stated that any city or town should be organized, because it is the way to multiply the strength of men and thus ensure survival. This is why, every community should have a Government House, a temple with its buildings, a supply warehouse, a plaza for public and ceremonial events, a Justice House, a House for young people, another for the singing and dancing, and a school of higher education, called the House of measure. All shall be given arable land for their maintenance, through "middle work" provided by the community.

Around the civic center, there should be four quarters "Casas Grandes" (large houses), and in each of these districts, at the same time should have five "Casas Chicas" (small houses) and in turn each one of these small houses, would be devoted to production, in addition to field work, a necessary good for the life of the community, so usually every neighborhood or small house shall form productive units, for specialized community work.

Many others have lived in these lands before us and after the old and wise grandparents. They have left us their wisdom, their experience of how to flower the heart, in this land that is not ours, where we are for a short time.

Jaguars and eagles have the instinct that our omnipresent Lord, gave them to survive here on Earth. The instinct is not wisdom; it is information that passes from one generation to another, to perpetuate the species. If the jaguar or Eagle lost their instinct, their time on earth would soon end. They would not know how to hunt, they would not know how to hide, and they could not survive. Similarly —Smoky mirror said—our Lord, "he who cannot be seen or felt" gave to us, his children, "tradition, and custom" to convey the knowledge, the experience of life, from the old grandparents to the children of their children. In this way man roots will be preserved, so the gods sacrifice was not in vain. That is why the culture, tradition, customs; as the grandparents said "what must never be forgotten", is what our Lord has given us to survive, be "people" and be able to flourish our heart.

What is required in order to keep the tradition, and the reason you are here; —said Smokey mirror with a serious tone— in addition to knowing it very well, strengthening your body and spirit, is to develop the willpower and unyielding intent. Because this force is the only thing we have to transcend ourselves and interact with the world around us. If you fail to have self-discipline and willpower, all the knowledge of the world is useless, will only be ideas, will only be words; as a nopal without tunas or a corn without a cob. Hence my beloved, dear young people, fight as Jaguars and Eagles to learn the wisdom of old grandparents, to create self-discipline, physical, mental and emotional control, developed by willpower. Only in this way, you will polish the precious stone inside you; only in this way, you can sculpt a real face, have a flourished heart and may indeed contribute to the support of our community".

As was often the case, the older boys of the House of the young, were preparing to go out hunting to the mountains at the north of the town. It was a chain of mountains that surrounded the Valley from east to west, with impenetrable forests where all kinds of animals lived. The place they were headed, two days away, especially had jaguars and deer. On this special occasion, Smoky mirror accompanied them.

Before starting the hunt, a pediment ceremony to the Lord of the mountain was conducted. He was informed of the hunting reasons and permission to hunt a deer was requested; in reciprocity priests and boys made a penance and offered incense, burying a few jade beads and left beans and corn with the powerful Lord of the forest. The hunt, in addition to providing deer meat for the eleventh month festivities, called “Sweeping the roads”, was also meant to teach young people the art of stalking.

Smoky mirror spoke to the young men:

—“In the world all living beings are equal, we have three things that make us common; the first is that we are alive; the second is that we feel and the third is that we're all going to die... whether we are plants, animals or humans; so we must bear in mind that when we seek our livelihood, other living beings, shall be slaughtered so that we can live. We must therefore also think that one day all we will also be food of another being.

I would also like to tell you that life is like a hunt, the difference is the prey. Men are always in pursuit of knowledge. The old grandparents said that we can be hunters of knowledge. In fact it is what you are doing in our respectable institution. Those of you, who can "hunt" sufficient knowledge, will one day reach the world of power. It will be in another place and another time, if this is to happen. For now, it is important that you become immaculate hunters.

Therefore the most important thing is to be aware of what you pretend, because to be an immaculate hunter is not enough to be an accurate archer. What is required is that you learn to observe without being observed, that you learn to wait without despair, that you do not behave as prey; that you know what you want to hunt, why you want to hunt and how it should be hunted; it doesn't matter if it's ideas, knowledge, objects, plants or animals.

The hunter must be a balanced, moderate and restrained man; because for the hunter to hunt, always enters an unusual and unknown world... therefore dangerous. Now each of you shall enter the depths of these mountains, and will only carry bow and arrows. Tomorrow at the same time, at dawn, we will meet in this same place, here will wait for you. We hope each find his prey."

Night Eagle entered a closed ravine. In the evening came to a small clear, with a few boulders with a water spring. He felt that this was the place, rubbed himself with fragrant herbs throughout the body and looked for a place in a thicket to hide and then waited.

Nighttime came and the forest began to produce various strange noises. Night Eagle suppressed his thoughts and concentrated on the spirit of the deer. At midnight a thirsty puma came to drink. Night Eagle looked at him and focused even more on the deer; without moving, without making any noise, so to minimize his breathing, absolutely absorbed in the spirit of the deer. After a while, Night Eagle suffered an extraordinary change, he felt that his feet slowly transformed into roots that gradually affirmed into the soil. He perceived that his body gradually grew long branches. Night Eagle ceased to be him and became a splendid pine, a forest creature.

It was then that he began to hear nearby trees talking to him. His brothers were telling him wonderful stories; told him that thousands of years ago there were only trees on earth and one day human beings began to be born of them, at a place called "Where were the Lords, the lineage were born", that is north in the cloud mountains. There —the trees told him— is a deep cave which goes to the heart of our dear mother. From this cave endless amounts of water come out, which is the essence of life. Flanking the cave entrance, are our oldest Lords, "the venerable elders living next to divine water". Humans were then born from them and as they are our closest brothers in this world, we the trees provide for them in many ways, so that they can survive in this, our land. We work every day and sacrifice to make them live. This truth spoken by the trees was so impressive that Night Eagle opened his eyes; but from a surprise went on to another. It was starting to be light when he saw the most beautiful deer he had seen in his life. It was an imposing animal with big antlers. The deer shone with own brightness, flashing sparks of energy. The animal entered the clear, looked around and bowed his head to drink water.

Night Eagle heart began pounding so strong, that he feared scaring the animal. He didn't know if he was dreaming or that wonderful deer incarnated the forest spirit. But fulfilling his Hunter responsibility, took a deep breath to relax, introduced an arrow on his bow string and drew it very slowly. The animal suddenly lifted his head and turned directly to the hunter. Night Eagle felt that the strange animal glance penetrated his body through his eyes. An energy line, a beam of light flooded the young hunter and immediately his whole body began to glow. He felt that his entire body inside blew on a sense of excitement and began to feel an inner well-being, as he never imagined he could feel.

He untightened the bow and threw it on the ground, at the same time the deer moved slowly towards him. He stopped a few inches from one another. The eyes of the deer seemed vast and deep lakes. In his depths, Night Eagle felt absolutely all live beings of the forest and in the end, saw and felt himself as the wonderful bright deer. He closed his eyes and turned to see the deer that tilted his head, and slowly and majestically went back into the forest.

The first rays of sunlight appeared at the top of the mountains, Night Eagle was on his way to the place where he would meet his teachers. He was the first to arrive and Smoky mirror received him with a hug and as if he knew everything that happened, said to him: "Immaculate Hunter, you have in your heart your extraordinary prey".

On their way back to the Valley, Smoky mirror and Night Eagle felt that the instruction period at the home of young people had come to an end.

Dawn deer had spoken with his parents his intention of marrying Small dove. So his parents made a party at their house and invited Smoky mirror, priests and instructors of the House of young people, as well as the closest relatives. After eating turkey mole, Dawn deer godfather addressed the teachers and instructors:

—"Here you are respectable gentlemen and venerable teachers of our boy, our precious stone, and our quetzal feather. Please, we beg of you, do not be offended but our son wished to separate from your wise company; because he already wants to have a women, wishes to form a family —then the uncle took an axe and said— here's this axe, which is a sign that the apprentice wants to remove himself from your respectable institution, according to tradition of our noble and wise grandparents, please take it in exchange for our son."

Then Smoky mirror took the axe and told the boy relatives:

—"We are pleased to take this axe because your son already sprouted, already flourished his body and tempered his spirit, because the boy already turned to people, already met the work, he learned to obey and respect. Knows how to speak and make offerings to the "He for whom one lives" and to all their devotions, knows our customs, knows our traditions, read black and red ink, knows how to count days. Understand and know how and why he shall serve our community".

After Dawn deer godfather went to talk to Small dove parents, accompanied by one of the men part of the Council of elders and which belonged to the neighborhood. Between the two and three times as was tradition, managed to convince the family of the girl, leaving each time gifts and offerings to the family. In the third visit the parents of Small dove arranged the wedding, the men of the books and the black and red ink were consulted and set the date of the marriage.

That morning all the bride and groom relatives met for breakfast at the groom's House. Subsequently and in procession all went to the temple to ask the "omnipresent ", for the couple venture. At the end of the ceremony, the couple and their relatives went to Small dove parents’ house. The procession was opened by musicians with their whistles, flutes, snails and drums, which made a musical and harmonious notification of the newlyweds’ passage through the streets of town. In the bride House the family and friends had installed in the patio of the house, a spacious canopy, with petates for all guests. The only room in the house was perfectly clean and stuccoed. An altar was installed with the family gods; the house was adorned with aromatic flowers. In the middle of the room was a petate, with side two vases and two censers that burned fragrant copal.

Then the bride and groom kneeled down in the petate, the godparents of the newlyweds tied the groom mantle with the bride huipil and joined them with a string of beautiful flowers. The relatives were formed in pairs at the entrance of the room and were moving in pairs; they stopped in front before the newlyweds and put their right hand on Dawn deer and the left in Small Dove, improvised beautiful and wise advice for their future life. Each said what they felt and recommending what seemed best. The room was then saturated with incense, love and wisdom.

At the end of the ceremony they turned to “gift dancing”, which had previously been exhibited in large petates. The bride relative’s gifts had white flower tied and those from the groom had a small arrow. The newlyweds started dancing first, then the groom godparents, with a metate the bride godparents and with a trunk made of wood and deer skin; finally all the guests danced with their respective gifts, which helped to start the new family life.

The Supreme Council had assigned a plot of land in property to the newlyweds, so that whit the help of their families and friends they could build their house. As a citizen, Dawn deer received on permanent loan, sufficient land for his milpa, and have food for the family. The custom was that he could only loss possession by abandoning the land for two years in a row without justification. The feast lasted another day, and it was when the closest relatives of the bride and groom, lived with them to begin joining the two families, cleaning the dishes and the House.

At the request of the Supreme Council and on the unanimous recommendation of teachers, priests and instructors of the House of young people, Night Eagle parents requested the acceptance of their child in the institution of higher education called the House of measure. That year they had recommended the entrance of four young boys from the village; this was a great honor for the family and the neighborhood. For Night Eagle meant the challenge he was waiting for.

The institution called the House of measure was a venue attended by young people who excelled throughout their stay in the House of young people. There a select group of priests and teachers instructed them in more profound knowledge of the wisdom bequeathed by the old grandparents. This institution prepared candidates to occupy the highest responsibilities in the community. It produced leaders, administrators, and priests. In a solemn and emotional ceremony at which were present in addition to the family of Night Eagle, all citizens who had an office in the neighborhood of the young pretender. In a moment of the ceremony, Jaguar claw and approached his beloved son:

-"My son, beloved precious stone, quetzal feather, you are here, where our beloved father has brought you, our true Lord; he who is everywhere. We gave only gave your life, the teachers and instructors at the House of young people helped you sprout; you now have an own face and a real heart. Today you are at the gates of this venerable institution called the House of measure. Here you have come to open your eyes and ears, so you can see and hear; here men are polished and carved, such as precious stones, here they learn to better serve the community; here you learn to become adobe, adjust your measures, here you are smoothed, here you align, to become part of the House and the Temple of the old and wise grandparents. Here it is no longer you, here you are memory of our ancestors, here you will learn to honor them and to deserve them; here you already are the best of us. Therefore act accordingly, be a worthy heir of our dead, become responsible for your fate".

At the end of the ceremony Night Eagle said farewell to his parents with emotion; with a deep nostalgia feeling overwhelmed his heart, something told him that it would be the last time he would be with his loved and dear parents.

The grounds of the House of measure were larger than the House of youth, even though lived a smaller number of people. The institution had four buildings around a square, in the center had a medium sized round shaped construction, which was dedicated to the Feathered Serpent divinity. The building used as living quarters had small cells in which teachers, priests and students lived, there was barely space for a stone stuccoed base, used for sleeping, a small wooden trunk covered with deer skin, used to keep the few personal items, the room had no windows and had a small entrance, covered with a jute curtain. In principle life was similar to the previous institution, the differences were substantive. In principle 4 boy groups were made and life evolved more towards the interior of the institution, spending much of the time to the study of life mysteries and the cult of all devotions that represented the Supreme divinity, that which had no name, nor shape, and that was everywhere at the same time. Night Eagle felt, that the space comforted his spirit. Ancient voices, coming from the depths, told him that here was his destination; the very walls of the buildings seemed to welcome an old friend.

Each year four new students were admitted to the House of measure, the teachers assigned them a tutor, who was in general responsible for the group and of each student in particular. The tutor had an obligation to deeply know the students, because in time he would have to recommend, for the community benefit, a place in Government, administration or in the priesthood. That year the group tutor was "Serpiente de Fuego” (Fire snake), one of the wisest teachers the institution ever had in its centuries-old existence. Fire snake was a young looking man, slim, flexible and above all very cheerful. However, his gaze was deep and penetrating, looked like he had the power to penetrate the minds and hearts, but despite this, his look was not challenging or dangerous. The weight of his look, mysteriously made people anxious internally. It was difficult to estimate his age, it was known that he was over a bundle of years old, but his white hair, resembled those young people that go gray prematurely.

One of the life characteristics at the House of measure was that there were no routines, except for the cult of the Supreme divinity. Education and life itself were designed in such a way, that everything was unpredictable. Teachers said that with routines, humans atrophy their spirit and mind; so the students worked, studied, and worshipped the Supreme divinity, night or day, in the mountains, the temple or in the classroom. Activities were divided into three equal parts: one to learn to worship the various devotions of the Supreme divinity, directed by the priests; another to investigate the wisdom of the old grandparents, called Toltecáyotl, directed by teachers, and the third, to analyze and reflect on the acquired knowledge and its direct relationship with themselves, individually guided by the tutor. Life in this institution was perfect and adjusted as count of days and yet it felt fresh and renovating.

The House of measure institution, was a higher learning school, where the elite was trained, the community fruit about to flourish, felt the "hand" of the old grandparents. Equilibrium was, according to the old grandparents, the way to perfection. The essence of beauty was balance, whether a flower, a building, a painting, or in the heart of a human being. Nature is the clearer expression of this balance. So that students learned to find balance through "measure".

When the student found the measure to balance his spirit with his matter, his reason with his intuition, his male part with his female part, his strengths with his weaknesses, achieved balance at his unifying center. He would have achieved flourishing his heart and adorn the heavenly garden of the one by whom we live".

In the House of measure the centuries-old walls emanated wisdom; every stone, every norm, each carving, there found a perfect place; the balance and harmony subtly invited students to reach the deepest center of themselves; perfect equilibrium between spirit and matter, between heaven and Earth.

One afternoon, Fire snake met with the four students and said to them:

—Young men: precious quetzal feathers, hope of our beloved grandparents; as of today, we all will be one; I will be your center for a short time. Together we will form a flower; from today we will be "Five flower". Each of you will be a petal of this magical flower; each of you will be a direction, a color, an element. The energy developed by each of you, will converge in the center, I will be there to regulate it and if appropriate to balance it. On your effort and my direction, will depend a balanced energy mix and its raise in search of bright spaces of human consciousness, location of the "Fifth" position; or that on the contrary, that because our stupidity and carelessness, we do fall into the degraded depths of human stupidity. This is the wonder of being men, the prodigy of being alive and the immense challenge of life.

Is my duty in this first conversation with you, to offer your hearts, these old words of our wise ancestors, which from immemorial time are kept in their children heart and language, so that only when men ceases to exist on Earth, the memory of these sages can be forgotten:

—"We men ask:
It is real that we live rooted on Earth?
Not forever on Earth:
Just a little bit here.
Even if it’s jade it breaks,
even if gold it breaks,
even quetzal feathers tear apart.
Not forever on Earth:
only a little

I perceive the secret, the hidden:
Oh you gentlemen!
so we are,
we are mortal,
four by four, we men,
all shall die in Earth."

"Has come down here to flower death earth,
It already approaches here,
in the red color region was invented
those who were before us.
The cry is rising,
Towards there people are prevented,
Inside heaven are sad songs,
with them one goes to the region where somehow one exists."

Night Eagle felt that internally everything was becoming balanced. Fire snake words had produced an inner well-being effect. The spirit of Night Eagle and the institution were tuning in a single note, which reverberated all over his body and made him vibrate as a marine snail.

Fire snake continued telling the students:

—Beloved children, you are the community fruit about to flourish. As the cactus blooms its fruit, you have flourished in the House of young people and are now the hope of the old grandparents, so their spirit remains in this beloved land. Now you have a greater responsibility, because upon taking the decision to come here. It means that you are able to give the best of yourselves; and ready for all sacrifices and the most rigorous discipline; it means in one word, that you are prepared to die if necessary, to support the decision taken to learn the Toltecáyotl, that is the wisdom bequeathed by our noble ancestors; because you young people, are the tuna of the Cactus that hopes to flourish. From this noble institution that today opens its doors, tomorrow will come out those who shall serve the people. Not just the ancient "the black and red ink" knowledge, not only mathematics and celestial mechanics are sufficient to serve the people, perhaps the most important thing is the precious stone that each of you should polish internally. Virtue transcends knowledge; because science without wisdom leads to destruction... to death. Hence your responsibility is dual and absolute. You have to go deep into the wisdom of the old grandparents and at the same time let you heart flourish. When these two things are fused inside of you, only then you can aspire to be "the heart of the people", the expected flourished fruit.

From that day on the life of Night Eagle gained greater intensity, his wellbeing was growing, the institution was what Night Eagle spirit needed, and the walls of the institution recognized him as part of them. Life at the House of measure was very intense and full of obligations. The priests and teachers were more demanding and rigorous, than in the House of young people. The knowledge taught here, in principle was on what they learned in "The House of youth", the difference was that in the new institution, students were taught in greater depth and in a more personalized way.

Priests deepened on the philosophical meaning of religion and understood that the rites had already been learned in the youth House. In one of the first teaching sessions “Viento del Norte (North wind), the Supreme priest spoke to the students:

—Is our duty to teach them to you the augustan mysteries of our religion. Everything in the world has "form and substance". Everything is made up of a visible and invisible part. The unit is made up of a complementing and opposing pair. Thus we have; day and night, cold and hot, positive and negative... life and death. The old grandparents many bundles of years ago, which today no one can remember; bequeathed our religion, the spiritual heritage of the people. It is an instrument that gives us balance and guide, to make our time on Earth more positive and transcendental.

Our religion holds deep within, immeasurable truths and wonderful standards of conduct, that enable people to live in balance and harmony, first with himself, then with the other living beings in the world, whether these are: stars, mountains, people, animals, trees or insects. Because for the old grandparents, all living beings in the world are all equal in as long as: we are alive, we feel and are going to die. So that our religion is the path where the spirit find the means to express and people the point of communion, of the most genuine aspiration of its existence. Religion is the wisdom legacy of the old grandparents to the people. Thus the old grandparents left us knowledge between rites and stories, divinities and parables. Knowledge given in a simple and symbolic manner, but at the same time effectively, enabling man to lead his life in search of balance and transcendence.

For this reason, prepared men are required that know the substance and the form of our religion. Men who have assumed the teachings of "He for whom one lives" and implement it in everyday life; humble, virtuous men who are willing to completely devote their life and without reservations, to the religion long ago given by the wise old grandparents.

It is our responsibility to awaken in you the feeling of love and sacrifice for the spiritual development of our people. It shall be your responsibility, to find the flourished path of your life, in order to better serve its people and honor the memory of our wise ancestors.

Night Eagle then understood the ancient passion of his people for religion; the deep mysticism that surrounded people everyday life activities. Religion was present in absolutely everything, and it was the purest spirituality expression; precisely, the most precious old grandparents inheritance!

This was how, Night Eagle and his peers discovered through instruction, the philosophical background of their ancient religion. Gradually, without haste, young people were building a temple to the wisdom of the old grandparents deep in their heart, and at the same time, without realizing it, they were creating a sense of responsibility and commitment to the destiny of their people.

North wind taught them that behind each divinity existed a value or a truth. That the divinities were metaphorical symbols that helped human being guide their existence through rites. That in fact there was only a single Supreme Divinity that no one created, as "he was self-invented". This divinity is everywhere; is invisible and impalpable. The old grandparents called him "The omnipresent", since he owned space and distance, while being next to everything, everything is also next to him.

The first humanized representation of this divinity was the Divine Duality, from where detaches: from the two, the Lord as the male part and the Lady as the feminine part; understanding that every unity is made up of a complementing pair, masculine and feminine.

The most important knowledge that wise men and old the grandparents left in religion, was that everything in the world was made up of two kinds of energy. One is luminous energy that reaches us in principle from the Sun. This energy reaches Earth in its purest state, such as light; but which, through successive condensation gradually forms all that on earth we can see and touch: animals, plants and minerals. The magic of this divine transformation occurs through water and photosynthesis.

The second energy, opposite and complementing the first; is spiritual energy, which gives life, the consciousness of being to the first luminous energy. Thus, spiritual energy will make the difference between a rock and a rabbit; because in principle the two consist of the same energy, the luminous! The difference lies in the spiritual energy that is deposited in the rabbit luminous energy and is not in the energy that conforms to stone.

This old grandparent’s knowledge is represented in religion, by two divinities; that are the most important basic structure, to understand the ancient knowledge. Hence, luminous energy is represented by water, and was metaphorically divinized as "The divine water", because water is more than the representation of life... is life itself! When worshiping the water divinity, people ponder on the importance of the life phenomenon itself. But the other energy, opposite and complementing, the spiritual energy, is represented in "the divinity of the wind", insofar it represents the divine breath; it is that gives consciousness to the luminous energy, producing the "life" phenomenon, as is understood by human beings.

Thus the rain and wind divinities shall be, in the old grandparent’s religion, the complementing pair and at the same time the opposites that create everything that surrounds us; generators of the wonderful life phenomenon, in all its imaginable expressions on Earth.

As all the wisdom of the old grandparents, they knew how to adapt it to nature. So that by being attentive observers, humans found in nature to exemplary and perfect teacher. So rain is always preceded and announced by wind. In the same way that life, is preceded by the divine breath that gives conscience.

Life’ goal is to reach the spiritual transcendence of existence. The wind divinity is of supreme importance in religion and people life. The home of measure institution itself is under its protection. The wind divinity has another invocation, it is also known as "Feathered Serpent". The old grandparents wisdom itself, is represented by "The feathered serpent", because it not only enabled men creation of this fifth Sun in which we live and provided food, but is who has given humanity, all the knowledge that make its existence possible. This was one of the knowledge pieces that shook Night Eagle the most; because on the one hand, understood the way of being and feeling of his people, that is completely and absolutely SPIRITUAL; and on the other hand, understood why in all parts of town the figure of the Feathered Serpent is represented; all the same in simple clothing embroidery, in the books of "black and red ink", or in the impressive sculptures and beautiful stone engravings in public buildings. One night Fire snake took the students to the top of a nearby hill. From the heights, thanks to a brilliant waxing crescent Moon, they could see the mountains surrounding the town. Despite the Moon light, they could see some stars in the sky and could also see the torches that lit some venues. Fire snake asked his students to relax and to reduce to its maximum their breathing and thoughts. Then he said to them:

—I wish to tell you something that in principle is difficult to understand. From now on, I ask you to forget everything you have learned. You must understand that you represent the fruit about to flourish of the whole community. You have entered another level of knowledge. You shall no longer be eagle wing or tail, you will be the head.

Many of the old grandparent’s teachings were left so that people find balance, peace and sustainment. Thus, they bequeathed us everything that we know to be "human beings" and citizens.

But there is other knowledge, also left by the old grandparents and that may not be shared with the people, because they would not understand. This knowledge is about the hidden side of things. That is why I brought up here. I would like for you to perceive the side of the moon not illuminated. If you stop your thoughts and look with the heart, you can see what is forbidden for common eye. I want you to know that you as with the Moon and the universe; just like that in our town, our world, there are things that cannot be seen but have always been there, that are an important part of our world. These hidden things are no more or less important than what we know. What is important is that they are part of a whole, which you intend to reach in order to flourish. For this reason it is necessary that you know the complementing part of the things that integrate the world.

In our institution, we seek to make this knowledge within reach, it will depend on your ability and virtue, of your commitment to yourself and the community, so that you may access them.

First of all, I wish to tell you that there is only one superior force, which has created everything that exists in the universe. That there unknown forces or forces that cannot be understood, that we call divinities. These forces interact, positively and negatively with us; as we interact with other much smaller forces.

Everything you have learned thus far is only half of what you need to know. As that splendid moon, that today helps me explain this mystery; everything has a luminous and a dark part; everything is changing, light and shadow. In the world everything is movement and is composed of opposing pairs and at the same time complementary. The rough stone is sculpted with the force of labor. You will have to learn to strive beyond what you believe you can. Your inflexible and tenacious effort will make you flourish.

The study days were intense. Teachers and priests, barely allowed them time for Fire snake and the three candidates, to work on the reflection and recapitulation of what was learned. Night Eagle however was in its fullness. The work team integrated with his three peers and the tutor, represented for him, better learning possibilities. He then understood, why Fire snake told them that they would be "Five flower".

—Everything that exists in the old grandparent’s world, consists of five parts, —began saying Fire snake in one of the study sessions. There are five directions in the world and life. In this land and this life, humans can go north, south, east or west and certainly can rise or sink. The fifth is the balance point.

For this reason, —the teacher added— the old grandparents said through the Toltecáyotl, that one of the depictions of the Feathered Serpent is the cross or the "five points". The symbol means the meeting of earth and heaven. Also the planet Venus, as it appears during the year morning star, then afternoon star and during an epoch it does not appear, time in which it is supposed to be fighting darkness forces, just as the Sun does. Thus, the mystery of life lies in the "Center of Matter", which has been transformed by "The divine breath" of consciousness.

The old grandparents’ teachings are permanent and repetitive. Because the same divinities were sacrificed in the cosmic fire to create the world; similarly, men destiny is to seek its divine origin through spiritual sacrifice, which frees conscience from the cumbersome nature of matter. From there fundamental symbols of our religion develop.

The first is, that while this is the true meaning of existence; human beings come to the world to engage in the most important struggle of their life... which is against ourselves. Must overcome matter inertia, which by nature falls into the corruption—destruction abyss. This struggle dignifies his time on Earth and provides the opportunity to reach his true home, there where the Supreme creator lives, the invisible and impalpable.

The old grandparents called this struggle "The Florid Battle", because it is based on "Flower and Song" and the triumph is to achieve flourishing the heart. These tempered men and women are called "Jaguar or Eagle Warriors".

The second thing is that while this is the most important legacy from our ancestors, it is present in all our activities, which thus becomes the "means", to reach the supreme "end". Therefore religion is present in all areas of the community life. The greatest concern and aspiration that our ancestors taught us is that the community as a whole, achieves this supreme achievement. That is why, from early ages children are taught that the good of the community, is above the individual.

Your stay in this august institution, responds to this important responsibility. That is why you are the fruit of the nopal, the tuna about to “flourish”, hence your great commitment.

On the result of your "Florid Battle", will depend you support and govern rule of our community, as the most exalted and transcendent existence aspiration. Tomorrow the flourished fruit will have to govern, administer, or become guardians of our divinities, which are forms how "He for whom one lives" is manifested, as we try to do today. So that our old grandparents memory, live in the hearts and minds of their children's children.

The words spoken by Fire snake provoked an internal explosion in the listeners. The lessons learned from early childhood, rearranged; took a more logical order. Many traditions and customs now had an explanation that was in line with the ancient wisdom. This made them feel more confident and proud of themselves and their community; closer to their land, its people and its history. While returning to the village Night Eagle was repeating an old poem in his mind, which resonated in all his soul.

"Eagles and Jaguars!
One by one we shall perish
none will remain.

Meditate it, oh warriors,
even if its Jade,
even if its gold,
will also have to go
to the place of the emaciated.

But I say:

only for a short time,
just like the corn flower
we came to open
we have come to know us
on Earth.

Because we shall not live here,
we shall not remain here,
we are searching for a land.
There we will meet
he who is Night and Wind
the Owner of the near and the next (omnipresent)."

Ever since that lesson, Night Eagle guided by priests began to know the hidden face of their ancestral religion. The divinities became esoteric and philosophical knowledge of the mystery of life and the world; "Forces and truths" under which their ancestors had lived for generations and guided them, a way to flourish the heart and reach the land of the omnipresent Lord.

Night Eagle began to develop a very special friendship with the Venerable High Priest of the institution. “Relámpago de la noche” (Nigh Lightning) was very interested in that Night Eagle became a priest; so he did not miss an opportunity to talk to him, for whole hours explaining him the mysterious representations of "One who invented himself". It was Nigh Lightning who taught him the secrets of the deities. That always in complementary and opposite pairs, represented the world and its mysteries.

An afternoon when they were alone, Night lightning and Night Eagle, the high priest began saying to his pupil:

—There was only one creative force. Beginning and end; invisible as the night and impalpable as the wind; an energy that invents itself. This force is known as the omnipresent Lord. He is the only true God.

However, the old grandparents had left in religion, a number of "minor divinities", that help explain, the multiple phases and forms, in which the same creative principle is depicted, through forces of nature and the universe, that are involved in community life; but because of its complexity degree for the human mind, the old and wise grandparents had left them as "divinities". Night lightning explained the "minor gods" to Night Eagle.

The first is the divine duality, from where the feminine and masculine develops, opposite and complementary duality that the universe is made of; the Milky Way and the Ursa Major, the Lady of our flesh and Lord of our flesh, the Lady of skirt of stars and the Lord of earth, the Lady of the jade skirt and the Lord of the water, the Lady of the precious flower and the Lord of the flowers, The Lady of death and the Lord of death.

There were some divinities that did not have a complementary pair as they were specific invocations, such as the filth consuming divinity, referring to earthly weaknesses; The Lord of fire, creator of the luminous energy, in its spiritual sense; the precious twin Lord, symbolizing transformation, spiritual evolution, such as the Axolotl transformation into a frog; The Lord of the red smoky mirror and the Lord of the black smoky mirror that symbolize the Sun on its journey through the underworld, the matter, the Sun—Earth that make up a complementary pair, which is in cosmic balance with another duality that is its opposite complementary; the Lord of the emaciated, which means the ability men has through spiritual sacrifice, of discarding the matter which condemns him to degradation and death; and the Lord of the wind or divine breath of consciousness, that it is transmitted to matter or luminous energy, and that is also represented as the "Feathered Serpent". Other basic concepts of religion prevail, as the existence of thirteen mythical spaces from earth to the top of the sky; earth’s surface symbolized by a huge alligator. And the underworld constituted by nine spaces; a place that is the origin, the "original house". A paradise related with the water Lord and the place representing the highest human aspiration. "The House of the Sun", a place without suffering, nor death; The House of the Lord who invents himself, the Invisible, the Impalpable, the giver of life... symbolized by "The Sun" and that in turn is symbolically represented by an eagle.

However, the fundamental stone on which our ancestor’s religion was built is found in the two key figures: the Lord of the water and the Lord of the wind; also depicted as the Feathered Serpent.

The "water divinity" is a way of representing the life phenomenon. The "wind divinity" is a way to symbolize human wisdom. In this way, life is preceded by the breath of consciousness, which gives wisdom; as the fertile rain on Earth, it is preceded by the winds that announce it.

The old grandparents had two great lines of knowledge. One was male: exact, perfect, immutable... celestial mechanics. The other was feminine: kind, capricious, sustaining... nature. From the attentive observation of the sky and nature, over hundreds of bundles of years, they managed to learn its secrets and mysteries.

This is how the old grandparents learned that the universe is only made up of two kinds of energy. Thus in all religion and social life, it is always represented. This pair of energies is opposed, but at the same time complemented, forming the unit. The first energy is "luminous" and in principle comes from the Sun; hence it is called "our father" or "The Supreme Lord if those who return". This energy above the Earth in its most pure state: as light. As of its arrival begins a never-ending upward path of "recycling", in which each time it will condense further. So that everything that exists on Earth, one day was light; and if a stone, a tree or men himself, is reduced to its minimum expression, it shall be energy. This energy is the source of life and for this reason, the old grandparents depicted it as the “divine water”, because of its creative power, but are not God, and water is not worshiped.

The second energy is spiritual and its origin is an unfathomable mystery; however this energy is even purer than light. In the first instance it is granted to living beings, with the mystery of life; but then, all living beings can and should increase that first spark of spiritual energy, that divine breath of consciousness.

This "divine breath", that provides spiritual life to the luminous energy is essential for the functioning of the universe, and although it exists in all living beings, in humans is most empowering. The old grandparents represented this energy, as the "wind divinity". This spiritual energy can be increased through wisdom, because another representation of the spiritual energy is the Feathered Serpent, par excellence symbol of the old grandparent’s knowledge and wisdom.

This is how, this wisdom is crouching in the religion of our wise ancestors; from its earliest origins, "The divinity of water" is always present and especially the "Feathered Serpent", as the most exalted expression of human desire; in which his spirit, escaping matter darkness and its inexorable corruption; reencounters through wisdom and spiritual sacrifice, its luminous origin.

Dear boy, hope of our people, —said the high priest, after a few minutes of silence— you should know that everything inherited from our wise ancestors in our religion, customs, legends and in everything that makes up our existence; can be synthetized in the human beings possibility of releasing their spiritual energy from matter, sentenced to the inertia of corruption and death.

That is the wonder and prodigy of being a man and being alive. This is accomplished through a lifetime of sacrifices and full of wisdom and virtue. Men are composed of two opposing energies and at the same time are complementing. Matter and spirit require one another. The challenge is the equilibrium search; matter purification, with the sacrifice cosmic fire, which frees the spirit from earthly death.

Thus, life is the opportunity, which man has to transcend existence. It is the pursuit of a higher stage of his spiritual energy. Transcend the death of matter, in the quest for eternal spiritual life; ancient aspiration of human beings on earth."

Night Eagle asked the high priest, why keep this knowledge away from the village men. Why they only knew external forms of religion.

Night lightning remained silent for a while, to consider the exact words that could explain the millenary tradition.

—When the farmer harvests corn, keeps the best beans for the new cycle. These grains, the best, will be used as seeds for new planting, and thus preserve maize among men.

Similarly, not all men will become seeds of a new cycle. For common men the old grandparents left a religion, standards and knowledge, to promote harmony and community well-being. The life of men and the community are very important in the creation of the spiritual energy. The generating energy, the omnipresent Lord requires the spiritual energy that humans produce. As a farmer, "He who invented himself", plant men on Earth and provides them with, as any farmer, of what is available, so that the seeds germinate, grow and reach their fullness. The Lord, "that is wind and night, for whom we live"; collect the harvest, which is nothing but spiritual energy, the consciousness of being. For this reason, it is not convenient that common men are aware of these mysteries.

—Do you mean to say, venerable high priest, that the spiritual energy of men, is the food of our almighty Lord?— The student asked astonished.

—Do you not think it is illogical, that in this world, where everything is part of a food chain; that humans are not part of the chain?
The priest answered frowning.

—To be food for the Sun is to return to the very origin of the Supreme Divinity, you become part of him —said Nigh Lightning, adding after a pause—. As you can see, there are certain things which are better not known by common men. The old grandparents were extremely knowledgeable men; they knew why they did things.

—They also taught us that the knowledge world is divided into three parts: the known world, which is certainly very tiny. The unknown world, but that man can get to know, through a huge effort, and by the way it is slightly larger than the known world; and, a third, the unknown world, which never for any reason or miracle, men will come to know and is immeasurable and infinite.

Faced with this tremendous reality, which places us in our true dimension; before the wonder and prodigy of being men, being alive; and to be able to reach consciences and thus total freedom. We always, border the gorge of our stupidity, irresponsibility and existential indolence. Life occurs for a short time. It is only a very small opportunity.

For Night Eagle that evening was unforgettable. From that point on, he developed a very special taste for learning and remembering, all those poems and speeches of the old grandparents, that before just passed on the surface; and now, they reached the center of his heart.

The friendship that emerged between Night lightning and Night Eagle was becoming each day, more intense. Night lightning often invited his distinguished pupil, to accompany him in Town celebrations and rituals. The high priest hoped to develop the priesthood vocation in Night Eagle, and the boy was always thirsty of knowledge, he did not miss any chances. However it was Fire snake in his tutor capacity, who was concerned about the priest interest, in as long as tradition stated that the student should be free of influences on the decision of how should he serve his people.

One of those days, Night Eagle accompanied the high priest to a ceremony, in which the eldest daughter of one of the members of the Supreme Council, was no longer a girl and became a maiden.

For the celebration a great party was organized, where the entire neighborhood in which she lived was invited, in particular the baptism godparents and the family. Due to the father high investiture, Night lightning was also invited, and he officiated the ceremony. Night Eagle was deeply impressed by the words which the father, at one point gave to his daughter, as follows:

—"You, my child, beautiful as a gold bead and rich feather, came out my inside, whom I engendered and you are my blood and my image, and you are here present, listen carefully to what I will say, because you have a discretion age: the God creator has given you reason and ability, he is everywhere and is creator of all; and given that you already understand, and you can reason to know and understand how the things of the world are and that in this world there is no pleasure, no true rest, but before is work and afflictions and extreme tiredness, and abundance of misery and poverty.

Listen well what I say unto you, my girl: our Lord gave us laughter, and sleep, and eating and drinking with which we grew up and live, gave us also the wonderful opportunity of reproducing ourselves; all these things give content to our life for a short time, because nobody thinks about death.

Note now and hear with serenity, here is your mother and lady, from whose belly you came out, like a stone cut from another, and engendered you as grass that engenders other, so you sprouted and were born from your mother; you've been thus far asleep, now you woke up.

It is important for you know how to live, and how you shall walk your way, because the path of this world is very difficult, and look my child, my little dove, that the path of this world is horribly difficult.

You should know you're noble, generous, consider yourself and get to know you as such; while you're a maiden, you are beautiful as jade, and were carved and sculpted of noble blood, of generous relatives, that you already understand and have discretion and use reason; look you do not dishonor yourself, see that you are not shamed, look that you do not embarrass and insult your ancestors; see to it that you do not do any vileness, make sure other people do not vile you, since you are noble and generous.

See here the rule that you shall observe to live well in this world, among the people that live in it, see that you are a women, note what you must do day and night, must pray often and sigh the impalpable and invisible God that is called "Night and wind"; beg of him with fervor, the virtue and secret of your bed and your devotion; see that you're not sleepy, wake you up and get up in the middle of the night and call him to your heart; then he will hear, then he will have mercy with you, he then will give you what is convenient and what is worthy of you.

Having done that, then begin to make what is your duty as a woman; make cocoa, or grind corn, or spun; look to learn very well how food and drink is made, so you do things well. Because the three stones that are the foundation of your house, which is the site of the home fire, are the responsibility of women.

See that you are very intelligent and diligent; watch that you do not miss this by negligence or laziness, because now that you're a maiden, you have good time to understand this, because your heart is simple and clever as a precious jade stone, and has ability because it is still not besmirched by any sin: it is pure, simple and clean, without the admixture of any bad condition, and also because we that engendered you are still alive, because you did not make yourself, did not form yourself, your mother and I had this care and we made you, because this is the way of the world, it is no one’s invention, is guidance of the Lord our God that we reproduce by means of men and women, to multiply and generate.

And in as long as we are and live, and in our presence and before we die, before we are called by our Lord, convince yourself, my very beloved child, my dove, my eldest daughter, that you understand these said things and know them very well, so after our death you can live honestly and among honest people.

Look, my daughter, note it very well what I now want to say; make sure you do not dishonor your parents, do not seed dung and dust on your paintings, signifying the good deeds and fame of your ancestors, the old and wise grandparents: do not defame them. See that you do not render to carnal delight; do not throw yourself on manure and lust stench; and if you should come to this, you would be better off dead. What I have said, my child I give you for your doctrine, so you know your value; and with this I do with you is what I must in front of God; and if you lose or forget it, is at your own risk, I already did my duty. Oh my very beloved child, eldest daughter little dove, you are blessed and may our Lord keep in his peace and rest!

At the end of the feast Night Eagle asked the high priest, who had invented these speeches; Night lightning said:

—For many bundles of years, which today no one can remember, the old grandparents left their wisdom so that the men lived in harmony and balance. These truths and many others, that you do not now know, are the most important legacy of our ancestors and we named them as a whole: Toltecáyotl. Despite the time they are still current and will continue, because the heart of the human being does not change.

The Florid Battle is and will remain the same. In life one does not have to be "bad" to fall into the abyss of human degradation. It is enough to just break "loose", in relieving the spiritual force that sustains us in the world, so that the inertia of matter, quickly takes us to the hell of our stupidity.

Women and men make up the unit, a pair opposite and complementing. What one has, the other is inversely missing. Each needs the other, to live and achieve wholeness and harmony.

The old grandparents left us for eternity this and other knowledge in the friezes. You must observe them carefully. For the profane eyes they are only drawings or decorative engravings. For us, means a permanent reminder of our knowledge, a way of life, that helps us get closer to virtue, —and while saying this, Night lightning pointed to the friezes that decorated the wall of the House of measure where they were arriving at the time. This figure as you can see has four steps, the fourth runs proportionally to its right and lowers, turning briefly to the left. The figure in principle resembles a snail cut transversely, which is one of the symbols of the wind divinity or the Feathered Serpent, which is nothing else other than wisdom and the divine breath of consciousness.

But as they successively repeat, they seem to form a frieze. It is usually painted with a strong color, on a white background, with two parallel by depicting a frame. So young student, hunter apprentice... have you not noticed that in the part not colored, repeats a frieze but inverse, that complements the first!?

This knowledge is a fundamental part of the wisdom of the old grandparents. Everything that exists in the universe is made up of two opposite and complementary parts. In all that is good, there is always a bad counterpart; in all joy, there is always something sad; all knowledge include ignorance. On the positive, in its origin there is something negative; in all negative, there always is in its essence, something positive. It is a law of the universe.

Back on the relationship of man with a woman, I will tell you that the union of heaven and earth is embodied by the human being; the union of a woman and man embodies the family.

Family is the indivisible unity of the community, in this way; men are more geared toward material development and the women more towards spiritual development. Thus a woman is as important as a man, in fact, after the Supreme Council and the people’s Assembly; the next authority is composed of two people and one of them, has the title of "snake woman".

As you've already learned, almost everything in life is sacrifice. The old grandparents taught us that the individual has to make sacrifices for the family and the community, there is no better alternative in life". Life in the House of measure represented a daily challenge for Night Eagle. Over time he had developed an effective work team with his three companions and Fire snake, who ably introduced them to the mysteries of the dark side of knowledge.

Mathematics was an indispensable tool for understanding these mysteries. Fire snake in one of his usual classes, began with the following address:

—Our omnipresent Lord gave us a common language for all men. Our old grandparents learned it from observing the firmament and nature. The art of counting was lost at the beginning of time. It was called "The counting of similar elements by someone".

Human beings required mathematics to know themselves and the universe around them. The first reference was their own body. Thus, they first obtained number one from the unit they represented; then four from their limbs, five from adding their hand fingers; seven from the sum of upper joints; subsequently ten and twenty from the sum of all the fingers. The number thirteen is the sum of the body major joints. Number nine is the number of holes in the body, including the navel.

From the observation of nature and cosmos deduced: from the Moon, observed it has thirteen periods or months in a year. That earth takes three hundred and sixty-five days to complete its orbit around the Sun. That weather has four ninety-one day periods in a year; that two ninety-one day periods equal the maize cycle, and three cycles of ninety-one days make up the human gestation. The passage of earth exactly below the seven stars that almost touch, forming the symbol of the word; takes exactly fifty-two years, what we know as a bundle of years. Throughout many bundles of years, the old grandparents took mathematics from observation to practice. Sciences such as engineering, architecture, astronomy and agriculture, received a strong boost thanks to the development of this knowledge.

The ancestors taught us to leave knowledge in friezes, that through mathematics, leave their decorative and aesthetic as their only role, to move to the field of hidden knowledge, the black and red ink.

Another way to transmit knowledge through mathematics is embroidery. For this reason, our women over more than a hundred bundles of years have become mathematics experts, without having to use only reason.

Because you must know, that reason is not the only means we have to acquire knowledge; moreover, there are other far more effective, which for now cannot be revealed to you. Thus, animals and plants, acquire knowledge, not like us, but they have knowledge. For example, insects have no "intelligence"... but aren't stupid. On the other hand you can see so many human beings, with the ability to think, that live worse than animals. A human being can, with a lot of work, open his perception capacity and then perceive the world in many different ways. Like a tree, a bird, or perhaps, a blast of air. Young student, as you see; life and the world, are an unfathomable mystery."

One night, when all students were asleep, the snails of the suburbs and temples began to sound. The entire people awoke with the news that the high priest of the main temple had died. The entire community began funerary ceremonies. The Supreme Council unanimously agreed to request the religious authorities of Mictlán, "The city of the dead", a sacred place located one day away to the east, for their permission to bury the deceased in that millenary holy compound. Night lightning, with some of his outstanding students from the House of measure, joined the funerary procession. While on their way Night Eagle talked widely about the death.

—Life and death are an opposite and complementing pair —said Night lightning—. We cannot achieve life consciousness, if we do not have death consciousness, but not of abstract death, but of our own death. The only certainty that we have in life, is that we're going to die. For this reason, the old grandparents remind us, in all their messages to death, as a fundamental part of life. The challenge is to truly gain consciousness of death. Value life and act accordingly, considering every moment and every act, as if it was the last of our existence. If we acted this way every day, we do not waste the wonderful opportunity of being alive. We would not have time to feel sad, angry or frustrated; in front of death, everything else becomes least important. If it is not so, in any case death is so generous, that frees us from our stupidity, sooner or later.

Upon arriving at Mictlán, Night lightning took his students to see the impressive buildings. The city of the dead was built on this site, by the old grandparents during the remote origin of time; since there earth sucks energy from the atmosphere and leads it to its depth; in addition there is a deep cave, that nobody has found the end, so it is believed, that it reaches the gates of the Palace of the Lord of death. Around the entrance of the cave, an important building was built, which like all buildings, its walls are decorated with frieze panels, with friezes made from small stones, very well polished and assembled without mortar. These friezes are the image of life, through the association of a water lightning; the symbol of the feathered serpent and its divine breath, consciousness giver, through the diagonally cut snail; the image of sacrifice, that men must do, in the search for balance, through a symbol, resembling the letter "S"; and finally, the representation of this desired balance, between spirit and matter, between what is known and the unknown, through the cross called of the Feathered Serpent. That places men on Earth, in the center of his potential and his shortcomings; and one step from eternity.

However —Night lightning commented. Mictlán is also a place of initiation. Here you learn to die symbolically from profane life. There is a square surrounded by four buildings, below the one located towards the east, where light is born, the old grandparents built a power center, cross shaped, symbol of the four directions of life and the universe. At this “funerary chamber” the warrior must fast for ten days at each side. From this voluntary "burial" the warrior come out purified. During this test the warrior must renounce to all life, the warrior who endures it, come out “emaciated” and is reborn to spiritual life."

The funerary ceremonies lasted nine days. Night lightning and his students participated in each of them. At the end of the last day, Night lightning told his students:

—Everything you have seen is only symbols of something that cannot be understood. One of the great sins of man against the immensity of the sacred and divine is their desire to humanly and in detail explain the inexplicable and unintelligible... the immeasurable!

The old grandparents, with all their millenary wisdom, did not even reach the gates of knowledge, of the "he for whom one lives, the invisible and impalpable"; they bequeathed us common men, mortals; only these rites and some stories, to accept death with more resignation.

The old grandparents said that life, has as main objective to reach death purified, which is nothing else than luminous life consciousness. Live to die, sacrifice for eternal life. Thus life becomes a challenge and at the same time a wonderful opportunity, a path that leads us to the doors of immortality. However not all human beings have spiritual force, control over his will and the courage to face life and death in this way. Therefore, there are four places for the dead, according to how they lived. The most important is "The House of the Sun", which is intended for those men who fought for the transcendence of "being"; for the warriors of the florid battle, who managed to flourish their heart by means of "flower and song".

The second place is where the "The mother tree" is located. There go dead children, who fed on a beautiful and lush tree, from whose branches emanate milk droplets; these children will return to the world, to populate it when the Fifth Sun is destroyed.

Third place is "The House of water divinity", place where those killed by lightning, drowning, lepers and if their death this associated with water go to. "The House of water divinity" is also the mansion of the Moon, there are ideal conditions, a fresh and pleasant place, and it is a paradise.

Finally there is a place for those who did not reach the luminous warrior death, or the tender death of a child, or death associated with water. Actually a horrible place -said Night lightning- because it means nothing, sterile death produced by a sterile life, death without consequences and transcendence; death, for nothing. This is, "The place of the dead" and is governed by the Lord of death and the Lady of death; those who die from a sterile and empty life will have to make a long, painful and suffering journey; so that at the end, after four years of sacrifices, they become... nothing!"

Night Eagle returned to his town, he walked a whole day buried in his thoughts, understood that only the consciousness of our death, frees the chains of our stupidity. Understood that death is life, and then understood that many rituals, symbols and customs from the old grandparents were left, so we would not forget this wonderful truth. As if in a sign of confirmation and by decree of "He for whom we live", the sun began to dramatically decline. The sky, that during the whole day had been intense and transparent blue, slowly began to become bright orange. Night Eagle was walking facing west and joined his thoughts with the Sun ritual death. In the evening the procession arrived to the Etla Valley and Night Eagle's mind repeated a poem learned in the home of young people:

"I am out of sense,
I weep, I worry and think,
I say and remember:
Oh, if I never died,
if I never disappeared
I should go where there is no death,
where victory is reached!
Oh, if I never died,
if I never disappeared
Hear a song from my heart:
I start to cry; I am filled with pain.
We go among the flowers:
we have to leave this land:
we are loaned to each other:
we shall go to the House of the Sun!
should I wear a varied flowers necklace:
be in my hands;
flourish in my garlands!
We must leave this land:
we are loaned to each other:
we go to the House of the Sun!"

The months went by in the House of measure. Studies increasingly became deeper. Those young boys that came had now suffered a remarkable change. Their conduct was more restrained and thoughtful. The temper of their spirit was giving the desired results. Fire snake one afternoon began to speak to them about the symbols that the old grandparents had bequeathed, to scrutinize the mysteries of life and the universe.

—First I would like to say that our civilization is a single one, by multiple towns and cultures that exist. The old grandparents are the generators of knowledge; we and other peoples that exist in the vast land, which is surrounded by water, come from a single root. As these five fingers, which are different between themselves, but that make up a hand. In the same way, we live surrounded by many villages, from hundreds of bundles of years ago. Our knowledge and aspirations are the same; the small differences are subtle, language, geography and climate, among other factors.

The old grandparents were "the Artists", those who learned to polish the "precious stone" that all of us have. They were known as Toltec and their wisdom as Toltecáyotl. They not only invented agriculture and with it, corn, cactus, milpa, tortillas and all our food, as well as how to prepare it. They also learned to discover the secrets of plants, animals and minerals; the universal laws of mathematics and its application to sciences such as; astronomy, engineering, architecture and social laws that govern us in peace and harmony; not to mention our religion. The old grandparents discovered incredible secrets of life, death and the universe; that can be synthesized as the management of "energy" and which the final purpose was to find equilibrium, to reach the exciting truth of our consciousness and spiritual capacity.

On this occasion I would like to talk to you about two basic symbols to understand the hidden side of the knowledge of our old Toltec grandparents. The first is what we know as the cross of the Feathered Serpent. The cross in principle is composed of four limbs, in which the four cardinal points are located. In the darkness of night and ignorance, men seek knowledge light to guide his life and the world; thus the East faces light, above. Its color is red and our Lord of the emaciated or liberation, represents him; because it is through the light of knowledge, how man is freed from the inertia of matter. We also know it as the red smoking mirror. The west is white and is located below; it is represented by the feathered serpent or the Lord of the wind, divine breath of wisdom which breeds consciousness into the individual. To the right side is the south and its color is blue. It is the Lord of water or rain, livelihood of earth, a symbol of the luminous energy that generates life in all its forms. On the left side is the north and its color is black, represents it the Lord of death or smoking black mirror, symbol of death and resurrection. But the cross has a fifth point, the place of balance, and the central part; where life and cosmic forces met and are balanced; the essence and virtue of existence.

What is inside is outside, what is up is down. Men are a model of the universe. The old grandparents taught us —said Fire snake— that the center of men is the navel, because that is where life gets and death enters. From the navel, the old grandparents drew an imaginary line that divides men into two parts. A higher part representing the sky; from the navel to the head and the organs that symbolize him, are the heart and the brain; and earth, from the navel to the feet; the organs that symbolize it are the kidneys and sex.

For these reasons men nostalgically embodies the Feathered Serpent. Men is the point where heaven and earth touch; the divine and earthly come together, the miracle of "He who invents himself". The material part of men that crawls on earth and the spiritual part, which seeks to elevate in pursuit of its divine origin.

But men have another division, a line that divides him vertically into two halves. The right side called "Tonal" and that is associated to men, reason, day and heat; that belong to the known world, which we feel, we see and where we interact. And the left side called "nahual" and it is is associated to women; intuition, night and moisture, to the impalpable and invisible and that belong to the unknown world, of ourselves and the universe.

But men of the Fifth Sun have a fifth point, a fifth position... the top and the bottom! This represents one of the greatest knowledge of our old and wise grandparents. Men are not prisoner of the four directions of earth. Men can exalt his existence and soar to the bright heights of celestial origin through wisdom; or can degrade in the depths of matter, prisoner of his stupidity.

This message is present in all the symbols from the very origin of time. All our buildings are composed of five parts. Four rooms around a patio and small buildings in the center. Four sets of buildings around a large square and a few buildings in the center. Our pyramids usually have four sections and a building at the top; and if you look at a pyramid from above or a plan view, you will appreciate five concentric squares. The "Five flower" symbol means the same; four petals and a central part. The "five points" can be seen in our textiles, pottery, codices and everything that surrounds us. This is the symbol; the real challenge... is to embody it!

The second symbol of which today I want to talk to you about, is about certain animals that the old grandparents taught us to use. One of the limitations we humans have to talk about the secret and unmentionable is that feelings are much larger than ideas and these are larger than words. There are many hidden knowledge of the Toltec grandparents, which we cannot express in words. That is why, for many bundles of years, those who preceded us, used symbols and animals to refer to the unpronounceable. The "Artists of the interior stone", the Toltec, preferred poetry as means of spiritual expression, because they well knew that the soul, better listens to "the flower and song"; poetry is the means, the goal is the spirit. The warriors of this florid battle also used the eagle, the jaguar and the serpent. Respective symbols were; for the Sun, the eagle the supreme power, the spirit, and for the jaguar; night, earth, matter, and for the snake wisdom, sacrifice and spiritual energy. In this way the warriors of the florid battle, symbolized their knowledge; as jaguar or eagle warriors.

Finally I ask —said Fire snake— that you got through our town, visit temples and Government buildings, markets and your own houses; recognize the symbols of the secret knowledge of the old grandparents and think that they have always been here, patiently waiting all the time in the world, if necessary, for the time of its revelation."

On those muggy days, when the land heats up, the clouds are loaded, things stop and everyone expects the storm. Just like that the atmosphere of the House of measure was loaded. Everyone felt that the end of the education was coming and that they would have to leave the last nest, prior to undertaking their own flight, their own florid battle and serve their people.

The boy’s chest had opposing feelings on the one hand leaving their teachers, instructors, friends and their tutor; and on the other, joining life in the community, to serve and develop what they had learned during his adolescence and youth.

It was then when an assembly was called by the Council of the House of measure with all the members of the institution, including students. The director then took the floor and spoke to all:

—Listen with attention, eagles and jaguars; open the wings of your understanding and perception. You are beloved gemstones, beautiful quetzal feathers, precious and fragrant flowers from our garden. Listen carefully; open your mind and heart. This humble house, has planted in your precious stone, the best of our people, the best of our dead. Now great people have it treasured in their chests. They sustain earth and sky with their doctrine and example. Your loving and responsible teachers have opened in your presence chests and boxes where the riches of our people are stored, where the treasure bequeathed by our old and wise Toltec grandparents is kept and guarded; their words, their advice.

You have been granted the joy of learning the hidden face of our ancestors’ wisdom. Your responsibility is greater; with the people, with the old grandparents, but primarily with "he for whom one lives, the Invisible the impalpable" and of course, with yourselves.

Therefore, you are obligated to keep and strictly comply with all the teachings you have been given, in favor of our community, because with this, you will ensure its maintenance.

Now you know that every human being has an inherent responsibility simply because we exist. We are here only for a short time; we are all on the way to our true home. That matter cannot be saved except by its own death, through the florid battle and the liberating sacrificial fire, from which spiritual energy detaches, and seeks its celestial condition and its divine origin... the cosmic soul!

Now you will have to go to the outside world and put into practice what you have learned. Community service will give you the opportunity of reaching the "burnt water", be at the center of the struggle of opposites and seek balance. Water and fire are opposing elements... and complementary, because only fire releases water from its earthly condition and if water can be "burned", water is released from its destiny and elevates converted in steam, in search of his celestial origin.

Dear youngsters; eagles and jaguars, feathers and precious stones, flourished fruits of our humble home. The time now has come to serve your town. Some will do so in government, others in administration and others in religion. Whatever your destination, must act righteous, moderately and with integrity. All the eyes of the people will be on you. You may not deviate even a little from the path. The people need to be organized and lead; for this reason the people need to trust and respect their leaders. If this does not happen, because their leaders are corrupted, take vices or forget their responsibilities of serving the public good; the town is destroyed, it corrupts, disintegrates. Do not forget that the most valuable public good of the community is the government. Remember to govern by obeying.

Serving is the most difficult virtue in life. But to serve with power, without abusing it, without taking advantage for personal reasons; represents the biggest challenge of men. Power gets people dizzy and destroys hollow, small and weak men. Power is one of the enemies to defeat and perhaps the most dangerous. Beloved and dear children, hope of tomorrow, of the Sun and our bones; open your heart and understanding... the really powerful man, is he who wants nothing! Because this man has reached a complete domain of himself, his passions and weaknesses. The victor of the florid war doesn't want anything from "our world"; anything of "our" things, is too much for him; for the immaculate warrior; only flowers and songs, in the midst of his florid battle.

Tonight the Supreme Council of the people will meet in private, with the Council of our institution. There they will analyze who of you already have the already flourished, which of you already have the fruit seed in the chest, which will become the livelihood of the town. Your teachers and tutors will analyze with the Council, your potential to serve better. Whatever your destiny, fulfill it effectively and efficiently... with a silent lust for being the best of yourselves; without fear, ambition or obsession.

Tomorrow begins the most important stage of your life. So retire to rest and do not worry overnight, as you will have a lifetime to deal with... good night. That night was one of the longest in Night Eagle short existence. Many moments of his life passed through his mind. He understood that it a long instruction period had finalized. He had in his heart a sense of unease and uncertainty. He had dutifully fulfilled the fundamental principles that his father had instilled in him. Throughout his education in "the House of youth" and in the House of measure had applied his best efforts and capacity; yet his heart was not satisfied, it was not at ease. Fire snake at some time explained, that every man has a way, and that this road is the other complementary part of the heart. Thus, road and heart march together. The problem is when one does not listen to the heart and walks the pats alone, aimlessly, lost in the labyrinths of desolation. All roads of life lead to the region of the emaciated. The difference is that if one walks the path with our heart, the road is filled with flowers and songs, to face the painful Florid Battle in search of the House of the Sun.

Something told him deep inside that his destiny was not in the ways of government, priesthood or administration. And therefore felt a terrible discomfort and uncertainty inside. Night Eagle was willing to abide by resolution of the Supreme Council in the most humble and efficient way. However his heart had no harmony.