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Daany Beédxe by Guillermo Marín Ruiz, translated from Spanish by Wikisource
Second Part

D A A N Y B E É D X E.


The entire town lived the preparations for the ceremony of "The Charges Assignment". The four districts ornamented the main square, with aromatic flowers and decorated papers, representing the gods of the neighborhoods.

The Supreme Council had cut the night before had a session and decided on the fate of young people, which this year graduated from the House of measure. When the sun was at its zenith, a banquet began in the corridors of the Government building. In strict order, all authorities were there; women were promptly serving, as a laborious honeycomb bees, each knew what had to be done.

In the main square, numerous musicians were sounding their drums, whistles and flutes. After eating, the authorities took their place of honor in the square. It was then when young people started dancing and a monumental choir excitedly sang hymns. A small army of servants from the four quarters, kept everything necessary for the party, especially copal burning braziers.

At a point in time, sea snails began sounding. The young boys finished dancing and the multitude orderly and expectantly went respectfully quiet. Then the high priest of the main temple took the floor and said:

—Oh our courageous omnipresent Lord; under whose wings we are protected, defend ourselves and find shelter; you’re invisible and impalpable, as the night and the air! You have given us life, beloved Lord of internal battles. Today, your humble village is celebrating, because your garden has sprouted flowers. Because your Nopal has grown tunas and are about to flourish; because you have songs, because you have flowers.

Our Lord, humane, pious, protector and defender, invisible and impalpable, by whose will and wisdom we are governed and ruled, today we thank you for giving us a handful jaguar cubs and eagles, so that your people maintain their destiny of harmony and well-being; so that we men may be worthy of your love and good fortune.

Please give these young people a bit of wisdom and clarity, so they may discharge their high responsibilities with wisdom and dignity, which today they have with their people. Beloved Lord illuminates them.

The snails played again and young students entered the square. Each had in their hands a brazier with lit incense and they knelt in front to the authorities. Then the director of the House of measure took the floor, and said:

"My children listen to what I'm going to say, because my voice represents the noble institutions where you studied for many years. You sprouted from the House of young people and the House of measure; you maintain the honor of old Toltec grandparents, which bequeathed us these wise institutions, to keep them in our minds and our hearts. My sons, beloved quetzal feathers, listen well to these words I will say and put them in your hearts. Starting today, you will need to serve our people; that is here present and that will not allow you to deviate, not even a little bit from your righteous path, so that when you reach the winter of life, you may walk with the face high and have no shame to see the peoples face, because the post passes, but our actions remain. Serving the people is the highest honor that a well-born person can have in their life. Serving the people efficiently, honesty and virtue, is the best legacy to leave your children and grandchildren. For this reason, the civil servant should be extremely careful in his actions, intolerant of vices and weaknesses, should be in a permanent state of alert, because power corrupts mortals, makes them blind, deaf and capricious. Today my sons, we deliver you to your destiny.

The marine snails played again. Was the time when the Tlatoani, “the one that speaks” took the floor on behalf of the great Supreme Council, saying:

—Oh most serene and human highness our Lord! here you have heard thy people. Here flowers and songs have already sprouted; words very worthy of being mandated by the priests and the teachers. I think, and I know for factual, that they shall keep them in their hearts and they will comply until their death. Let us receive our promised fruits, which soon, very soon will be "the heart of the people".

These precious stones, these quetzal feathers, have completed their education and their instruction to serve the people. Now they have moved closer to the hearts of the people, they must always act with utmost humility and caution. They may not become proud or arrogant, no matter how higher is their responsibility; always remember that first and foremost, you are servers of the people. That governs by obeying.

Austerity and sobriety should govern all your actions. From now on your entire life belongs to the people; with your daily acts, at home and in public buildings, you will represent the highest values of our ancient heritage.

See to it that you are a clean, pure, example without any stain. Care to be diligent, vigilant and responsible in the art of governing and managing. Keep the spirit temperance, forged by our wise education institutions. Scrupulously comply and make law and rules of our institutions be complied with. The slightest corruption means the beginning of our destruction. In your minds and hearts, is the destiny of our people. The ceremony continued until midnight. Music and dance joined the people with the immensity of the sky and the stars. The energy produced, went up in a spiral and achieved that heaven and earth kissed.

Night Eagle heard in the distance the rhythmical sound of drums. He was confined at the Temple of the House of measure by order of the Supreme Council, whose majority had decided that the young man would have a different path. Fire snake had managed to demonstrate, that Night Eagle should continue his studies.

The next morning, the Supreme Council summoned Night Eagle and his tutor. The young man was informed of the decision and ordered Fire snake, to take the boy first to "The great waters" and later to Mictlán, "The city of the dead", according to tradition, to make the temperance test; and if successful, then to take him to the entrance of DAANY BEÉDXE, the Jaguar Mountain and for him then to return to the Etla Valley, and provide a report on the task.

Preparations for the trip were immediately made. Five days later Fire snake and his student left for "The great waters". Each had a thick cotton blanket, a water gourd, a net with tortillas, grasshoppers and chocolate. They walked southwards, to the end of the Maize Flower Filed Valley. Later started ascending the mountain range, when they reached the highest part, Fire snake; as was the tradition, blindfolded the young man and began the descent. The teacher had to guide the student and describe everything he saw on the way. Changes took place when they reach the middle of the mountain and the coast, a place where Night Eagle had never been. Patiently, the teacher in detail described to the student, all the plants, animals and landscapes, found in their path. But the most spectacular and impressive was when they reached the beach. The student excitement grew to its limit, when he heard the sea. Fire snake then talked about the mysteries of "The great waters". He noted that old grandparents had confirmed that across these vast waters, there were land and people who, sometime in the past had much contact with our people. That the Feathered Serpent himself and "artists" of the interior stone had arrived to these lands from the great waters of the east, many bundles of years ago.

The sea waves broke off with violence on the beach. Night Eagle was totally ecstatic, never before in his life he had heard a sound as strong and composed at the same time, thousands of small sounds. Then, Fire snake slowly took off the blind from the youngster, withdrawing and leaving him alone in front of the sea.

For a long time Night Eagle remained motionless. What was right before his eyes, by far exceeded his astonishment capacity. He had never before seen such a big and powerful living being.

Next to it, he felt tiny and helpless; but at the same time a fascination feeling arose, that in spite of himself, attracted him magnetically. An ancestral feeling began to mysteriously emerge from his innermost depths, a virtual memory from the most ancient and remote origins of life disturbed mind. As hypnotized he remained in front of the ocean for many hours. His sight lost in the horizon, his perception expanded and could receive without the use of reason the vastness that was in front of him, with its millions of small wave movements, and at the same time, with the apparent immobility of its immensity, the ocean represented the most extraordinary meeting of his life.

When the afternoon came and with it the sunset, they climbed a cliff, where the spectacle of the sun decline was superb. On the horizon, the Sun slowly descended to the west, the sky was completely reddened, with shreds of Orange. The sea seemed to realize the instant at which the Sun penetrated the waters and its violence over silent rocks gained intensity, while not understanding the sea Fury. Then Venus appeared and the night covered all spaces.

The next day, the sea pounding against the sand woke up them up at dawn. They walked towards the north, up to a village that was in a beautiful, small Bay, called "The place where the wood beam is venerated". The villagers received them with the hospitality and courtesy, that characterizes the sons of the Feathered Serpent. This small village was an important religious for coastal peoples, since many bundles of years ago the Feathered Serpent arrived here and in addition giving his teachings, left huge wooden cross standing at the edge of the sea, as a symbol of wisdom. It was worshipped as a precious and sacred relic. Later they continued walking along the coast to the west, until they reached an imposing city called "The Hill of birds", very ancient premises of the authorities of the peoples of the coast. They spent twenty days hosted at the House of measure, where they were treated very cordially and respectfully, so by priests and teachers of the institution, who knew the purpose of their trip; so they allowed the young student seeing their codices and talked with him extensively.

They finally left towards Mictlán, where Night Eagle would have to take his initiation test. They again crossed the mountains to go inland.

This time the arrival at Mictlán was at night. Purposely Fire snake delayed their arrival and entered through the south gate. There the priests of the temple were waiting for them. Night Eagle painted his whole body black and a priest decorated his chest, with a cross section of a white snail. He spent the night in a dark room and in the morning a man also painted in black arrived and carefully explained everything he had to do, and at the end asked him if he was willing to comply with the ritual.

—This is a journey without return, you are in time to cancel it; but you should know that once you start, light or darkness shall forever wait for you. You will not be able to return; sentenced the man in black.

Night Eagle was taken to the interior of a deep cavern, located in the main plaza of the northern complex of the plaza. With an impressive ceremonial, involving 40 people, including priests, musicians and warriors; a huge and heavy rock was lifted, which covered the entrance. Four men accompanied him; each respectively painted respectively black, red, blue and white. They carried a shield and a spear on their left hand and a torch in their right hand. The path was full of thick columns that supported the roof, between column and column were very old offerings, later we saw skeletons. The walls had frieze codes carved which repeated successively. As they went deeper into the grotto, heat and odors became heavier; the floor was moist and full of poisonous insects.

After five hours of walking, passing through narrow tunnels and spacious galleries, they reached a huge room, which had thirty bodies of an irregular circumference and height, in the highest part of twenty-five bodies. With the light of torches, stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the rocks created a breathtaking view of the place. In the central part was a sort of altar rock. One of the four men took from his net a brazier and started copal burning. The man in white gave him a water gourd, an unlit torch and one lit and told Night Eagle:

—You shall remain alone here for ten days. You will need to rid from your body all the ideas you have about yourself, and reach inner silence. Until you do not have any thought, until you are a bundle of bones, until you become another rock. We leave very little water, care for it, because you will lose time notion. For no reason you shall move away from this place. Whatever happens, whatever you see or hear, "your place is the center". In this stone many warriors like you, ensured their most powerful weapon for the Florid War, to refine "their willpower". The self-confidence and character sobriety of these warriors have left their millenary stamp; you are against a stone of power. The temperance and strength of your spirit must keep you at this place.

This stone and your willpower; are all you will have to face the terrifying mystery which will stalk you in this darkness. All your demons and all your weaknesses will join sides against you. If you despair and try to find a false exit, you will forever be lost in this maze. Many of the corpses and skeletons you saw on the path are those who did not resist and tried to return. No one knows this immense and mysterious cave, only the Lord and Lady of death. Here, there are thousands of ways, that none of us, their loyal servants know. Do not move from here, stay within yourself, do not lose your balance. Remember that the safe place is the center. In ten days we will come for you and hope you find alive in this place."

Immediately thereafter, the four men began the return singing a hymn, which by echo produced many voices, while resonating were lost in the cave galleries.

Night Eagle first carefully observed the rock that he was at the center of the cave, saw that it was carved in a rectangular shape, approximately a body and a half long, by a half body wide and a body of height. Its four sides were carved with the same friezes he saw at the temples outside. Slowly he looked around the huge gallery with more fascination than astonishment. Somehow this great hollow in the rock, reminded him the impression he felt against "The great waters"; that smallness and insignificance feeling against a whole immeasurable and indifferent. Little by little, the torch light began to decline and Night Eagle, placed the water gourd and unused other, at the side of the stone; he leaned and waited for the last torch crackle to leave him in complete darkness. Never in his life, had been in a place where darkness was total. Hours passed and the young man was deeply asleep. When he woke up, for an instant, he did not remember where he was and even though he fully opened his eyes, he could see absolutely nothing. First, he thought that he had died, immediately afterwards, that he was blind and finally recalled where he was.

After some hours, many images of his life began to come to his mind. First he tried to stop them, but then recalled what one day Smoky mirror told him in this regard -"when you want something to disappear, let it expand"- thus he stopped objecting, the images vertiginous run on his mind, until he fell asleep.

Time extended "timelessly", Night Eagle began to feel restless. The total darkness, achieved the loss of physical and emotional balance. Hunger became another factor. The boy took refuge in the dream, but after a while, he did not know whether he was dreaming or awake.

Perhaps four or five days had gone by, when Night Eagle was awakened by a terrifying scream, that tore apart the deadly silence and completely froze his blood; moments later the cry took the power of a wolf howl or the intense roar of a jaguar. For a moment he wanted to run, but stopped and listened to the strange noise, which then turned to a gasp and sometimes a snort. The moment was of panic, Night Eagle felt the presence of an immense beast could smell its foul breath and feel the warmth of its breath. The boy folded his against into his chest and covered his head with his hands waiting for the beast attack. Time went by, didn't know exactly if it had been a few minutes or a few hours, the waiting was endless. The threat of the beast slowly dissipated, as a thought.

On another occasion, he was trying to stop an internal dialogue, when he heard in the distance a water stream, which violently approached. He thought that he should be in the bed of an underground river. For the moment he wanted to run into a wall to seek high rocks protection, but stopped instantly, where was he going to, if he could not see! The water roar grew with such incredible fury, that it confused itself with the bellowing of a huge animal. Night Eagle sat in the center of the stone and clearly heard how the roaring water passed next to the stone and thought that the current would grow and that soon would drag him, but time passed and the water never arrived.

The heat was more unbearable as time went by, felt as if insects walked on the body and some not removed in time, and injected him with their poison. He struggled to stop his thoughts. Self-pity began to gain ground. His body was full of sores and stings of poisonous insects. His spirit is softened; self-pity began to cause devastating effects.

Suddenly a tremor began, earth was moving and he heard immense stones falling, by the roar he believed that the huge gallery would come down. He kept still waiting for the end, he clearly heard the pounding of enormous rocks falling from the vault breaking into pieces on the floor, could almost feel dust and small stones that came as projectiles in all directions; and yet nothing happened. Everything seemed to occur in his mind and his heart; the cave remained with an absolute quiet and silence.

Night Eagle was completely full of sores from sweat and his body was extremely sore. He had very little water and hunger was weakening him. At one point he began to feel a violent and cold air current, with increasing intensity by the minute. By the freshness, at first felt relieved and believed that by the collapse an opening to the outside may have opened.

He was about to start an attempt, when he recalled the words of the man painted in white, "whatever happens, do not move from yourself, all you have to deal with this test, it is your willpower and the stone; search for the center". He immediately stood in the center of the stone and began taking deep breaths.

The wind ceased, but now heard the voices of Fire snake and Night lightning calling him; one, telling him that there was the exit and the other requesting help, because he was trapped under stones that had broken a leg. The voices seemed so real, that Night Eagle tried to talk to them without success.

He was near the limit of his resistance; thirst, hunger, silence, but above all darkness, was reducing his willpower to the minimum. Night Eagle then began to cry, felt so unprotected, desolate and so helpless, he wanted out of this hell, he could not endure more. He then recalled the words of Fire snake, when he said:

"The difference between a florid battle warrior and a common man; is that the warrior, knows that not even a sea of tears will influence his destination, so warriors cry knowing it will not help anything. No matter how much a warrior polishes his spirit and strengthens his body, he is just a human being! That feels and suffers just as all human beings. The difference between a common man and a warrior; is that the warrior do not deliver himself to pain."

The memory of these words, were as a balm for his pain. Little by little, returned to sobriety and with it the balance and again went to sleep.

Night Eagle managed to keep his balance, as of the time when he could get his mind blank. His breathing was reduced to the minimum, and little by little, his body integrated with the stone. It ceased to be him, to join the stone. He felt strong and compact, he noticed the stone was alive and had accepted him, and for this reason, it now defended him. Suddenly he felt a sudden temperature change; he saw fire sprouting everywhere around the stone, huge flames climbed onto the roof of the cave, very loudly. The entire gallery was completely illuminated; Night Eagle was not frightened and on the contrary, he just carefully observed the walls and the roof of the vault. The fire became more violent and headed threatening towards him. The young man had found the center, the equilibrium point.

Something told him that this stone was the navel of the world. He knew that towards his head was the sky; towards his legs the earth; to his right side was the known world known and to his left the unknown world; that in the center of earth, from his navel, consciousness was exalted towards the prodigious and immeasurable of the sacred heights of the spirit, but also, if balance was lost, could fall into the degraded hell of stupidity and the despicable existential soul destruction. Night Eagle had ceased to be him; he now was part of the ancient stone. He was only a witness without feelings and judgments. In an instant the fire disappeared, the huge gallery was again in complete darkness and silence.

Time went by; rather, time ceased to exist. Night Eagle was there, immutable and perfect, as a piece of stone that had been there millions of years, and without any problem, could be there many more, as it was only a stone.

It was then that the four men came for him. They found him lying and motionless, on the stone. More than a corpse, he seemed a perfect sculpture, sculpted by his inflexible will on the same stone. When he left the cave it was night. The sky was completely full of stars and moonless. Night Eagle never in his life had felt heaven vault this way. The Milky Way was a river of bright stars, as if welcoming him. Fire snake and Night Eagle spent five days more in the city of the dead, because the boy had to recover from the consequences suffered in his Florid Battle. The road to the gates of DAANY BEÉDXE was traveled slowly; Fire snake knew very well that these were the last moments he would have with his immaculate student. It was the tradition that they had to arrive in the morning to "The land of the precious twin". So the teacher and his student had sufficient time to have their last conversation. Snake fire started by saying:

—Listen well, beloved gemstone, beautiful quetzal feather. We are reaching the end of our journey, tomorrow I will deliver you at the doors of "The land of the beautiful twin" and probably you will never again see me, and all those who with me were your first house. With us you were born, you sprouted and polished your inner stone. With us you forged "an own face and a true heart". Through our mouth spoke the Toltec old grandparents, as a flower in their wisdom you were nourished. The heart expresses by our actions. You know that we're in this life only for a short time, to flourish our heart and arrive at the House of our Lord the Sun. Because you know that the Florid battle manages to humanize us, you know that only being the best we can be, in everything we do, we feel and think; we can polish the rough stone that we all carry within, to make it a precious stone. In this way, the responsibility for our actions is essential for the warrior to flourish his heart.

Night Eagle; I want to tell you that until today you've been the best student of our noble institution; our most precious flourished fruit. But it is also fair to tell you, that all this will be useless, against what awaits for you in DAANY BEÉDXE. Everything you've learned, will be of very little help tomorrow; perhaps it all comes down to your integrity and temperance, in the development of your willpower, on which you've managed to carve an own face and build you a real heart. Tomorrow you shall start a journey without return. You shall enter the mysterious and terrifying ways of the secret knowledge of the Toltec old grandparents; knowledge that can only be revealed to the flourished Tunas of the "Nopal". Very few have reached where you are; and many less, managed to pass beyond the doors of "The land of the beautiful twin" and of those few, even less reach the secret knowledge of old Toltec grandparents that is in DAANY BEÉDXE. So what waits for you, is wonderful, immeasurable and frightening.

DAANY BEÉDXE is one of the oldest houses of the old Toltec grandparents in the world. The mountain where it is located is together with these valleys, a magnetic and powerful place; of this, our beloved mother.

As you know, earth is a living being. Our dear mother is alive, feels, and is going to die. As all living being it has some parts more important and sensitive than others. The reason for DAANY BEÉDXE existence is attributable to this cause. In this place, heaven and earth are in direct and constant contact. The energy fields, in addition to being special; men, over hundreds of bundles of years, have particularly transformed them, to be used almost indefinitely.

You shall never return among us, at this time we already are ghosts for you, dust on the road. However, if you fail in your attempt to be one more among the DAANY BEÉDXE warriors; you shall dissolve in the mist of oblivion, no one will remember you. But if you succeed at your attempt, you will forever live among us.

Night Eagle deeply stared at his tutor for a long time. Both got up; and hugged each other emotionally, and then the young boy gave his tutor, all the feelings that linked him to his past. Then turned around and quickly moved towards the gates of "The land of the twin precious", with the rising sun on his backs and repeating a verse between his mind and his heart:

 "From inside the sky come
the beautiful flowers, beautiful songs.
Try hard, want the flowers of the shield,
flowers from the life giver.
What could my heart do?
In vain we came,
in vain we sprouted from earth.

Only like this I should go
as the flowers that perished?
Nothing will remain of my name?
None of my fame here on Earth?
At least flowers, at least songs!
That could my heart do?
In vain we came,
in vain we have sprouted from earth.
Here on earth is the region of the fleeting moment.
Is the place like this
where somehow we live?
Is one happy there?
Is there friendship?
Or only here on earth
We have come to know our faces?"

"The land of the precious twin" was a very special community, different from all other Valley communities. As ancient as DAANY BEÉDXE, was the prelude to the holy mountain. Tradition stated that no people could live in the places near the sacred mountain. In the land of the beautiful twin lived many people, women and men, who worked diligently for the maintenance and support of the city of the internal stone artists, called the Jaguar Mountain. Their life was voluntarily devoted to serving the maintenance of human beings, fighting to become gods. "The land of the beautiful twin" was the place where the last test was performed to those aspiring, who wanted to ascend to DAANY BEÉDXE.

He was received at the city gates, by a man dressed in white, who without any word led him to one of the plazas of the place. In front the entrance to a room, an old man kindly invited him to step in and take a seat in a petate. The room was fresh and ventilated. —Very long way to get up here— said the old man with a warm and friendly tone. My name is Burnt stone. The important thing is that the day barely begins and you are very young.

The Etla Valley sends you as their exquisite fruit, their flourished tuna, as their bundle of quetzal feathers, as their beautiful unpolished stone.

The Lord and the Lady of death, allowed you to return from their dark domain. This is just, your introduction letter to us, "The guardians of the path".

However before we begin, I would like to tell you a story:

As you know, when the gods decided to create the Fifth Sun, they created men and women from the "precious bones" of human beings who died in the Fourth Sun. To this end, they sent the Feathered Serpent to the House of the Lord of death, where these relics remained. The Feathered Serpent with the help of worms, bees and primarily his twin, called "the beautiful twin", after many adversities, managed to rescue the "precious bones" from the land of the emaciated, and with his sacrifice, gave them life. For this reason, "The precious twin" is the symbol left by the old grandparents, to speak to us about change, the mutation.

The Feathered Serpent acts from the world surface, until almost touching, the omnipresent Lord during its celestial flight, the Eagle... the Sun. But when it has to go under earth, to the depths of matter, where the Lord of death rules; then, in order to act, he becomes his "double", "The precious twin".

The Feathered Serpent is represented by the planet Venus; the morning and evening star. But in those days not seen in the sky, it is supposed to be crossing through the underworld, fighting against the inertia of matter, converted in the Precious Twin, who fights to rescue the Spirit Germ, trapped in matter that falls due to inertia, in the depths of the region of the dead, in darkness, in ignorance. The Feathered Serpent is a symbol, like everything else, in front of the unknown.

A symbol with which our Toltec grandparents teach us, that the universe laws, which submitted matter to degradation and death; can only be defeated by the Feathered Serpent or the also called Lord of the wind. Because only the "spiritual blow, divine breath", is what defeats the laws that subdue matter to degradation and destruction; the Feathered Serpent approaches and reconciles opposites. It transforms material death, into spiritual life. This is how the Feathered Serpent and the precious twin, are a unity, a complementary pair representing: one, the warrior penetrated by consciousness darts, revealing its celestial origin and at the same time, its fatal destiny from falling into the inertia of matter; and the other, the intrepid pilgrim that reaches the depths of matter, up to the very House of the Lord of death, to seize the secret of his divine essence, the wonderful possibility of his resurrection, through sacrifice.

The millenary place where you are, is named "The land of the Precious Twin" and is at the gates of the holy mountain, DAANY BEÉDXE, because it is more than a symbol, it is a terrible reality for those who aspire to reach it. Like the precious twin, you will have to go to the bottom of your personal hell, to your ultimate reality and see that you have the Change Germ; that your Precious Twin can help you, in the part of your florid battle that you will have to fight in the center of matter... in your frightening insides.

The land of the Precious Twin, is the last door before DAANY BEÉDXE, is the land of change, of mutation. Here is where the chrysalis becomes a butterfly; symbol of the soul in sacrifice.

You are therefore welcome to this land, with our heart in hand, we all wish you the best of luck; but by the way, I almost forgot tell you one detail. Just as the chrysalis dies as a worm, breaking its envelope to become a butterfly and live the flight of freedom; if she fails, will die trapped as worm in its own cocoon; likewise, if you fail in your bid, you will die in your own cocoon. But of course, if you do not reach DAANY BEÉDXE what does death matter!

Night Eagle remained respectfully silent, after Burnt Stone finished speaking. Unchanged, as if he had listened to a speech in which he had nothing to do, he waited for the old man to indicate him what to do next. They sat facing each other in two petates. Both their eyes were sharpened in an in-depth stare. Night Eagle "entered" into the old man, whom did not seem to reject him, but that countered him with a penetrating gaze, as an obsidian knife. Hours went by and neither of them moved or spoke. The afternoon came creeping through the door of the room without making noise, and little by little, the nightly shadows began deleting the bodies until dissolving them in the dark.

Only their eyes stayed alive as lit embers. It was perhaps midnight when an amazing transformation began; the old man, gradually turned into an owl and the young man on an eagle, for a while they were stretching their wings and grooming their feathers, preparing to fly through the door of the room. The owl led the flight route, behind, the young eagle, awkwardly sought to keep flying.

Night Eagle did not know whether it was true or he was dreaming, and at one point, he realized he was wasting those wonderful moments, over something that actually did not have any importance. Because whether a dream or "reality"; the transcendent fact was that what he was living it with all his senses, so he let his senses go with all possible intensity. So he climbed over the high clouds, to find a silver sea, composed of clouds and the pale and fading light of a full moon. The owl submerged in the clouds, and Night Eagle got lost in a giant bank, which was as the highest mountain he had ever seen. The fog was dense and heavy, he could almost not see, Night Eagle was flying without finding the course. Then he felt a powerful look. Huge eyes, emitting a greenish light like a lighthouse, stopped his flight. He carefully looked and the huge eyes turned out to be those of Burnt Stone, who was in front of him again in the room. The first rays of light came through the door; the old man and the boy were in the same position. They heard snails sound; the old man rose slowly, approached the ear of the young and told him in a faint voice:

Very well boy is time to go to work.

That morning Burnt Stone and Night Eagle went to the North Mountains; after a two day walk, arrived in a small valley which was in the middle of a ravine. The old man started a pediment to the Lord of the forest, to allow them to take what they needed. After burying copal and a few small pieces of jade, in reciprocal exchange; Burnt Stone turned to the interior of the forest, walked a time until he found a few mushrooms.

He kneeled before them and began to sing them a sweet song, when he finished, he explained to them that they were searching for their brothers, a mushroom called "Children of the divinity". After a while, the old man stood up and came to where Night Eagle was waiting.

"The children of the divinity" are an hour away, to the northwest —the old man asserted— their brothers told me".

Finally, they found the mushrooms in the designated place. Night Eagle and Burnt Stone set out to perform the ceremony. They burned copal and prayed. Then Burnt Stone approached the mushrooms as follows:

—Very dear and beloved our brothers, "Children of the divinity". Great mercy and grace has made our Lord in allowing us to reach you, wise and divine brothers. We offer our sincere apologies for coming to disturb your peace. But our boy, our beautiful stone, needs your wise and generous help, to start the ascent to DAANY BEÉDXE. Through my mouth the guardians of the path, humbly ask unto our brothers for help, your comprehension and your favor".

Carefully, the old man took the necessary mushrooms, very courteously said good and immediately started returning with the student.

The guardian and Night Eagle arrived in the afternoon to "The land of the beautiful twin". For seven days the young man was secluded in a room with total fasting. The seventh day in the evening, Burnt Stone took him to a temple where four maidens and an elderly woman waited at the altar. Night Eagle sat on a mat in the center of the room, at his right side was Burnt Stone. Next the women began a prayer in the strange language. The old woman cleaned the mushrooms very carefully; these were wrapped in large and smooth leaves. She smoked them and placed them in pairs on the altar.

Then the old woman began by saying:

"Very loved and dear brothers, we thank the Lord for whom we live, for his grace in allowing us to be here together; to you, we your most humble and ignorant brothers, infinitely thank your great generosity and kindness. Your wisdom is needed to help our precious stone, our quetzal feather, in his search for light. Humbly, we your brothers are grateful."

The maidens started such a harmonious prayer, it seemed a beautiful song. The old woman gave Night Eagle, fourteen pairs of mushrooms to eat. One by one, the young man ate them. Its dirt taste soon disappeared, to leave a strong acidity taste, which went for the salivary glands at the base of the brain. The room was in complete darkness. Night Eagle closed his eyes and concentrated on the magnetic prayer. His hearing was tremendously enhanced, could hear each of the voices, and all at the same time. The pace and force were on the rise. As in an ascending spiral the energy produced by the singing, drew all of them. The greatest exaltation moment was when the voices of Burnt Stone and the old woman joined in. Night Eagle was thrown with force by an internal burst, something blew up in his inside and stopped hearing the songs, then perceiving something truly extraordinary and fascinating; an immense and majestic rattlesnake, the size of the world and yet was in the room. The animal saw him directly with a penetrating, cold and impersonal stare. Its tongue showed intermittently through its jaws. Night Eagle was terrified, an animal fear overtook his body, and yet something in him, made him feel bewitched by the wonderful presence. Instinctively he realized that to the extent he followed the rhythm of the serpent tongue, with its own breathing, his body relaxed and his mind cleared.

The serpent asked the reason of the boy’s; Night Eagle then began to speak in a slow and orderly way, almost recounted his life, and everything could be synthesized in this quest, which since his early years, burned as a perennial flame in his heart. When he finished he was exhausted; the serpent on the other hand remained immutable, only moved its tongue in a rhythmic and constant fashion. It seemed it was analyzing one by one, the boy’s words.

After a while, as an acceptance sign, the serpent opened its huge jaws and Night Eagle; with fear, verging on the most primitive animal panic began to move forward slowly.

Her body shuddered in horror and at the same time of emotion, a strange exhilaration overtaking him, also by panic, of what was left of his deranged reason.

Night Eagle entered on his own, into the depths of the great rattlesnake. In the dark guts of the animal, his body was moved by strong contractions, making his body move forward assuming strange positions. When he reached the center of the snake, he heard her say: "everything in life has a cost". Then he felt how he was flooded by the snake gastric juices, which were destroying him, to assimilate him. The pain was truly unbearable. More than a physical pain, it was a spiritual, or mental pain, something that started at the base of his brain, extended stretched through spasms to his entire body, as pain waves, which roamed every the last corner of his body. He felt that all his cells individually, were going through the same experience. It was the reason why the pain was so intense, as it infinitely multiplied by the small individual pains, which made up the entire pain. The pain was so great and complete; that it produced a sense of self-mockery, seeing himself in these conditions, began to laugh. He was in the middle of the mixed feeling produced by the pain, when he heard again the voice of the serpent, which now said:

—Why endure so much pain, if you know how to stop it.

Night Eagle searched internally; it was true, he knew how to stop the pain. Suddenly, the figure of a jaguar in the Main Temple of his town came to his mind. It was a splendid clay piece, where the feline was sitting on his hindquarters. Since the first time he saw it, when he was a child, we remained spellbound by the energy transmitted by the jaguar.

Night Eagle concentrated on the image and gradually began to feel the jaguar of the Main Temple. His body was muscular; he felt the need, from deep inside to roar and did so with a surprising force. The more he roared and felt the jaguar; the stronger and more powerful he became. The pain began to decline and the boy entered subjugated the magical space of power. The snake let the boy explore for a good while the depths of power.

Finally the revelation came. Night Eagle sensed that it was the transcendent moment. The rattlesnake told him slowly and conclusively: "Knowledge is in the friezes and their colors".

Immediately, all the friezes and wonderful colors he had seen rushed through his mind, and even some he had not seen. The friezes passed as flashing images, but at the same time, we had what seemed an eternity to see them carefully and decrypt them. He was stunned for a moment or a bundle of years in this extraordinary perception. When he again heard the serpent voice around his body and in the entire room, who said:

"The origin of everything is in the rattlesnake; on its skin is the information".

The body and the mind of the boy, vibrated as a tuning fork with the revelation. As an echo that reverberated from his inside, each word got into the smallest spaces of his being and then returned projected outward.

As a distant echo, the revelation was sinking inside. At that instant the encounter with the huge rattlesnake, ended. The woman, who had accompanied him on the experience, got up knowing that everything had been completed. The old woman came to embrace the boy and told him:

—You're lucky; you spoke with our beloved Lord. Very few have this grace. Many hallucinate, others encounter their own demon, some are rejected by the sons of God, and there are others that nothing happens. You, however, had the joy of being attended to by our beloved Lord, spoke with him and he accepted you.

Burnt Stone invited Night Eagle to leave the room. It was not yet dawn; the sky was covered with a sea of stars. Because of the mushrooms effect, the boy had his pupils dilated and saw an impressive spectacle. The snake again appeared, now converted into a river of stars. Night Eagle slept all day and night. Upon awakening Burnt Stone accompanied him to the west city gate. There began the road to DAANY BEÉDXE.

—This as far as the path guardians go. From this door forward you go towards eternity. Very few men have come this far and even fewer managed to ascend to the heights of the holy mountain. The journey that you need to go is very short, but dangerous.

At this point, you already know that life and the world have four directions and that the man embodies the center. Five is the magic number of the center, the point where heaven and earth meet; what is known and the unknown. Five flower, symbolizes the gemstone that at the heart. In the meeting and balance of this pair of complementing opposites, lies the true challenge of life. The four directions of the world and life are present in the wisdom of old Toltec grandparents. East means resurrection, its color is red, its symbol is the eagle, and its place is heaven and its world the spirit. West means birth, its color is white, his symbol is the jaguar, its place is earth and its world is matter. South means what is known, its color is blue, its symbol the snake, its place the right side and its world is light. North means war, its black color, its symbol the hummingbird, its place is the left side and its world is death.

In the center of them must be the human being, because only in the center can occur the balance of the world forces, so that men is able to raise his consciousness from the fifth position. If balance is lost, you fall into the depths of stupidity and degradation. The fifth sun humanity has the possibility of the fifth position: up or below. So as you can see, the world consists of a pair of complementing opposites, between east and west; between north and south, seeking balance through the florid battle; that is fought in the center, symbolized by the heart, because that is the meeting place of the complementing opposite’s principle; the place where the Feathered Serpent begins its flight. Place where the warrior reaches the category to be light blue, from internal elevation; the position where the eagle grants the opportunity to perpetuate consciousness, eternity, and the total spirit freedom.

As soon as you start this path, nothing will be the same. The world of your affections and passions will turn to dust. Eagles fly alone in the heights. In this path, one must be alone, mortally self-assured; without fear and without ambition. Only the warriors of the florid battle can survive this test.

That is why the old Toltec grandparents are known as the "spirit artists"; "because their art is searching for the balance between the terror of being men, and the wonder of being men."

Night Eagle started to walk, behind him was the rising sun; right before his eyes, the mysterious mountain of which nobody pronounces its name. Since the time he was a teenager, he remembered; that neither his parents, relatives, teachers nor friends, talked about this mysterious mountain. In his village it was forbidden even looking at it or getting near or to talk about it. It was like the sun, everyone knew it was there, but no one dared looking at it.

The path was a straight line to the base of the mountain, it then turned left and right going up. Night Eagle noted that the path was very ancient.

As soon as he began climbing, he heard a female voice; by closely listening to it he discovered it was his mother’s voice, who implored him to return. He continued walking and a jaguar appeared, that was hidden waiting and ready to jump on him, from a high crag on the side of the path. Night Eagle continued walking immutable, when the feline jumped, became subdued morning breeze. In few minutes the young man was up half the holy mountain. The sun began to climb towards its peak, when he reached a platform, a body high, with four stairs on each side, and four steps each. He stood in the center facing east and with his eyes closed he followed the sun raising path. Something told him that he had to wait for a signal. At exactly noon, the sun light ceased its intensity.

The boy had stopped his thoughts and with half closed eyes he filtered the sun’s energy. The sudden decrease of light intensity, made him open his eyes and saw what was happening. It was then that an eagle appeared between his eyes and the sun. It was still, stopped in the air, the animal carefully observed the boy. Their stares met, a fire beam ran from one end to the other. Night Eagle was neither fearful nor surprised, rather, as if his body knew what was happening and was expecting the event. Suddenly, the eagle began to expand in size and soon the light further reduced its intensity. As if it was an eclipse, the eagle completely covered the sun in the sky, even temperature dropped and a cold wind began to blow. Darkness was complete and the eagle turned into the celestial sphere. Though the boy knew the eagle was still there. The eagle was day and night, owner of all the energy of the world and at the same time, it was nothing, only a fleeting sense of the immeasurable. Not able to restrain himself, Night Eagle repeated from his deepest inside:

"Bird of swords, you, bird of darts
Oh life author, you go flying,
You come and stop at your sanctuary,
where the pyramid of your temple is at.

Nothing as death in war,
nothing as the florid death.

My heart, do not be afraid:
in the midst of the plains
at the height of the mountain
my heart wants
the obsidian death
death in war!

Bird of swords, you, bird of darts
Oh life author, you go flying,
You come and stop at your sanctuary,
where the pyramid of your temple is at.
My heart only wishes
Death at war!”.

Night Eagle then saw the immense celestial sphere blow into intermittent lightning of blinding light, it was a hallucinating vision. In the midst of these light bursts and total darkness before him appeared a lush and gigantic tree, as a majestic cross, pointing to the four existence directions. This tree, which at times was a Ceiba, then a Sabino and finally a millennial nopal, moved in all directions, along with the universe. A beautiful bird stood at the top of the tree, changing its shape; sometimes appeared as a quetzal and others as an eagle. This immense and majestic animal sometimes appeared fighting with a rattlesnake and others devouring the flourished fruits of the tree and the cactus, which as small bright stars, fell in an upward spiral towards the peak of the Eagle that immutably devoured them. This last image produced a double and intense feeling. On the one hand an exciting joy, noting its celestial origin; but at the same time, a deep sadness, realizing that life sole purpose is to develop consciousness, to become eagle’s food. As fresh and fragrant flowers, the words of an old poem slowly came to his heart:

Where will we go
where there is no death?
So, for this we live crying?
Let your heart straighten:
no one will live here forever.

even if you are were jade,
even if you are gold
you will also go there

There is a sprout of precious stones,
a flourish of quetzal feathers,
Are they your heart, life giver?

All leave the region of the dead,
the common place we lose ourselves
What are you to you, oh God?
Thus we live.
Thus, in the place of our loss,
Thus we disappear.
We the men,
where will we have to go?

The eagle began to fly in circles around the boy; the sun was again shining with more intensity. The bird began a dive toward the boy and razed the head of the warrior, stopping atop a small pyramid located up above, on the path. Night Eagle approached the place, his body perfectly knew of the meeting.

The eagle stood on a beautifully carved stone monolith. It was a serpent in a coiled position. Its head excelled at the top, with a huge tongue down to the middle of the coiled body; its revealing fangs and eyes were focused on movement. Its cylindrical body in spiral, assumed a pyramidal shape. In front the serpent was the sculpture of a seated old man, with his spine straight but slanted. Over his head carried a vessel resembling a brazier. Four immense snails carved in green stone, surrounded it. The Eagle then addressed the young:

—Make a fire in this place and place embers on the top of the old Lord of fire. The divine ember that guides us in life was placed at the beginning of time, in the center; in the depths of our being. This inner fire becomes the temple’s torch, a star in the darkness of the night and our spiritual energy. This spreads the truth of our divine origin, so it maintains human hope, so the eagle is fed. That these words are engraved in your heart! Let them vibrate pounding throughout your life and the truth be revealed.

Snails began to sound in a subdued manner; they seemed bumblebees, but gradually, increasing their volume, to achieve an unprecedented force. Night Eagle's body began to vibrate, until the sound became light and spread throughout the Valley. He felt as all the millions of living beings, with the accord to join and conform it, expanded to cover the immensity. He ceased being him, to become part of all this huge space.

In mid-afternoon we woke up by the sound of a cricket singing a few inches from his eyes. He was at the shade of a tree and didn't know if the sound of the insect had resulted in his dream, or was the memory of something extraordinary, that happened to him. He had already learned that the most important thing in life is what is felt, not what one thinks. So rather than wasting efforts in finding the "truth" of what happened, he devoted himself to recover his spirits, to continue climbing up the holy mountain.

After ascending to the right side of the mountain, the road turned left side, almost reaching the top. When he arrived at the base of the buildings in the southern side, the trail again turned to the right. At that point he found an old man who was slowly walking up; he wore a headband with a heavy basket. Night Eagle respectfully greeted him and asked if he could help him.

—Don't bother boy, each carries in life what he can and wants to —said the old man, while staring at his face— we are about to get there. Allow me, insisted Night Eagle, taking the burden from the stooped man. When the boy felt the weight of the basket; his body fell towards the depths. As a meteorite, increasingly it became heavier and accelerated. He was falling to the dense throbbing darkness of emptiness. For a moment, he felt an unhealthy pleasure of going faster and wished to completely sink morbidly searching for the bottom, his spirit completely relaxed and lustfully surrendered to the fall.

However something from the depths of himself, something beyond of himself, stopped his fall, and bought him to a state of weightless between darkness and emptiness. His own thoughts were not clear, since they resonated in the vacuum echo, making it impossible to understand. Night Eagle felt totally helpless and vulnerable. Remotely he could hear rhythms of a few drums, increasingly he more clearly perceived, the voices of hundreds of people who sang a song of power with great force. It was then that the process was reversed and his body began to ascend at breakneck speed, the speed vertigo subjugated him. The mist began to disappear and clarity expanded everywhere. The voices and music grew louder and closer. When he opened his eyes he was lying at the doors of the Holy City, his face was burnt by Sun's rays. A group of thirteen men sang and played their instruments, six on each side and one in front. When they realized the boy woke up, they went quiet and waited for the voice of the teacher who was in the front, and said:

—Be very welcome, dear and admired candidate. You have come for the very depths of hell, from the depths of nothingness. You have managed to overcome the matter inertia force, which condemn it without remedy, to degradation and death. You managed to cross the boundaries of obsession and stupidity. You have tempered your will, polishing your spirit and strengthening your body. You arrive without any load, nothing to bind you. You have lost everything and you have nothing, you are at the line; you were born again, now you sprouted before us. We are your destiny companions, we have been waiting for you, allow me to show you the way -the old man came closer behind the boy and quickly took his head, twisting it from right to left, with a speed and ability, that stunned the applicant. At the base of the skull a powerful snap was heard, dry and short— follow us we shall welcome you.

Night Eagle knew, from his body, that something important had happened, when the old man manipulated his head, he felt different, but as everything happened so fast, he could not stop to think about it.

The entrance to the wonderful complex was something truly impressive. A wall three-body height outlined the boundaries. Access was from the south side, facing east. The set of buildings was superb. All were lavishly decorated; each wall was like a Codex, in which the wisdom of old grandparents was present. The entourage walked in front of the south building and went towards the northern building, passing by the western side constructions, up to a large stairway. Large drums began beating, the sound seemed come from everywhere. The Group waited until the music stopped and two men appeared at the top; one had his body painted white, with a jaguar skin headdress. With black stripes on his face and body. A transversally cut snail hung form his chest and on his shoulders wore a cloak made with beautiful color feathers and a white pair of sandals. His companion body and face was painted black, with white dots. He wore a jade necklace and a cloak made of heron feathers. Both men had beautifully decorated staffs.

Upon a signal, the entourage began to slowly climb the stairs, while music was again heard, which now was more solemn and rhythmical. When they reached the top, they were in front of a corridor with twelve large diameter columns. Night Eagle was placed at the center and the entourage walked across the aisle. On the other side was a staggered square with four stairs, one on each cardinal point and a small building in the center. There were four hundred people in the square, one hundred per side. Night Eagle walked across the square, accompanied by the two men and he was placed facing east, at the small building of the center. Then, the welcoming ceremony commenced. The large drums multiplied their voices and power. In the four corners copal was being burned and at the same time the four groups of people began to dance. Each group danced around a person who was at their center, so that although everyone danced with the same pace, each group followed their own leader. The dance turned to the left, but each group also revolved around their leader to the left. From time to time, groups changed their cardinal point, at the same time while continuing to dance; going from south to west and then north, to then reach the east and thus once again reach the southern position. Night Eagle also revolved, but in the opposite direction.

The music and dance dislodged a powerful energy that was increasing. Each time speed would increase. It seemed that the feet of the four hundred dancers, aroused the beloved mother, and implored her company and strength.

At the beginning, Night Eagle slowly turned opposite, in the axis of his own feet. Something indicated so it had to be, his body moved by itself and he let go. The music, the rhythm and the bodies, generated a powerful energy that seemed to emerge from the earth. Night Eagle closed his eyes and thoughtlessly surrendered to the dance. Without realizing it, his body was turning with the group; suddenly he felt a pull and heard the sound of a dry branch breaking. He opened his eyes and realized he was rising into the sky. He felt no fear, his body was at the forefront of the facts and his mind was still waiting.

He climbed until he could see DAANY BEÉDXE small and insignificant from those heights. The mountains were seen in various shades of green, to strong blue. On the horizon he could see the highest volcano of the great land surrounded by the divine waters, The “Cerro de la Estrella”. His flight lasted an instant or an eternity. He saw five large cities with pyramids and truly extraordinary and majestic buildings. With an incredible speed he moved from one place to another, but the trajectories were made in detail. He could not see himself, but realized that the inhabitants of those areas sensed him without rejection.

When he opened his eyes, Night Eagle was in a small room, three bodies long and two wide, and a space, with a cloth as door. Lying on a petate, he felt that his body very weak and sore. He was very hungry and thirsty, he knew that a warrior under the circumstances should wait and not move. An hour after a man entered and left a water gourd and a fruit platter, Night Eagle pretended to be asleep and when the man left, he cautiously stood, drank and ate little and slowly. When he finished sat on the mat to wait. It was afternoon and in the darkness of the room he began to hear, first a slight vibration as the noise of an insect flying, slowly increasing its intensity until becoming deafening, suddenly the noise ceased but a very fine buzz remained on his ears. Then he heard a voice, first from his brain, but he then placed it at the back of the room behind him. The fright made him jump and turn all shook up. He had been all day in the room and knew it was only the petate and him in the room. The voice again said —good afternoon— the boy recovered and hesitantly answered, —good afternoon—. The voice was soft and warm, inexplicably inspired confidence and tranquility.

—The force that rules the destiny of human beings has again put us on the same path. Before it we are as dust in the wind... and it was this gale, which brought you here. My name is Star serpent.

Many years ago, when you were still a child, we met in your town. On that luminous occasion, the force diverted me to the Etla Valley and made you go to me. Although you were very small, your energy sparkle was extraordinary. It was there where I told you that you were expected in the sacred Jaguar Mountain, that under no circumstances you should stop fighting to meet with us on DAANY BEEDXE. As I see, your willpower and your personal strength came together to fulfill our destiny.

Night Eagle's mind passed through dizzying images, almost in a distressing manner, one and another, in search of that mysterious character, that came as if from a deep sleep, he did not have a clear memory; however his body was quiet and comfortable, it seemed that his body remembered him and perfectly associated, the voice with the person.

Night Eagle began to look in the darkness of room for the person that spoke to him. Striving to look he managed to see a body in the dark, a very strange face.

A large volume settled in what appeared to be a feline face and on top, smaller, a bird’s face. Below them, another face, humanoid that highlighted a pair of eyes that seemed to be burning embers, which were surrounded by two snakes, that entangled formed a mask; and from it, two other snakes hanged shaping the mouth; from the upper lip hung two fangs, from the inside out. On the lower lip, was a bifid tongue that almost reached its neck.

The boy stopped his thoughts, and began breathing slowly and deeply; and then he could more clearly see the character speaking to him. He realized that the man had a large mask and that the large volume on top was made from huge and beautiful multicolored feathers. Night Eagle had completely stopped his thoughts; without their prejudice, he began to carefully observe the mask. The feathers glowed and energy went in and out to the atmosphere. The feline face consisted of side view of two snakes, which in addition to a give a feline appearance, humanized the face. The same happened with the bird figure on top. It was neither an eagle nor a quetzal, because it had eyes looking forward and these birds look aside, because their eyes are on the sides. Rather they were two quetzals, facing each other, seen in profile; forming a third face, different from the two that make it up, but again with features of human aspect. The man had a cotton cloak, with snail embroideries and its edges were decorated with a frieze resembling a moving serpent.

The entire time that took this careful observation of the man, was perhaps a few brief seconds; he already knew that when the mind loses control of facts, time ceases to exist and could well live an eternity in a second.

—On that occasion, many years ago —the man continued speaking— we were a warrior group coming from "The city where men discover their divinity", pulsating center of our knowledge.

One of our rules is that we never bother men who live in the valleys, for good or evil; our destinies are separated. However that time a surprising force made us come to your town. In truth we did not know why we were there and much less the authorities and the people, who were truly in commotion by the fact of our unusual visit. When we were at the Government House, between the legs of the people, curiously gathered, you showed up. When I saw you there I perceived your energy and immediately knew why the force had led us to the Etla Valley. It was there where I spoke to you despite your age I spoke to your precious twin, and even though the child did not understand, "the word" was already planted in your soul, it only needed to germinate based on your effort, sacrifice and willpower.

Night Eagle continued striving to remember the face of the man talking to him, the tone of his voice was completely family; moreover, he could swear that it was his own mental voice; the one that always required of him, who always questioned, the one who that pushed him to be the best of himself, to achieve being a human being and to flourish his heart. The man, who seemed to read the boy’s thoughts, slowly removed the mask to uncover and calm down Night Eagle thoughts. The young man immediately recognized the face; it seemed it was yesterday when he saw the man, even though he was a child. After a moment he realized he was the same old man, he tried to help when he was about to reach DAANY BEEDXE.

The old man was slightly tall and slender, athletic and muscular build. He had an oval face and a sharp aquiline nose. His straight hair was completely white and two things powerfully called the young man attention; one was his eyes, from which emanated a deep look of wisdom and peace of mind. It gave the impression that those eyes had already seen everything in the world. And the other, were his thin and long hand, that supported all the intentions of his words. There was something odd with the old man, because on the one hand the strength of the wisdom and experience was felt, which only time gives; but at the same time, projected energy and sympathy of the youth. It was as if a young man had suddenly aged.

—Each living entity on this planet has a function, which is interrelated with everyone and "the whole"; for this reason, all living creatures and even those non-living, maintain a very delicate but decisive balance, and therefore have a mission in life, —said the old man— so far you have fulfilled your responsibility. I see that you kept the snail I gave you, but the real challenge remains.

All that you learned below, among men, will be of very little help among us. At this point you are as the child I found many years ago, you have to start over and you have no choice, you can never return to what you were at the Etla Valley, so that from here you shall go to death or to eternity; and in any event, sooner or later you're going to die, so think it over... you are in front of a great opportunity! I will now reveal the legendary norm, left to us by the old artists of life, our beloved Toltec ancestors; for who we have lived many hundreds of year bundles and shall live many more, until the end of this fifth Sun in which we exist.

The inexplicable and immeasurable force that governs life and the world. The one that common men call the omnipresent Lord, the invisible and impalpable, he for whom one live; that the old Toltec grandparents called the Eagle and that they symbolized with the Sun, is who gives and takes our energy. This energy symbolized in an eagle, which is represented everywhere in the life of the children of the children sons of the old Toltec grandparents; assigns a particle of his being, in every live being, so that in his growth and development process, increases this energy through his “being” consciousness, and return it multiplied... as the eagle food! This bright spark given to us and is within us, returns larger then at the time of death to its owner and generator... to the Eagle-Sun. Now understand why men in the Valley, call it "He for whom one live", and they call themselves, the children of the Sun or the people of the Sun.

But this immeasurable force, gives justice to every live being, from a small plant, up to humans, "the opportunity" of not being devoured and losing his being consciousness, of perpetuating his awareness. This "opportunity", the old Toltec grandparents called it "The Total freedom" and said it was a gift or the gift that eagle granted to the best of their children. Because live entities manage to polish their energy to such an extent that its purity allows them to break away from matter that contains it and cross the boundaries of this reality, to reach the world of the immeasurable.

The greatest secret bequeathed to us by the wise and old grandparents, is the procedure to reach the total freedom; true reason and essence of life.

The reason for DAANY BEÉDXE existence is to train those human beings who have decided to fight for their total freedom. DAANY BEÉDXE dates back to the very origins of time, when humans discovered through their consciousness, this revealing mystery. The sacred Jaguar Mountain is a point of contact between the force and human beings, simply put, where heaven and earth touch, the place where the Feathered Serpent stops slithering and begins its flight, in search of the immeasurable.

DAANY BEÉDXE is a place on earth, where in addition to very special conditions in the earth energy fields, atmosphere and cosmos; human beings has worked on them over hundreds of bundles of years; transforming them into support for their struggle for the sake of total freedom. Here, incredible quantities of matter had been used to develop the human being energy potential, combining it with the telluric energy of earth; and all the buildings you see, have nothing to do with the common life of the men in the Valley. The warriors’ florid battle for total freedom is waged here. Here is the home of the consciousness sacred darts; the home of the eagles and jaguars, here is DAANY BEÉDXE, the Jaguar Mountain.

The old grandparents left us in the black and red ink, the knowledge to achieve this, which would seem rationally impossible. DAANY BEÉDXE is a site of power, where because of centuries-old tradition humans try to reach "the opportunity” that the Eagle—Sun has given us. There is a very complex and detailed methodology requiring an indescribable and supreme effort from people.

This method requires the energy coordination of a group of people. While the effort to achieve the will and body strengthening, mind impeccability and spirit perfection, is a strictly personal task; the total freedom achievement, is made in group. So in principle your teaching will be divided into two parts; first the individual, will work on the knowledge of the known world and after team work, learning the knowledge of the unknown world. The norm states that as a minimum a team of 17 people is required, who upon finishing both instructions must forget them. The millennial Eagle—Sun rule indicates that if individuals of the group, first can remember themselves, and then can recover as a team; only then can they try the last Florid battle in this world, to reach total freedom, this is why you have reached DAANY BEÉDXE. Tomorrow we will begin your instruction, the Force decided that I should be your teacher, I will try to carry out my task impeccably and with humility."

At dawn Star serpent arrived for his pupil and in the darkness, took him to the northern part of the complex. They climbed the highest pyramid and sat facing east. It was a moonless night full of stars. A light wind blew from the north, which interrupted the night silence. The old man began by saying:

—It is my duty to talk you about the Jaguar Mountain, because it is probably your last nest on earth. Here as you can see, is not a city, or a palace and much less a military fortress. Nor is it a ceremonial center, because here there are no gods; perhaps the eagle-sun, which were a very vague and uncertain way of addressing unmentionable, to the force. There below, in the Valley, live the gods with common men, in their temples and in their homes. Here there are no temples, houses, or common men. Therefore it is not a place, as the home of measure. DAANY BEEDXE is closer to the prodigious, wonderful and mysterious of human existence.

I want to tell you, that in all the land surrounded by great waters, there are other places like this. You already visited some of them at your reception ceremony. The Toltec old grandparents, in the origins of the time, discovered some places on earth, where the force manifests itself in a very special way and in those places built these compounds, which help humans reached total freedom. Slowly the sun light began appearing and the view from the top was stunning. DAANY BEÉDXE is the last station before the immeasurable, so warriors here a step away. For the same reason, the number of people inhabiting the holy mountain is 400, divided into 23 teams of 17 people each, plus 9 teachers or Naguales, representing the nine heavens. But this number does not change, although there are always new teams being formed, because some arrive and as many others leave from here to eternity.

Those houses you see on the mountain slopes are temporary refuge of these intrepid travellers. There they temporarily live in an austere, frugal and moderate fashion, because that is the mark of the warriors of the flourished death. What little we need to live is obtained from our generous brethren from the land of the beautiful twin. This place has hundreds of bundles of years, so you can see many houses where those already departed lived. Warriors are very lonely and sensitive people who do not like to be in places impregnated with the energy of other warriors, so they prefer to build their own houses and then leave them until time tears them down. No matter how many buildings you can see on the slopes, only 400 people live temporarily here, who came from all over, even very distant places. "We are the four hundred southern warriors". Each warrior due to their personal energy characteristics, find more affinity in some special sites of our dear mother, and for this reason, they travel to where it is necessary to find their place, their energy center, where with greater possibilities they can engage their last power battle, their Florid Battle.

DAANY BEÉDXE for many bundles of years has had the same architectural distribution, as its design has never changed. It is only that when the energies used here, contaminate the stones too much; saturate them loading the energy of the warriors who have departed. For this reason it is necessary to cover buildings, but always scrupulously maintaining the architectural layout, which is not an aesthetic whim, but follow secret knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents, unknown and amazing forces, from earth, the universe, as human, that even we don't know, but that harmonizes our dear mother earth, with the force called Eagle—Sun. The stones used to build this complex were brought in the beginning from a faraway place, at the other side of the Valley. DAANY BEÉDXE represents the will of being and transcending from our old grandparents, is the human being spirit strength in search of the miraculous. –Light began displacing darkness-. In the Valley below, life began. Some clouds remained trapped at the foot of the sierra Norte. Night Eagle, you will have to share with this place for some time, and when you complete your learning you shall go away to come back and leave, this is the way, that is the agreement. Now let's receive the Sun, which emerges victorious from the region of death, of matter, from darkness, from ignorance. And upon saying this, the sun began come out between the mountains, over where the city of the dead lies.

The sun slowly emerged in the midst of a pale orange atmosphere, as if a burning disc. The majestic star gave off energy, which vitalized earth and the atmosphere; it seemed to slowly defeat the forces of darkness, which quickly withdrew to the west. When the Sun broke off from land,—Star serpent said- it's time take you to what will be your home, let's go.

They walked towards the southern part and emerged on the east side of the great pyramid. When they reached a construction in the back of the pyramid, Star serpent said to the candidate:

—It is customary that new comers first live to the east. Later, according to their own energy, shall move to the north or south side, to finally live in the west part. There below is a place for you, look for your site and whether you build a hut or find an abandoned that fits you, that's your choice. Tomorrow morning I will be here.

Night Eagle stood for a long time in the place where his teacher left him, then he started walking aimlessly, in his mind there were no ideas, only walked feeling pleasure in doing so, simply for the pleasure of walking without any idea or thought that justified it. He did not know how long he wandered by those paths which were on the eastern side of the holy mountain, the truth is that suddenly he woke up lying on a petate in a little adobe House. It was a very small room, with a door facing east. Outside was a small roofed corridor and was in a mountain outcrop, which gave him an excellent view of the beautiful twin town. In the background were some huge hills, which during evenings caught in their mass, light and its wonderful colors.

Night Eagle realized that at the other end of the room, were some food dishes and a water jug resting on a mat. He ate and went to the corridor, between the roof trunks he found two hammocks, placed them and laid down to wait.

In the afternoon his teacher arrived and Night Eagle asked he did not see the other inhabitants of the holy mountain, to which the old man replied:

—DAANY BEÉDXE is not a place for common men and acts, here is where the human spirit expresses and its language is based on "flower and song", its feeling is expressed by deeds; immaculate deeds of great beauty and temperance. DAANY BEÉDXE is a very special place, which is why the deeds of the warriors who live here, have to be very special. Nothing you see or witness in the sacred mountain, is similar to what you lived in the Valley. To be in equilibrium with DAANY BEÉDXE, one has to act flawlessly. To achieve harmony in DAANY BEEDXE, which is an incomparable mystery... one has to become another mystery!

As I said, here live the four hundred southern warriors. DAANY BEÉDXE is composed of four generating cores, one in each mountain. Each has a particular purpose, to define it somehow; they are four different scenarios of the same battle. Four elements and the fifth is the human being, organized in 23 warrior teams and the nine heaven warriors. These four places, which are on top of the hills, were chosen by the old Toltec grandparents. In each of them, the spirit warriors must carry must perform their complex, sophisticated and difficult tasks, to win his Florid War.

Already told you, DAANY BEÉDXE is not a city or a temple. Here reside one of the most important energy points of our dear mother, here men face the immeasurable, in the best sense, and it is a sacred place. For this reason, at first DAANY BEÉDXE will seem to be uninhabited. Moreover, for the eyes of any common man, perhaps he will see it deserted; because we no longer like them, surely we would be perceived as ghosts, but this is not the case. The truth is that while you start on the path of "flower and song", you will only see me; but I should remind you, however, that when you came, the four hundred warriors received you, which tells you that in some very special occasions, all the warriors participate in joint activities. The dear brothers of the land of the beautiful twin will provide you the necessary; their impeccability lies in that you'll ever see them.

I see that you chose an extraordinary place. It seems you energy is in tune with this place —the teacher words were fair and accurate. Night Eagle had not thought about it, but felt perfectly in that place, as if it were the place of his entire life.

We have to start our work, follow me.

The old man and the student went to the top of the mountain and entered through the front door. They walked towards a building in the south-east part and climbed the stairs, before entering, the teacher thus addressed his pupil:

—Here we again begin. You must close your eyes and take my hand, I will guide you to inside the compound and there I will give you further instructions. Night Eagle closed her eyes and let his teacher led him. He immediately felt that they turned to the right, after walking some steps they turned to the left, walked a few steps and went down a few steps, then walked four circles and stop. —Open your eyes, said the teacher. Night Eagle was in a square patio, completely enclosed by four buildings on the sides. In each building, was a small chamber with a very wide door. At the vertex of the four patio corners, were constructions resembling corridors, three of which did not lead anywhere, the fourth, which was at the South—West corner, was the entrance. They were such that from the patio center, the entrance could not be seen— What feelings does this place provokes in you? The teacher asked. I feel in a very intimate place, give me the feeling that I am locked in my himself, feels like an atmosphere of hermetecism.

The four buildings facades were painted in the following way: the east was red, the south blue, the west white and the north black. The decoration in principle was similar in all four. It consisted of a lintel above the entrance and two murals painted on the walls.

On the North facade two hummingbirds in profile were painted, on an opposed position, on a black background; in the central part, over the door, was a strange bird, which looking forward. At the east facade, on a red background were painted two eagles, one on each wall and over the door another strange bird, looking forward. The south facade, on a blue background, were two serpents, one on each wall and over the door, a huge face of a strange snake; finally, on the west facade on a white background, two Jaguars and over the door, an animal head, shaped as jaguar, serpent and eagle, all at the same time.

Then the teacher told him:

—Night Eagle, the map of the warrior path is outlined here. You must learn it in your heart, because the road will be long and sometimes devastating. The four directions of earth start on your navel, "the center". You will begin from earth: the power of the jaguar is the representation of matter, here you are born, here you sprout to the awareness of being, and its color is white. When you manage to overcome matter’s inertia you will be born spiritually.

Then you shall jump as a jaguar to war, you will have to engage in the most terrible war, that an individual can fight, the war with himself, the war in your guts... The florid war. You'll have to use all your intelligence and willpower; in short will have to be impeccable with your rationality. The death of your dispersed parts, the death of the feelings that bind and tie you to the world of matter, will be represented by the wonderful Hummingbird and the black color.

You will then fly the change region, because everything in you will have changed. You shall enter through the snake to the terrifying irrational world of the unknown, of the unnamable, its color is blue.

Finally, if you manage to overcome the three stages of the path of the florid battle warrior, you will reach the promised heaven, will fly up high in the company of the eagle, in the middle of a completely red sky, because that is its color and the strength of your spirit will take you to the long-awaited resurrection, essential life reason, trophy given to the Flower War victorious warriors.

You will first have to pass these four stages of the battle in this building, during forty days you will be here, you will to subsequently move onto four buildings specially constructed for this process, in the four hills comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. I will be always by your side, although you may not see me".

Without saying a word, Night Eagle went to the western building to start his florid battle. All that his teacher had told him, fitted exactly into his head and his heart. It gave him the feeling that his entire life, he had been waiting for that order, and without fear, nor ambition, he went fulfill his destiny. His teachers had taught him that nothing in life is important. Because if jade broke and the quetzal feathers tear; human being, that in reality was nothing, his passing through earth was just a fleeting moment. Thus, no one has enough time, to cling to the things of life. The only things that matter are the actions and decisions; such that it was not important if Night Eagle won or was defeated on his florid battle. The only truly important, was to assume responsibility, the decision to confront the battle, the fact of being there, with all its consequences.

The sun began to set, light was being lost and night silently penetrated. The wind began to strongly blow; it seemed to moan when passing through the constructions gaps, as if searching for something. In the patio he felt desolation the size of the sky. To enter that room, in fact, was the beginning of the end. Night Eagle felt as a ghost, he wanted to say goodbye to his teacher, but when he turned there was no one. He felt completely alone, as never before in his life. Obscurity took over the patio and Night Eagle slowly walked to the interior of the room.

Night Eagle had been in DAANY BEÉDXE for several moons, he felt at home. The buildings were beautiful and fascinating at the same time, but permeated a sense of fear and respect. Each had its own energy and its own personality, as if they had independent life. The boy felt special affection for the southern pyramid, where he used to spend evenings, until very late at night. Other buildings with which he made very good relations, were those located to the east and west of the Observatory. Their energy there conflated with the complex stones. Not so, the buildings in the northern part, which he avoided as much as possible; because in those places he felt nervous and disconcerted.

In effect as his teacher had told him, he never found anyone in the complex. It was like a huge ancient and fascinating house where he always felt as a passing and observing guest. It was an indescribable and wonderful site that was beyond the everyday. In DAANY BEÉDXE time, life and space occurred completely different than in the Valley. The holy mountain had been built many bundles of years ago by the first artists of the interior stone, and since those times until present, it continued to operate without interruption. As it was not a temple, Palace, Fortress or city, it was apparently deserted, but at the same time, it felt inhabited by human energy force, which shared the mysterious and incomparable atmosphere ambience of the building.

DAANY BEÉDXE had four personalities, totally different from each other; in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. Night Eagle’s preference was for afternoons and evenings.

His stay in the sacred mountain among other things, allowed him to develop a contact, with the being that resides in the depths of consciousness. This stranger who generally is asleep and that however, is a vital part of existence.

The relationship with his teacher was excellent, the more time passed, the less he saw him, because somehow he had learned to communicate with him mentally. That ancient voice, which always lived in the depths of his being, was now his faithful companion, and shared the wonderful experience of being in the Jaguar Mountain. He was not sure if indeed, the voice heard was the mind of Star serpent or whether it was the silent knowledge found in every human being, which is the sum of the experience of hundreds of generations, who have lived before, and the existence commitment deposited in the individual. Whatever the case, Night Eagle felt whole and excited with this presence, which was coming from his deepest self, and that at the same time he knew it was not himself, but was also sure it was an intimate part himself.

However, every time Star serpent showed up, the boy’s joy was manifest. The companionship of another human being turned into joy, because at the end of all, human beings need company. The love to earth, the dear mother, which was instilled on him as a child, made him feel whole wherever he was, but the presence of silent knowledge in his instruction and visits from his teacher, made the young man to have a complete and solid world, in the splendid DAANY BEÉDXE.

One day, Star serpent came to his home and invited him to go to one of the four hills comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. They went to the west side. This place was known as Eagle Hill. At the hilltop a building complex and squares were built for warriors exercise. There were two buildings that especially called Night Eagle attention. The first was a splendid ballgame court, larger than the one at the core and north building. The second was one of the four buildings around a square, at the top of the Hill.

There in the afternoons, he liked to see a pair of eagles that used to fly around the highest pyramid. Sitting facing the setting sun, Night Eagle could see the Etla Valley and on its right the majestic mountain range of the Sierra Norte, while the afternoon died.

When they arrived at the great plaza of the Eagle complex, the old man invited the young warrior to sit, after a long silence, the teacher began talking:

—The four hundred human beings working and fighting in DAANY BEÉDXE seek the spiritual transcendence significance of existence through total freedom. Those who have preceded us in the journey, the old and wise Toltec grandparents, bequeathed all their children their wisdom to maintain the seed and human hope here on earth. For common men, those who live in the valleys, they left a complex range of knowledge, institutions, traditions, uses and customs; with which humans can live in harmony and balance. For some, only a few, they left DAANY BEEDXE and their complex and sophisticated knowledge, to strive to receive the total freedom opportunity.

Most of the knowledge that you learned in the institutions where you studied came from here. Throughout your life you've learned to temper your willpower and be humble and impeccable. Now is the time to act all your resources and possibilities.

As you know, the world is composed by two types of energy, the luminous and the spiritual. The first is everything that surrounds us. Men from the valley call it "The divinity of water", embodies life and it is a way of representing the un-representable. We call this energy "The force" and comes from "that" that we named "The Eagle" or simply the Sun. Thus, everything that you see in this world is composed of this energy; minerals, plants and animals are, before anything, charges of this energy.

The second energy is spiritual; this is a more refined energy and is produced by all living beings, through existence consciousness, that is why we call it "Being Consciousness". The men of the Valley call it the "Feathered Serpent" and represent it as the "Wind Divinity", because symbolically, the divine breath gives consciousness to luminous energy or matter.

Each individual is made up by a cluster of luminous energy, and what separates it from the force, is a small membrane, produced by the consciousness of being. When an individual is born from energy produced by his parents, a cycle begins, in which his duty is to increase this luminous energy and expand the spiritual energy, through the existence process. The human being then become an energy field, which is contained by another energy called "being consciousness". The internal energy is the same as that on the outside.

When the individual dies, the energy produced by the being consciousness, is absorbed by the source of luminous energy, "The Force", as we call it, the Eagle or the Sun, but arguably, is not any of those things; it is, I repeat, a very vague way of naming the unmentionable... the immeasurable.

After death, the membrane is broken and the internal energy is again integrated with the external. Thus, all living beings existence focuses on producing spiritual energy, through their being consciousness. This spiritual energy is "the eagle food". When the individual dies, its luminous energy returns to the whole of the luminous energy of the world and the other energy that constitute spiritual energy, is consumed as food by "The force". The Four hundred DAANY BEÉDXE warriors are here to fight for the opportunity that all life being have and their spiritual energy, to maintain consciousness after death; as when it is not eaten by the Eagle, it passes to higher existence levels; the old grandparents called this "The Total Freedom".

In order to achieve this miraculous event, it is necessary to work hard, in order to have a minimal chance. As you know the human body is an energy field, such as a luminous egg, covered with a membrane and connected with the external energy, through a point in the cocoon, through which external and internal energies are assembled or aligned. This assembly place or contact point between internal and external energies, the old Toltec grandparents called "The Perception" and the men of the Valley call it the vision of the world.

The luminous egg formed by the cocoon, as I said, has two parts. One has to do with the energy we use to align it with the external energy. That part of the energy is what the men of the Valley call the "known world", the other energy part is locked in the cocoon, and has to do with external energy that is not aligned or assembled; that part of the energy is called the "unknown world". So that the luminous egg has a minimal part of energy that assembles with another fraction of external energy; and at the same time, it has in its interior, a large proportion of energy that is not aligned and that has to do with the immensity of the energy of the outside world and of which the luminous egg cannot be part of it. This part of the energy, is known as the unknown world, so the living beings we have within us a minimum part of ourselves "known" and a huge part of "unknown"; and in the same way, on the outside, we have a known fraction and immeasurable part totally unknown.

To have this minimum chance, the total freedom warriors must learn to change the place where the internal and the external energies meet. When the energy field, called man, can successfully change the assembly of internal and external energies at a different point of his luminous energy egg, will forcibly have a different perception, that the men of the Valley would call another vision of the world; another, because in fact, they would be witnessing another reality of our own world, that we always ignore or do not perceive, but that is there.

If human beings are only thought of as matter, their vision and of their world will be very limited and narrow. Now, if the human being perceives himself as an energy field within infinite energy fields; then the possibilities multiply infinitely. The life mystery begins, accepting and internalizing that the universe and ourselves, are composed of energy. That simple! And yet how very difficult to accept. This is why; the old Toltec grandparents said to us, that the "knowledge or Toltecáyotl" cannot be transformed into words. Knowledge is in deeds, or rather, the energy that engenders it.

When the flourished death warrior, through his florid battles, manages to move the assembly point of internal and external energies, he then perceives another reality. He then discovers that we are surrounded by a universe of completely unexplained forces and amazing phenomena; that partly seduce and fascinate us, but that at the same time, frighten and destroy us. Consequently, the four hundred southern warriors at DAANY BEEDXE do not try to explain or change these forces; we only use them, the old Toltec grandparents bequeathed us techniques for using them and point them in the appropriate direction for the florid battle. In this struggle we are always challenging something mysterious, avoiding something terrifying, prepared for something devastating; and that something always turns out to be something inexplicable, grandiose... infinitely more powerful than us.

Thus the warrior, in order to be able fight for that minimum opportunity he has to maintain his "being consciousness", after death and that represents his florid battle; first, must learn to rearrange his energy use. Because finally, throughout universe and the very human being, in its most intimate and primeval essence, translates into energy fields, and then the wonderful gift made by the Eagle, of maintaining our being consciousness after death, reduces to an energetic process. All human beings spend energy to transform the world of energy charges, in a world of ideas and objects; however, the most important energy use we do on a daily basis, is that of maintaining the exalted idea we have of ourselves.

The rechanneling and saving of our energy, is one of the most important teachings of the old Toltec grandparents. In fact, if you realize it, the social and educational system in which you've lived, somehow is aimed so that the individual is humble and loses his personal importance.

By moving the cocoon point in which internal energy assembles with external energy and which permits the perception of other realities, is strictly an energy matter. To achieve this, it is required that the warrior has sufficient energy; but as human beings cannot get more energy than they already have, then it is necessary to reroute and save his own energy.

This is a true art, and implies two things; the first is that he must maintain a rigorous consciousness and intention decision; and the second thing is that he needs to tune his willpower and achieve greater discipline in his everyday life. And these two things in practice translate into a drastic change in their way of life.

The old Toltec grandparents not only built these majestic and impressive venues such as DAANY BEÉDXE, where the energy fields are adequate to ensure that the warrior can fight his florid battles; but what is even more important, bequeathed us a whole tradition full of wise knowledge, so that the children of their children, under any adversity, maintain in human beings the most important knowledge of men on earth... to achieve total freedom. That wisdom has been called by all the Anahuac peoples, for many bundles of years, Toltecáyotl.

So the first thing a warrior must learn is to save energy. This energy must be obtained from the everyday world; to this end, the warrior has to dump his life history, because to keep it requires a very large amount of energy. Our personal history feeds the exalted idea that we always have of ourselves, and allows us to self-affirm ourselves in the world that we are building with thoughts; to keep this world and our importance in it, requires a huge flow of energy.

Another technique taught by the old Toltec grandparents for saving energy is "not doing". It consists in not "consciously" responding to the acts that make up the image of ourselves. In everyday life, which is unconscious, "because we are like that", we waste a lot of energy. The technique is "not to do" what we always do; put an end to physical, mental and emotional routines. Live very attentive to each act we do —tip toeing, ensuring not to fall into unconsciousness, that is, the un-thought acts that make us be the way we are.

This necessarily leads us to dismantle our lives’ routines in a systematic and total manner. Because routines allow us to strengthen the image we pretend to project of ourselves and feed the personal importance. To break life routines is transforming this dull, boring and pretentious world; into a wonderful, mysterious and terrifying world.

To destroy life routines, the warrior has to become an immaculate hunter. The hunter searches for knowledge and knowledge is power, thus the warrior is a hunter of power. Hunters catch their prey because they know their routines. Thus the warrior carefully observes and stalks himself; diagnoses his own routines and then he can hunt and dismantle them. But what makes a hunter immaculate, is that he himself has no routines! That is, he does not act as prey.

This makes him inaccessible, a sine qua non condition to be able to save energy. The old Toltec grandparents said that warriors must be inaccessible to the world in which they live. They would not stand in anyone’s way, and would not allow anybody crossing theirs. To be inaccessible to the world entails, not to rub nor deform the world around him, be it plants, animals or human beings. To the extent that we intervene and interfere with the world around us, in the same way, the world interferes and intervenes in the life of human beings and this requires a high superfluous expenditure of energy, which the warrior of flourished death is not willing to pay and waste.

The only thing that can intervene in the life of the florid battle warrior is death. And in this regard, the life artists, the Toltec, the lapidaries of the precious stone that we carry within, left in their legacy that the only support, the only companion, the only wise voice we have in life, is death! To be fully conscious of life, we must be, conscious of death, because it is death that would not allow us to cling onto anything; or to people, or feelings, or ideas and much less to objects. Death is liberating, death is a wise counselor in the life of the warrior.

For this reason, the warrior must learn to be accessible to power. The warrior is never in glory nor in hell, the warrior is always at the center, because through balance is how knowledge is accessed; and so, he always maintains this mood in his Florid Battle.

In this struggle, the warrior must tune his spirit in the right mood. The spirit perfection is the only true activity of manhood. A warrior is inflexible in this task and therefore maintains an attitude toward life and the things of life, which allow him to break free from fear and ambition, from complaints, sadness, attitudes and feelings that require high energy consumption. For this reason the warrior is not "hooked" with anyone or anything. He is free and fluid.

A Florid Battle Warrior has entered the complex knowledge labyrinths of the old Toltec grandparents, knows that he is dealing with mysterious and powerful forces, and maintains in his consciousness, the fact that he can die at any time. Therefore, in each deed performed he applies his full capacity and impeccability; it is never in his mind to "win or lose". The warrior tradition is to implement all his knowledge, resources and willpower, in every act he performs. Thus the warrior style is first evaluating, making a decision and then acting. He let go without fear or ambition; fear of losing, ambition of winning. The warrior only tries to polish his spirit and develop impeccability, to save energy. The warrior knows he has no time to waste. He knows perfectly well that each act may be his last, so the result is not important, only the spirit perfection and saving energy.

The way in which the common human beings hold the idea of themselves and the world, is through reason. This has extremely high energy consumption. Internal dialogue is nothing more that the continuous telling ourselves, that through reason, the world and us are just the way we think. This dialogue is nothing more than a stream of thoughts that are forcing "reality", so that it adjusts to our way of thinking. The Total Freedom Warrior, must stop this dialogue to save energy, and with it, move to the point in which external energy assembles the internal; path that leads to the total freedom.

When Star serpent finished talking, it was already late at night. Night Eagle had remained sitting quietly at his side. His eyes had followed step by step sun descent under earth, which in a bloody afternoon, dotted with red and orange clouds, the earth monster had slowly devoured to the Lord of fire darts. The wind rabidly beat the bodies of the teacher and his student. Night Eagle saw in the distance the lights of his hometown and he realized that the distance between him and his people, was insurmountable.

The words of his teacher perfectly assembled in his knowledge temple, he understood that somehow, the knowledge he received at the youth house, had to do with the great human beings aspiration to reach full consciousness, to receive the opportunity offered by the eagle. He now saw them as part of a procedure, developed the old Toltec grandparents; he understood them, not only as the custom and tradition of his people, but as one of the most important legacies of his culture, ensuring its permanence and future, before any adversity. He felt an inner joy in all his being, as if the old grandparents greeted him from inside.

He then felt the need to communicate his discovery to his Teacher, but when he looked over, Star serpent was no longer there.

Certain morning the teacher came to Night Eagle house and again invited him to go to the top of the mountain. They walked to the northern part, crossed the large square. The teacher was commenting on the paintings in the buildings. His voice was heard in the entire complex. Night Eagle thought he had always the feeling that while the place was completely deserted, he had the feeling of sharing the complex, either with other people or with the buildings themselves, as if they had life of their own. They climbed the north building and went to the back, where there was a four building system, surrounding a small patio. The building that was towards the east was the highest, not only in the complex, but of all DAANY BEÉDXE.

As they got to the top, they were on top of a small room which had a door to the east; in the center was a kind of a jaguar-shaped bank carved in green stone. The animal was oriented north-south and his head turned to the east. The jaguar eyes were carved in the stone and two precious stones as eyes. The stones were cut so that it attracted and projected light, through flashes, illuminating the room darkness, with different colors, like a rainbow. The animal fangs and claws were made from quartz, which all together depicted a sense of life. It seemed as if the animal was aware of the light movement and at any time he could jump, because his presence was threatening. Part of the feline body, was coated with a thick gold layer. The boy’s thoughts caught up with the voice of the elder teacher, who said:

—Be careful, it has life and is very dangerous. This stone symbolizes the spirit of this mountain. Through the eyes of this jaguar has passed the history of our people, time is trapped in its claws. This jaguar represents the earth and is in the highest part of the DAANY BEÉDXE, its counterpart is the wide sky, look very well, see how from this point, it seems that we can touch the immeasurable. The jaguar eyes are fed from sunlight, he attentively looks to the east, waiting for his counterpart, the Eagle, to come out from those mountains. I recommend that you come here every early morning to wait for the Sun rise, stop you internal dialogue and ask the jaguar to teach you how to charge your energy. This is done with your eyes and hand palms, just be very careful, do not get too close.

Then they walked down from the pyramid and headed to the southern part and reached the strangest building of the complex. Between the central buildings and the pyramid on the south side, was the only building that apparently did not follow the aesthetic standard and architectural plant. Its odd orientation was southwest to northwest and stood on a polygonal plant, with a spearhead facing towards the southwest. It had a flight of stairs in the northwest side, that climb three rectangular sections, over which is a small room. The old man and the boy went inside. Night Eagle noted a tunnel access inside the building. The teacher invited the student to sit, face to face and in the middle of the two, on the floor, was the entrance to the passage through a stone stair. The old man stared deeply into the young man and said:

—The luminous egg of which we all are formed, through life accumulates foreign energies inside, as a result of his experiences; so that at your age, to put it in some way, you already bring lot of trash. The warrior needs to clean up his luminous egg, requires purifying his energy. To do this the old Toltec grandparents bequeathed us a technique that allows the luminous egg to get rid of the energy that other luminous eggs, in the process of life, have left behind. So the egg while expelling strange energy, reconstructs itself. This technique consists in making a detailed recount of life, first the most important events in chronological order and then completely. At first it seems nearly impossible, but as experiences are remembered, all the rest come out. The body is like a mass of fresh clay; all experience is forever printed, turned into an energy flash. Breathing here plays a fundamental role. With patience, willpower and breathing, you will have to relive every minute of your life, until you to do a perfect recount, until it is something that has life of its own. This building was built by the grandparents for this task.

You'll have to walk down these stairs on a daily basis, after charging you energy from the Sun with the jaguar at the north pyramid, to immediately find your place in one of the chambers of the building. Its size is quite narrow, at first you will feel that the stones suffocate you, but over time you will feel how the building will help you in your attempt. The stones will absorb the strange energy and allow you to purify yourself. Your task is to erase the memories of your past life, as I told you, is just an energy change. This stone you see here is yours —Night Eagle saw a stone almost rectangular in shape, and which only had one side polished. It is the tradition that each warrior that completes the recapitulation of his life in this place, engraves with the energy he loses, an image of what he was. Every day you work in your task, what you were will mysteriously be engraved in the stone. There have been immaculate warriors who have left beautiful images; others on the contrary, have left testimony of their passions and painful bodies. The snake leaves its old skin on the road, the butterfly leaves its cocoon in the branches, and the warriors of the flourished death leave beautiful stones carved with images of what their life was. These images in stone will eventually disappear, but the energy will remain in them.

You must now begin to recap, to purify your energy.

Night Eagle stood up and began to slowly walk down the dark passage, in his mind, the words of his teacher reverberated, "the building will help you".

For more than one solar cycle, Night Eagle was working in that strange building, in strict compliance with the instructions of his Teacher. Little by little a splendid figure was recorded, in the stone of his recap, when the task was complete; the stone was carved with a warrior standing in profile. He had a very large headdress, decorated with feathers and an eagle head. On his maxtle, tightly tied to his waist, hung a snake back and on his chest, a snail cross section was engraved. In his feet, he had a pair of sandals shaped as eagle's talons and was standing on a small temple, in the center had sculpted a flower with four petals. In his right hand, he held a bundle with seven snakes from which sprang the perennial wisdom fire and in his left hand, held the shield defender of his people. Over his head was carved the night sky with stars, where Venus was highlighted. On both sides was a series of symbols, which referred to his name, place of birth and his personal attributes.

Then the voice of his Teacher was heard:

—It is indeed beautiful; it has been a patient and impeccable work, which ended in success. It was not easy to do and your body is now grateful.

The teacher was quite right, Night Eagle had not done so consciously, until Star serpent mentioned it. In fact, his body was now more compact and muscular, without losing its natural elasticity. Something inside had also changed; he was more cautious, thoughtful and balanced; in short, he had an air of sobriety and indifference in his behavior.

—Actually, the engraving doesn't really matter, but the dedication and the wholeness which you used to make it. There are out there, many engraved stones of the first warriors. As you can see, each time they become more sophisticated. There are many ways to do this work, really what makes the difference are the tastes, time and space. Some warriors prefer to make large stone heads, others like columns, most prefer steles like this; some bury them, others attach them to buildings. Finally it does not matter, because it is only a symbol of what they were, what matters is that they are now all these immaculate warriors.

Night Eagle then began to carefully observe all the complex engraved stones. There were of all sizes and some very old. Specially noticed some stones engraved on the side walls of the building where he recapped, all were upside down and the date and origin of the warrior. Others were in strange positions, as if they were in weightless worlds; others had helmets and body engravings. —All these stones in the Jaguar sacred mountain aren't just any stones. The Prodigy of the knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents has touched them. The immense amount of stone used here and their journey this far, is a perennial testimony, of the will to be and transcend of our people, and probably will be in the future, the most important heritage of our children's children, said the voice of the Teacher.

Some of these stones have very valuable information. The old Toltec grandparents deposited in these stones mountains of knowledge. They are as tenates (cylindrical vessels); full of wisdom and each one has externally carved the history or the theme of this wisdom. The Toltecs have left inside these stones, all the information needed to restore the ancient wisdom, whenever necessary.

Night Eagle had already been for almost two solar cycles in DAANY BEÉDXE. In all this time, he had only seen people at the welcoming ceremony. The site was still alive, but apparently uninhabited. The teacher assured him that they lived there with him, four hundred warriors. However, lately Night Eagle, had a feeling that at any time he would find someone, he felt accompanied, perhaps even watched.

The brothers from the land of the beautiful twin, quiet and impeccably fulfilled their mission, what little Night Eagle needed, was always in the right place and time.

One afternoon, as the young warrior was at home fixing the roof, he heard a powerful and distant thunder. In the northern mountains clouds were piling up, as if getting ready to jump over the Valley. There were large amounts of thick and almost black clouds, unconsciously he looked at the Etla Valley and thought that all that water would be very good for the land. Lightning began to illuminate the dark afternoon, on the west the sun appeared to be hurriedly retreating, fleeing the storm. Suddenly, in a few minutes the storm fell over the Valley, at the time when the night began. Night Eagle did not know why, since he was a boy, was fascinated by storms at night. At the top of the holy mountain, the storms were a shocking experience. The boy was experiencing a deep pleasure to see and hear, lightning striking. Something told him that nothing would happen, so the closer lightning fell, the more pleasure he felt. In the darkness of night and with the rain noise, Night Eagle waited for the sky, first the lightning dazzling beam light, to then shake with the roar of the thunder, that reverberated all over his body.

Night Eagle was interrupted by the arrival of his teacher, who said to him:

—A storm like this invites to talk about power, don’t you think? —the teacher asked—. The old Toltec grandparents, as I have told you, left us their knowledge, to fight for the minimum opportunity given by the eagle. You know that the most important, the beginning of everything is learning how to save energy, to be able to try moving the assembly point of the luminous egg, the place where internal energies are assembled with the external and what produces our vision of the world.

Tonight we will discuss three perceptions we have of the world. The first is that from childhood we learn to shape the power of "The force". This perception is that of the known world, what turns energy into stone, water, earth, wood, meat, and everything you see and feel in this world. This is achieved with the internal and external energy, which assembles at a certain point of the luminous egg. This perception is achieved thanks to huge energy amounts we use to perform, this "perceptive magic". It is not easy to achieve and at least it takes the first seven years of our lives, to lay the groundwork of what will be the world "assembly". The second way of perceiving "The Force" is as energy. This requires having much reserve energy... this is what you are learning now. When the "world" becomes an infinite cluster of energy fields; the world, reality, and oneself, by natural forces, have to change. It is when we enter the unknown part of ourselves and the world; when we use another assembly point of the luminous egg.

The third way of perceiving "The Force" is with all our being. As all living beings we have a cocoon, which differentiates the internal from the external energy. When we die, that Cocoon or egg is broken and then the external energy floods the internal energy , then the internal energy expands outwardly mixing with the outside, returning to its very origin; the cocoon is then eaten by the eagle. That is death, from the energy perspective.

This is how the human being and the world are nothing more than an immeasurable energy field and how it’s perceived, shall define its appearance or apparent reality.

In the universe there are countless energy fields, but on earth our Toltec grandparents’ sages identified only forty-eight types of them. Organic life is only one of these fields. Of all the types of fields, there are forty that do not produce consciousness, only organization; of the remaining, seven produce a limited consciousness and only one, the eighth, produces a large amount of consciousness; this area belongs to humans.

The world that our assembly point captures, between the internal and external energy, which we call "reality", is made up of two fields; one organic and another that only contains structure. As I said, our world is composed of forty-eight different energy fields, of which we only perceive two and the forty-six remaining, although they are among us, we cannot perceive them. Night Eagle had silenced his internal dialogue, his teacher’s the voice reached the depths of his being, his mind ceded control to his body, and he had no ideas, only energy. When his teacher’s voice ceased, the boy perceived the rain, which more forcefully fell copiously over the indifferent mountain. He noted that the large amount of water did not flood the square, due to the efficiency of the drains.

The young man stare was trapped by the water that ran through the square seeking the drain. Night Eagle was caught in a drop of rain. He was soon felt very joyful to get out of the square and falling through the drainage, he was excited by the speed he was gaining.

To be a drop of rain and to remain as such, in the small cascade falling down through the buildings drainage, filled him with joy. I went up and down in the current, tumbling more and more, each time he bumped into his travel companions. In their dragged everything in their path; stones, sand and vegetables, and were used in the drops games in the rapid descent, in search of the river to reach the sea.

When he entered the river, Night Eagle lost the speed of the fall, but felt the force of the current. Something in him, maintained consciousness of his individuality as a drop, but at the same time felt the immensity and power of being the river at the same time.

A millenary force hidden inside of him, began to sing a nostalgic song for the distant sea, all the drops together sang the same song and made the portentous river sound.

The drop vocation is the river and to the river is the sea. Night Eagle was traveling between the mountains, leaving to the valleys in search of the sea. Suddenly he began the fast-paced descent. The song became an anger cry, the river destroying everything in its path between him and the sea, on the fast descent through the mountains. The force contained by its passion for the sea, crashed it against large stones or drag trunks, as fragile branches in a gale; a profound need to merge with the whole, with the sea; a marine nostalgia to reach the sea at the end of the path and losing its individuality... to begin again.

Night Eagle could already hear the strong sea calling, large water volumes knocking the tiny arena, which shook defenseless before the violent sea onslaught. The distance shortened between two waters. Lightning falling on the sea horizon, lit the white foam which claimed the arrival of fresh inland waters. Night Eagle hurriedly travelled towards his final destination; increasingly was less conscious of himself as he became more water. He had completely delivered himself; he had surrendered to the liquid energy. The millenary passion of searching for completeness overcame him; he didn't care anymore breaking the weak limits of his inconsequential individuality, before the near promise of wholeness.

Suddenly he heard an inner voice, like a thunder that reverberated in the will of millions of particles that with solidarity shaped him —"Night Eagle... return!" The sea was about three hundred bodies away. Fresh water was already being absorbed by the vast salty waters. Night Eagle broke into a vibrating flash. The drop became millions of droplets and these in turn, in billions of energy sparks, seeking the echo of his teacher’s voice, who was still in the sacred mountain.

Night Eagle opened his eyes and was next to his teacher watching the storm from atop, which was headed to the west. His body was very cold and soaked. The night had completely overtaken the mountain and valleys.

—Do not do that again, —said the Teacher, in a very serious tone— it is very dangerous. Human beings are very fragile, are very vulnerable to passions. Today my energy returned you, but perhaps tomorrow it won’t. The Total freedom warrior must protect his energy no matter what. The warrior is just a spectator in the world, this is why he is not involved and does not choose his battles. The warrior does not try to modify or dominate the world; a warrior simply uses it, for his internal Florid Battle; he uses it to fight for that tiny opportunity given to him by the Eagle. The world around us is mysterious, wonderful, and at the same time frightening, therefore extremely dangerous. If you had reached the sea, you would have never been able to return. Remember that you are only a tiny energy charge, with a little bit of conscience; surrounded by an immense world, constituted by completely unknown energy fields."

Night Eagle had already been for three solar cycles living together with his Teacher in DAANY BEÉDXE. Not only his physique had changed, since now he was extremely strong and muscular, but he maintained his agility and characteristic flexibility. His face depicted tranquility and harmony. His state of mind was constantly balanced and cheerful. His face was almost marked a by smile that came out at the slightest provocation, never was in a hurry and was much less irritable. It seemed that though his eyes had already passed all the things of life; which allowed him to be truly humble and simple.

The most important changes of the warrior apprentice took place internally. Night Eagle knew what was waiting for him in life and also knew what he was waiting for; he did not want anything absolutely from life and the world. The greatest achievement of a warrior is that even though he has so much knowledge, product of a disciplined life consecrated to the temperance of his willpower; the warrior of the florid battles acquires power, and that same power, leads him to not wishing anything mundane or from life. His war is devoted to fight every florid battle, to achieve that very small opportunity given by "The Force" to humans, the wonderful gift given by the eagle.

DAANY BEÉDXE was a very special place; that the wise Toltec grandparents had built at the beginning of time, so that it perpetuated the consciousness of human beings in the world. The Jaguar Mountain was the ideal place where the warrior strengthened his body and polished his spirit, in order to be initiated on the wonderful and frightening knowledge of the culture of the "architects of the stone within". The Jaguar Mountain was the closest point between the divine and human, between heaven and earth. It was the starting point of intrepid travellers to eternity, the place where total freedom warriors, could break the first perception barrier of the world, without help, from the normal consciousness state.

To be able break the perception barrier, is to ensure that the "The force" intentions will become our own intentions, so that then we can move the assembly point and be able to use "The force" energy fields, which as common human beings, can never use.

The warrior that achieves this minimum opportunity, his heart flourishes in eternity. Because he is capable of shifting the assembly point and open his cocoon, so that the internal energy is integrated with the external and turns on the complete luminous egg in the inner fire that blends it with the external wholeness. Turning it into part of the external energy field, but maintaining self-consciousness; becoming a little piece of the sun... in an eagle "feather". This incredible battle is based on "flower and song"; and fundamentally, it represents a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual sacrifice.

Star serpent called his disciple, to the western building, in front of the arrow tip building used to recap, next to two twin buildings, one in the north and the other in the southern part.

When the student came to the stairs facing towards the square, he heard inside himself the voice of his teacher telling him —"climb up, I'm waiting for you in the center—. It was morning and the rising Sun was on his back. At the top of the building, was a central building with a patio and four small rooms on either side. At the building corners were two small buildings facing the square, at the north and south corners, their accesses faced each other. At the left side, on the west wall of the building, was a passage into the depths, beyond the foundations, at the very heart of the mountain and was shaped as a cross.

—We are reaching the end of the first part of your instruction in DAANY BEÉDXE, young puppy. This building was built by the old Toltec grandparents so that the warriors could work in the reverie art.

In the beginning of the old grandparents’ knowledge, when they barely had discovered that the human being was a cocoon, which contained a little bit of the energy with which the world is constituted. They realized that the world perception was due to the assembly point where internal and external energy. However they also noticed that this assembly point slightly moved when humans were asleep. So while dreaming, humans can glimpse and witness briefly other perceptions of their luminosity, which their thought interprets as other realities.

The old Toltec grandparents realized that as dream control was achieved, there would be some control over the energy assembly point. That's why they invented the art of directing dreams and having control over them; and so they built this powerful building.

The first thing you have to do is to spend a complete day in each room until you find your course and color. In one of rooms, you will feel better, your energy will flow and you'll know which one is it.

Then you shall enter the passage shaped as a cross and you shall symbolic bury yourself for four days until earth heals you, I will help you and watch over you. The whole BEÉDXE DAANY was a prodigious and millenary place of power. The sacred mountain is a huge "don’t do" of the florid battle warriors; a battle field where the human being, as an energy load multiple possibilities should be explored. The Jaguar Mountain is an energy field, which has been prepared over generations through the impeccability and willingness of transcending beyond the self, by our ancestors.

In this building you will find your direction and your color. You shall clean and strengthen your energy to get started in the art of the dreams control and the immaculate stalking art.

For people living in the Valley, dreams are unrealistic and useless. For the Toltec warrior, dreams become an avenue to enter the perception that can be achieved when you can move the assembly point and turn on other parts of the energy that makes us up.

For the Valley people, daily life is a curse or a blessing; either is in glory or in hell. For a warrior, daily life is a wonderful opportunity to achieve the human prodigy of spiritually transcending existence.

As you can see, next to this building are two twin buildings. The two will help you learn how to save energy. The one on the north side was built so the warriors can learn the self-stalking art during vigil; and the on the South side was built, so that they can learn the art of dreams control. These huge stones contained in their guts, buzz with the energy, which over time, has accumulated from the power and impeccability of those who have used them, in search of total freedom.

So, for a time you'll literally work day and night, in the Toltecáyotl secret mysteries. The art of stalking was taken by the ancestors to the edges of virtue and divided it into three ancient techniques. The first is losing one’s importance. The old grandparents discovered that what consumes the most luminous egg energy is maintaining the exalted idea that we permanently have of ourselves, which prevents us from having sufficient energy to perceive the world around us.

The second entails taking on the responsibility of being alive in this world; which implies becoming responsible until death, over the most insignificant act of our life.

The third technique is to use death as a companion. From immemorial time, the old grandparents left as certain truth, that in order to be fully conscious of life, one must be conscious of death, because life and death are equal and complementing parts of the same reality. With these three techniques the warrior learns to save energy in the daily life vigil; to put it differently, the warrior turns his life into a never-ending challenge and his activities into a splendid battle field.

The building of the southern part was built so that warriors practice refined art, acquire control over dreams. So that the warrior can have dream control, he must first have complete control over his daily actions, and to do so, they developed three complex techniques. The first is to break life routine. The valley people live unconsciously among their daily routines; it is the way how they close their eyes before this wonderful and frightening world around us. The warrior on the other hand, is always totally alert, knows he is dealing with powerful and unknown forces and therefore extremely dangerous; uses his world with extreme caution and delicacy.

The second technique is the energy hike. Valley people act their thoughts and do not live their actions. Through ideas they perceive the world and as they are always thinking of themselves, the world is narrow and boring... and a handful of ideas, which by the way are energy intensive. Through an energy hike power is acquired, because it is a subterfuge that fools reason so that it is occupied, and the body can perceive the world around him, while walking, without the intermediation of reason and his whimsical ideas. Thus the luminous cocoon comes into direct contact with the immensity of energy charges that make up the environs, without the reason decoder, acquiring knowledge and power. The "don’t do", is the third technique. The valley inhabitants, always unconsciously "make" what makes them be as they are; to put it differently, "their daily self". The Warriors on the other hand, always vigilant and on guard; they always seek to act in unusual manners and use all their consciousness, allowing them to perceive the world in more total and intense way.

To work in these three buildings, you'll need immense amounts of willpower, sobriety and patience. For this reason warriors must be individual capable of maximum discipline and greater self-control. Right now for you it may seem extremely difficult or almost impossible what you have to do, but what is required is inner strength and decision. It all starts with a single act, which has to be premeditated precise and continuous. The warrior chooses the first one, which must be the simplest and least difficult to achieve. When this act is performed for a long period of time, warrior then takes another Act, and then another one, until he acquires a sense of inflexible intent, which can be applied to anything, when they inflexible intent is achieved the road is more passable, because the inflexible intent necessarily produces inner silence of our reason and this silence, leads us to the internal strength required to move the assembly place of the luminous egg energies which is the gateway to the immeasurable and miraculous of human existence.

One morning Star serpent went to his pupil house; he was busy weaving a net, used for carrying things during his energetic hikes in the north Sierra. When he saw what the boy was doing, he said:

—Thanks to death, the warrior knows that he cannot hold onto anything. As a detached man, he does not have anything more than he can carry. Among the valley humans, those least spiritually evolved, are the most attached to material things of life. A Toltec warrior on the other hand, knows that when someone clings to something, he sinks and is dragged to the depths of human stupidity, the object of his obsession.

You must prepare very well, because the day when you will leave the Jaguar Mountain is near and will have to put into practice all you have learned here. This is precisely the reason for my visit. I am in a dilemma about your education that I cannot resolve.

Remember that when you were a child, "The Force" guided me to your town, so I could find you and point the path to you. Well, so far you've done immaculately, as nobody in DAANY BEÉDXE; you've worked with absolute delivery and an iron discipline. The tradition of the old grandparents says you have to join a warrior team, to prepare for the final battle of your florid battle. However, throughout your education, there have been signs and omens that your path is different; something that I do not really understand, and therefore we need to consult "The force". Tomorrow is the spring equinox and we will use a very old technique taught to by the old grandparents. Tomorrow at midday we will ask the stars for help so that "The force" instruct us through the ball game, on what we should do.

Night Eagle asked,
Venerable teacher, in the Row of Houses I was taught that the stars are a way of knowledge for human beings, but that they were distant and indifferent to people. So do not understand how we will consult. The Teacher sat in the corridor petate and said:

—What your teachers taught is true, but don't forget that you're in DAANY BEÉDXE and that we are Total Freedom Warriors and not valley inhabitants. The sacred Jaguar Mountain is an abstract place, a place of the “don’t do” par excellence, a place of power. Even though in the valley have things resembling DAANY BEÉDXE; these are in the form and not in the essence, that's the difference. Since you were in the House of youth, you learned the "ball game" as a sport; in the House of measure you learnt its religious sense; now in the holy mountain you will know its true meaning... the energetic.

But before we talk about it, let me tell you that for a civilization to create such a complex sport as our "ball game", many bundles of years are required and a high development level. The ballgame is as old as the old grandparents; as they invented it and let me proudly tell you another thing, it is the oldest sport on this planet. There is a millenary prophecy that says that the day it disappears from earth, it will be because humans will no longer exist.

Thus being DAANY BEÉDXE an abstract place of the "don’t do", do you not think it is a contradiction that have three ballgame courts, up here?

Night Eagle never thought about it; since he arrived at the mountain saw the ballgame court construction as something normal, as in their schools or his town. However now that it was mentioned by his Teacher, the strangest building happened to be the most common. It seemed that his teacher read his thoughts because he added:

—In every DAANY BEÉDXE sister sites, from north to south, from the great eastern to western waters; the old Toltec grandparents always built ballgame courts, because it is a very sophisticated and abstract way of making contact with the "immeasurable", through the stars, and a sport that is expressed by random means.

Thus, the game takes place between two teams of five members each; or two adversaries, where each has a special link with stars over DAANY BEÉDXE at the time of the game, and a question between the adversaries; that it will necessarily have an affirmative or negative answer; or an alternative or a different one. The game is played and the raw rubber ball is hit with violent dexterity, from one end to the other of the court, by the ten opponents, or the two adversaries; and there are only three options, which will indicate the intention of "the immeasurable and infinite".

The first is that neither opponent wins the game; this would indicate that the "immeasurable" abstained to express itself. The second is that an opponent during the game passes the ball through one of the two stone rings, at the middle of the side walls that delimit the field, where it is played. This fact is considered by its difficulty degree, a miracle, and therefore an expression of "the infinite", which emits a signal and then the game ends. The third option is that the opposite team or player wins, with the same results.

In the early morning the next day, the teacher and the student went to receive the eagle at the highest pyramid of the northern complex. The old man and the young man sat next to the jaguar, the three receiving the morning energy. Later they went to the ballgame court, where the mountain guardians had already prepared all necessary. The Teacher and the student burned copal and sat, each at his corner of the court, to stop the internal dialogue and let corporeal energy take control. The question made to "the immeasurable and infinite", revolved around whether Night Eagle should continue his way on his own, question posed by the young boy; or if the student should join the warrior team of his peers and continue with the lineage tradition, question posed by the teacher.

Shortly before the Sun reached its Zenith, Night Eagle began to gear up for the game, when he finished had time to observe carefully the "game pass", as they used to call the building sporting event was made. The court consisted of three rectangles; a large one oriented north-south and two smaller of equal size, at the ends of the first, joined perpendicularly in intersecting directions. Access to the court was from the north side, through some steps. The side walls of the largest rectangle were inclined from vertical, from the center out perpendicularly and from the inside out, were stuccoed to facilitate ball bouncing on a completely flat surface. In the four corners were niches where very strange stones were placed, heritage of the old Toltec grandparents, these stones emitted energy that created an energy field, with very special characteristics, advocating development of the forces that went into action there.

When the game started, Night Eagle was amazed by the energy, strength and agility of his Teacher. With the headdress and the deer leather and armadillo caparacho protections, which his Teacher wore in shoulders, forearms, and hip, seemed a young warrior just like Night Eagle, perhaps the only difference was the greater experience and speed that Star serpent had.

The game began to lengthen. The opponents maintained relentless from one another, perhaps the Teacher had a slight edge over his pupil, as Night Eagle could not believe his teacher’s capacity.

Hours passed and the Sun began sinking into the Kingdom of the Lord and Lady of the death. The red glow of the evening allowed seeing the players. Night Eagle then let his body take control and surrendered though his eyes to the ball. It was perhaps midnight, when Night Eagle returned to his mind and realized that the court was completely dark. Strangely he could perfectly perceive everything; the ball had a dull glow. The light produced by his Teacher and him, lit the court. However the two stone rings at the walls, had become two iridescent circles, where energy turned at high speeds, producing an indescribable range of colors.

Night Eagle first noticed that he was fully concentrated on the ball movement, but not with his mind, but with his entire body; rather, with all the energy that flowed in his body. But then he perceived that his Teacher and he were two energy fields which propelled an object substantially less luminous than them, from one side to the other of the court. He felt as if the stones were alive and its power influenced the ball movement.

Time passed and the student felt that his power began to wane. The miracle happened suddenly. Night Eagle hit the ball with all the energy that he had, something that came out of the middle of his body and the deepest part of his being, led to an explosion and a violet light beam came out of the boy and went through the center of the ring in the western wall of the court, causing a flash and a snap of the stone, which destroyed the charge. At that moment Night Eagle violently fell senseless to the floor.

Night Eagle's destiny was decided by "The force", but his wise teacher did not know what procedure to follow. In such circumstances, a warrior simply attentive waits for a signal, which is the way in which the "The force" intentions are presented in the life of every human being, what happens is that the men of the Valley, always absorbed and enclosed in their own thoughts, and have no energy to see the wonderful world around them.

The Teacher and his student began spending more time together. They had to wait. Night Eagle was always asking his teacher, all his questions about the old Toltec grandparents and their knowledge; DAANY BEÉDXE and his own florid battle, in the long walks they used make around Sierra Norte Mountains; that according to his Teacher, possessed a very special energy conformation, for florid battles of the total freedom warriors.

Once Star serpent responded to his pupil; following his question of why, DAANY BEEDXE warriors avoided contact with the valley people, as follows: —The valley people, since they generally do not have an abstract purpose in life, are dangerous for the warrior, because they spend their time, on the one hand clinging to their ideas and material objects that are the passion of their weaknesses; and on the other hand, impaled by the good and bad deeds of their peers. This often leads them to struggle with these bunches of ideas, which they call "the world" and offended by people, who do not act and think, as they think they should. Life abstract purpose par excellence is the florid battle; abstract ideas are in the spirit, as flowers and songs. The ideas of our "personal importance", is what prevents us from perceiving the luminous opportunity given by the eagle in front of the immeasurable. The problem of human beings is that they somehow they intuitively sense their hidden resources, but they do not dare exploring them and their existential tragedy, come from their stupidity and ignorance; the truly dark human being side, is their stupidity and why the warrior should avoided them, especially when he is working on DAANY BEÉDXE.

Are there any other times when the warrior can get close? —the student asked. Indeed and I can say, that there comes a time in the florid battle, that the Warrior has, to put it in some way, flourish among them, recovering himself; but it is not yet the time nor the place to discuss this, what we have to do now is wait.

On another occasion Night Eagle asked his teacher if there were warrior women in DAANY BEÉDXE.

—Of course that there are, and I can tell, they have more natural possibilities than the male. Women are "creative" in nature and tend to live in the abstract intuitively.

From ancient times the old Toltec grandparents taught us that men and women are an opposite and complementing pair, that form the unit. If in the life of the valley communities, the feminine and women occupy half of the land and also of the sky; since they are present in religion, as Administration and the family, why should it be different among us. In that regard the eagle does not see gender when offering the minimum opportunity of the immeasurable. Moreover, in the warrior teams that are assembled to fight the last florid battle on earth, the number of women is higher than that of men.

During a walk by the Teacher and his pupil to the Sierra Norte, they reached the shores of a small lagoon, which was known as “The enchanted lake”. After some time, the teacher asked his students to stop his thoughts and sit on a large stone at the water's edge, then, asking his to bend down and to tell him what he saw. Night Eagle did as was told, bent over the water and saw, he found his image, slowly moving by the water effect. What do you see? —asked the teacher. My image, the boy answered. But what else do you see? —insisted the teacher. Night Eagle let go in the image. Then he began seeing himself from the image in the surface. He could see himself sitting in the rock looking down. When his eyes looked to a nearby pine tree, was felt the pine, later became a cloud and then briefly a bird which crossed flying over the Lagoon. Suddenly he was back on the stone looking at the water reflection.

If you are an energy charge, —the teacher added. What are you really? Are you a pine tree, a cloud, a bird or a bunch of ideas; as I have said, the Toltec grandparents taught us that the way to the immeasurable, begins with the movement of the energy assembly point of the luminous egg. You also know that this movement depends on the energy available to the luminous egg and that increased energy consumption is made when sustaining the assembly point; which is nothing other than the image we have of ourselves, or what we call, self-importance, whose other face is self-compassion. What a warrior learns in DAANY BEÉDXE is to not have compassion in life, which does not mean being cruel and ruthless, but to lose the exalted idea we have of ourselves, our fatidic self-importance. Only then begins moving the assembly point. The challenge of the warrior is to intuitively know where the assembly point is and also to move it at will! —The teacher concluded speaking.

Night Eagle quietly began walking back to the sacred Jaguar Mountain. He concentrated his eye and mind sharpness, on the heels of his Teacher, who walked ahead on the path; and widened his perception angle through the eyes, which freed from the thought chains. Such was his mind concentration that at a point he began to perceive the whole surrounding without ideas; perceived by the joy of perceiving, without self-matching judgment or interpretations. Mountains ceased being mountains per se, but were still present, more present, more alive, and stronger than before, when they were only mountains. En route, they passed through the same sensory experience and not mental; trees, rocks, sky and finally he could get to feel himself as an energy charge. When the human being and the world are perceived as energy charges, the world literally collapses and yet remains there, unshakeable.

For Night Eagle, the feeling that DAANY BEÉDXE was completely occupied with other warriors was increasing. From the start, he never felt alone. However, it was now a certainty sense; a premonition that he would start finding people in the squares and buildings of the Jaguar mountain at any time.

As was customary, Night Eagle mentally received his teacher’ call, he was waiting for him the fourth building on the eastern side, at the south gate. When he reached building his Teacher invited him to walk up. Star serpent was inside a room that crowned the building. "Sit down, I want to tell you some things. As you know, DAANY BEEDXE as in other power places, is a huge and millenary "don’t do" place of the old Toltec grandparents, which allow flourished death warriors, prepare for the last florid battle. The sacred mountain is the departure place for the immeasurable and miracle of human existence. The stones of these buildings have seen get prepared and leaving, many intrepid travelers in the eternity pursuit. These stones know much and therefore are power stones that perceive and feel. We as common beings are nothing before them, perhaps only a fleeting instant, in their wonderful and amazing existence, because they are not just any stone, from anywhere. When the stones are charged with a lot of energy over several bundles of solar cycles, it is necessary to cover them with new stones, to dissipate the energy charges absorbed, otherwise, instead of helping the warrior could harm him. For that reason, periodically the buildings are covered, but without altering the architectural lay out, since each building has two specific objectives.

The first is that in each building, the warrior learns and tunes, one of the techniques, that the Toltec grandparents left us to fight for the opportunity, offered to us by the Eagle, to transcend this reality. Secondly, every building is the specific power site of each of the seventeen warriors who form the team that will deliver the last power battle, of the florid battle. Thus, the seventeen buildings are important; equal number of warrior guides and techniques to open the gates of silent knowledge.

And the second thing I want to talk to you about, is precisely the silent knowledge. That is the source of human knowledge.

Every human being in himself has a seed, which comes from the more remote origin of times. The seed contains all the memories, all the information that the human being, as species has throughout its existence on this planet. And just as the desert flower seed, which can go for many years in a latent state, waiting for the promised rain, and upon the first downpour, immediately flourishes. In the same way, this seed placed in the human being, can pass through whole generations, waiting for that "divine water" that allows his conscience to flourish.

This valuable potential was called "the silent knowledge" by the old Toltec grandparents. For this reason, perhaps, you might have noticed that inside of you, there are two people, two different consciences; the external and internal. The external being is new, insecure, violent and nervous. The internal on the other hand, is old, wise, indifferent and calm; knows everything and when is given the control, the human being shines, although by the way, the external almost never listens to the internal and much less gives him control.

The valley people are numbed by the everyday life actions, they live clutched to their obsessions and fighting against the world, that indifferent, does not conform to their thoughts. They live in a world of ideas and they consider them concrete, they have lost the abstract angle of life and the world. All this contributes to prevent their oldest part from emerging, that lives in our inside and deprive us of silent knowledge, where all human wisdom is deposited.

This is one of the warrior challenges. Open the abstract floodgates and enter the silent knowledge world of the old Toltec grandparents. Balance control between the external and the internal, activate the millenary human wisdom that lives in our deep self, is one of the most difficult florid battles that should undertake the Spirit Warrior.

For the valley inhabitants, the world is just the set of their ideas. This world begins and ends in their mind. For them reason is the instrument used to perceived the world, and information enters and leaves from the brain. For the warrior, reason is one more way of perceiving and interpreting the world. The warrior knows that somehow, the body also perceives the world that surrounds him and has other ways of acquiring knowledge, in addition to reason. The Total freedom warrior humbly accepts that language and knowledge exist independently of each other, that we can learn without words and above all, without thinking. To our wise ancestors entering the world of the spirit is to enter the abstract realm, where there are no words and thoughts, only acts; because the warrior knows that the abstract world is a world of deeds, where words and thoughts have nothing to do. This is where the old Toltec grandparents’ abstract knowledge part resides. When the warrior faces the world from the abstract, the idea of the individual "I" disappears, as well as feelings and personal interests. To abstract this way leads to enter the spiritual world.

Night Eagle was completely captivated by the Teacher’s words. When he realized, that he was alone in the building, his Teacher had disappeared. He started down the stairs and in the middle he sat down and suspended his ideas; he contemplated the plaza and the mysterious buildings at the center, where he had never been summoned by his Teacher. He totally felt DAANY BEÉDXE with all his body, with all its energy. He believed that it was not only the reason and that the human being in the sacred mountain, was about to jump to the immeasurable and wonderful.

The days passed slowly, Night Eagle felt that time operated differently in the sacred mountain. It was as if the days were longer and more intense.

One afternoon, Night Eagle felt the urge to climb the pyramid in the southern part. The Sun had barely reached the top of the sky, that that day it had an intense and totally transparent blue. The boy climbed to the highest part, where a single body small pyramidal construction was built and with four stairs on each side.

From the first time that he was on this site, he was captivated by the view, but specially its energy. The boy knew there was a mysterious link with the place, his body told him. After observing the valleys surrounding DAANY BEÉDXE and which in turn are surrounded by huge mountains, he sat facing north. At his feet was the large square, with the harmony of its buildings and spaces, linking earth with heaven, in the background the north building with its large columns and its inner sunken patio, behind, as millenarian sentries, the blue mountains of the Sierra Norte.

He was watching the view, when he heard his teacher voice behind him –You have chosen a site filled with special and incomparable energy. Star serpent, was standing behind his student, reason why the student was startled by the voice.

—Many warriors, like you, chose this place to let their spirit fly. Look boy, the spirit is like a beautiful bird that lives in our body, which very often have to invite to come out so it can fly through this wonderful world; otherwise becomes sad and sometimes dies, without we realizing. Every time it returns from one of these revitalizing flights, it sings in our self and life, although it is the same, becomes different, by the loud trills which reverberate and make our eyes shine.

And while your little bird goes flying around, I want to use the time to tell you some things.

As you know, we owe the old and wise Toltec grandparents everything we know. "The force", which is the energy that makes up the world. The valley inhabitants called the Supreme divinity or "Omnipresent Lord", because as he owns the space and distance, being next to everything, everything is also next to him; "Night wind" because it is invisible as the night and impalpable like the wind or simply "he for whom one live". But in a second comprehension level, another form of naming "The force" is "The divine duality", which is the same "force" represented by a pair of opposites but complementing, feminine and masculine. From "The Divine Duality" detaches from the two, the Lord, of the two the Lady, symbolizes that everything in this world, is composed of two opposite and complementary parts; cold and heat, night and day, white and black, male and female. At a third level of the same "force", is found in another pair of complementary opposites, now as "The luminous energy " symbolized by water, which represents life itself in any of its many forms, such as energy; and the other, as "Spiritual Energy", symbolized by "The wind divinity", because it represents the divine breath that gives consciousness to energy. This wind divinity is also known as "Feathered Serpent" or Ehécatl, represented by a circle, reason why its buildings are circular, the circle is a perfect geometric figure, which has no beginning or end, such as the divinity.

Well then, now I want you to talk to you about a powerful omnipresent force that allows us to perceive. Human beings are as everything else that exists in the world, an energy charge. What we perceive as "reality", is a small energy field of "the Force ", this energy is "finer" than simple light, which has no life; but "The force" is an energy that emanates consciousness of being, to put it differently, light that radiates life or light with its own life. So the ability to "perceive" some of “the force” emissions, and translate them into what we know as our reality, the old Toltec grandparents called it "The Intent", which is pure energy that ignites part of the cocoon internal energy, with a part of external energy with which it is assembled. The normal perception of the world, is due to the intent and when a human manages to move the assembly point, where internal and external energies meet through the intent, other energies are ignited which until then had not been lit, a different perception of the world is obtained and is as valid and true as the normal, it is different in so far as we do not know it. As a consequence, the intent is a force that is both inside and outside of us. It is energy that humans can use, but cannot explain. This is the truly magical of humans, therein lays their true potential. When the flourished death warrior, can make the "intent” his, we might suppose, that in principle he has won the better part of the florid battle.

Afternoons provided a very special fascination to Night Eagle. He did not know if the Valley had a bearing on the sacred mountain or it influenced the Valley, but the truth was that the site was a special place, a place of power.

When the fire darts eagle, began its slow path to the underworld to fight darkness, sunsets became something momentous that moved his feelings. The brightness was a wonderful event, which affected his spirit and invited him to visit its depths. By some mystery far from the possibilities of human understanding, DAANY BEÉDXE is an exceptional and astonishing place. The light is linked with the spirit and becomes a dimension, far beyond the possibilities offered by limited rationality. The mountain, valley, the broad and transparent space of DAANY BEÉDXE, as well as the mountain chains that surround it, promote the consciousness of being, to awaken from its lethargy.

DAANY BEÉDXE with its large square, its central buildings and those on both sides, is a large model of the Valley. The mountain where it’s built represents the central buildings; the plaza represents the valley, and the mountains surrounding the Valley by buildings on the sides. Altogether, the feeling in the sacred Jaguar Mountain is "balance", equilibrium, between the internal and external worlds. This balance allows feeling the contact between heaven and earth. It seems that at top the pyramids, the sky is available to the human. This impressive balance between matter and spirit is felt by the energetic body and exalts consciousness. The huge matter masses that have been worked in the complex, allow that the human spirit to remain attentive to the life miracle and consciousness. The astonishment before the immeasurable, allows spiritual manifestation. Hundreds of year bundles and thousands of flourished death warriors have made this place a monument to the human spirit power. Only the strong polished will of our ancestors, their consciousness and the ancestral human being knowledge, could achieve this wonder, pointing to the immeasurable and wonderful possibilities of human existence.

DAANY BEÉDXE is a permanent message, that the human being spiritual power can transcend the limited matter that briefly contains him. Has managed to leave perennial testimony in the stones that matter is at the service of the spirit and that is only a mean. Each stone present here, was brought from far distances, and raised to a height of two hundred forty bodies, carved and assembled in one project, which as a whole, encourages the struggle for the human being true freedom.

This wonderful prodigy made by the Toltec sages, just as in deserts, forests or in the mountains. Where they diligently moved incredible amounts of land and carved millions of stones, to build a bridge between the human and the divine, the immeasurable and the earthly.

DAANY BEÉDXE represents a prodigious human effort, which is a testament to the will of being and transcending the old grandparents, a symbol of the most genuine aspirations of the human condition. The sculpting of each of these stones represents the sculpting of the people spirit, who has constantly sought since remote times, its utmost genuine and profound aspiration; transcending the self, the road to Total freedom. DAANY BEÉDXE is testimony to the warrior spirit through time.

Night Eagle from the top of his place, in the south pyramid, rid himself of the matter limitations and his spirit flew. In the afternoons, he stopped his thoughts and allowed the evening light penetrate his eyes and expand, luminously flooding him internally. His flight was silent, climbed to the highest, to become a little dark point, in the midst of the sky blue burst. He flew down as a plummeting arrow and nearly touched the buildings corners. Sometimes he stood motionless in the air, for hours, enjoying the wonderful spectacle from the heights, especially when the Sun was in the horizon edges and sun rays arrived perpendicularly clashing against the mountains at the eastern side their light on DAANY BEÉDXE, which produced a sense of indescribable luminosity, because the mountain was bathed by the light of the sun rays from two flanks, creating an atmosphere of purity, under an intense blue sky, that gradually turned into a bright yellow and then orange, finally sinking into the darkness of night.

The evening of one day, which had been raining all day, Night Eagle felt the need to walk among the plaza buildings. The grass was wet and the buildings seemed saturated with water; even the colors that decorated the walls drawings, seemed to have changed their color tones.

On some special occasions DAANY BEÉDXE was lit with torches through the night, by the mountain guardians; but usually the place was dark after the sun departed. On that occasion the evening was very short and darkness began taking over the place. Night Eagle walked around the vast plaza. The entire valley was invaded by a low cloud stratum. The cloud shades varied from dark grey, to bluish white. In small groups they roamed the Valley, sometimes clashing with the sacred mountain, others, slightly above the buildings. However, as it became darker, the clouds were piling up around the mountain. The young warrior sought shelter at his place in the south pyramid, he had not reached the foot of the stairs, when a heavy dark cloud bank, rapidly crossed the plaza from north to south and blinded him. The clouds seemed to have their own life and agreement with the buildings. Night Eagle had a very strange feeling. He felt as if the fog became a continuation of the buildings. He felt as if the force, contained in the stones, filtered through the clouds and sought to penetrate his body. His body was invaded by two opposing sensations; one was terror, he wanted to run away. The other, perhaps stronger, caught him making him defenseless and highly vulnerable, but with an indescribable dark pleasure.

The clouds passed rapidly through the square, so at times the buildings were clearly seen and then immediately disappeared. Little by little, the fog gave the warrior a sense of equilibrium. He stopped his thoughts and surrendered to perceive the event without any ideas.

He walked toward the north and before reaching the stairs below the columns; he stopped and turned to the south. The spectacle was truly impressive; the clouds had covered all the buildings surrounding the plaza, leaving the center building completely clear, the effect gave a sense of unreality. The central buildings were seen as an immense stone island in the middle of a sea of clouds.

In a few minutes the clouds covered the place, now were darker and threatening. Night Eagle absolutely could not see anything. Suddenly a prodigious thunder was heard and lightning fell very close; for an instant, light injected the heavy clouds. It seemed as if the brightness was going through each and every one of their recesses, producing different tones. The thunder echo reverberated, among the acoustic walls of the complex, as the waves made by water in a pond when a stone is dropped in the center. But almost at the same time, Night Eagle heard a chilling cry, which strangely did not reverberate and ranged from deep grave, to high-pitched tones and then descended. At first he thought it was the howl of a strange animal unknown to him, and then he figured it was the cry of a person, but eventually realized that it was not anything comparable and known. Immediately his spine skin contracted, and a cold sweat dropped down his column to the waist. The frightening sound was melodious and too long, went up and down in a stunning tonal scale.

Night Eagle was immobile, when the cry ceased, the fog cleared the upper part of DAANY BEÉDXE and a one yard thick layer remained over the plaza. The sky was completely clear and a huge moon lit up the top of the holy mountain. The warrior began to walk around the square, over a blanket of clouds, which gave him the feeling of sailing on a serene and silver sea; below, the valley was completely covered with clouds.

Suddenly saw his Teacher, who was approaching from the opposite end of the plaza as if sliding on the clouds, because as he walked his legs were not seen, buried under the fog. Night Eagle was invaded by a sense of well-being, comfort and above all, security. Something inside of him had been adjusted. The smile on the face of his teacher confirmed his feeling.

The signal they were expecting had arrived that night, "The force" indicated the departure of Night Eagle from DAANY BEÉDXE. The morning was fresh and clean, a slightly cold wind blew from the northern mountains. The Teacher and the student had come to receive the Sun, next to the stone jaguar in the north pyramid.

—We shall go when the sun dies— said the Teacher. You have all day to say good bye to this splendid place, which sheltered you and helped in your florid battle. Say good bye to every stone, each building, every room... perhaps you shall never see them again, never again in your life. Thank them and leave with them the best of you, which is the style of the warriors. You'll have to go searching for your destination, a terrible test is waiting for, in which in order to pass it, you will have to use all the knowledge you have learned during your stay in DAANY BEEDXE, really it is a test of power.

Throughout the day, the apprentice carefully toured the four hills comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. In each buildings complex and squares he recalled each of the lessons learned from them. He slowly and carefully collecting all his feelings that had been trapped by the stones, in return he left a smile and a deep exhalation. He finally climbed to the top of the south pyramid, his place, and began a speech, with the loud voice but without stridency, he spoke from the depths of his being, seemed to him that the buildings were listening, the four hundred warriors and the mountain guardians. He was talking to himself. His words were echoless thunder; one by one, came out in order and with rhythm and all talked about the wonderful experience of having been in this place of power. He thanked all the stones, all the clouds, all the sunrises and sunsets, the rain, the wind, the night, and its moons. Finally he said that no matter where he died, he would return to DAANY BEÉDXE with the last spasm of energy, to die here.

The afternoon seemed to understand the young warrior speech, because its color was becoming lit red. A thick bank of clouds could be seen on the horizon, to the south. A rain storm far in the distance seemed to be the answer to the warrior words.

The sun began its journey below the earth, when a chant was heard. Night Eagle turned to his right, toward the center of the square and saw the four hundred southern warriors, who were singing a war song as farewell. The show was truly impressive. Huge drums and snails echoed across the square, making the stones and hearts vibrate. Every warrior had a torch and carried a musical instrument. They sang and danced to the rhythm of the sound of their feet, because the ayoyote rattles tied to their ankles made the ground tremble at the large drums rhythm.

It was then that Night Eagle knew that the four hundred southern warriors had always been with him, it was their combined produced energy, what facilitated his teachings and although he never spoke with none of them, he knew that they all felt the same. An energy torrent that provided him with an indescribable wellbeing went all over his body and connected him with the four hundred southern warriors.

Not knowing why, he began walking towards the exit gate. The warriors were still singing and dancing in the 17 buildings that made up the complex. Darkness had arrived, the moving shadows, produced by the torches light and the warriors dance, produced a magical effect on the complex. His Teacher was waiting at the door and without saying a word; they took the descent path of the holy mountain. When they reached the gates of the land of the beautiful twin, they found two lit torches, and on a niche, two itacates for the road. The guardians of the sacred mountain, efficient and respectfully fulfilled their task. The old man and the young man took their nets and quietly departed. They crossed the village, which was completely dark and headed towards the Sierra Norte.

They walked for eight days up to the heart of the mountains. The forest was completely closed, they followed a path that meandered by a crest of the mountain range, and headed from south to north. Every now and then, they encountered narrow passes right and left. The landscape was impressive; the forest maintained a closed woven in all shades of green. In the far distance could only see, more and more bushy mountain forest, it was clear that the region was not inhabited. The warrior felt the forest power, as a powerful and independent force. The forest consciousness exerted pressure on the young warrior energy. During the days walked they maintained a strict silence, as was recommended the Teacher, who told the student that it was very difficult and dangerous to reach where they intended, because the forest was not accustomed to the presence of human beings. Therefore they should walk in silence and without thoughts, to have the possibility of being accepted by the forest, otherwise they would be lost.

By the evening of the eighth day, a very special mountain could be seen far in the distance, shaped as an inmense pyramid. The mountain detached from the north-south range and pointed towards the west. There was a river meandering at the bottom of the ravine and immediately there was another mountain range, also in north-south direction. From the top of one of the peaks in the range, was a very narrow swing bridge, at times only allowed the passage of one man. This swing was a bridge between the mountain range and the mountain, shaped as a pyramid.

—That is our destination —said the Teacher. As you can see, this mountain was worked by the old Toltec grandparents and it is the takeoff point to the immeasurable. Our ancestors called it the Ashes Hill, because it is there the warriors are consumed by their inner fire and depart into the unknown in search of their destiny. Let’s hurry our walk, to get there before dark.

That night the travelers arrived at the gates of the swing bridge, passage to the mysterious place.

Before dawn the Teacher and his student, went to the top of a hill in the range to receive the Sun and charge their energy. When they reached the right place they sat on a huge outcrop rock towards the precipice, pointing to the east.

—This is a very special place; it is a place of power, which has been used for hundreds of bundles of years by warriors seeking freedom, is like the prelude to the truth. The warriors need to charge their energy to meet the test that is in this door. If you fail, you shall die; if you pass, I am not sure what will happen, it depends on the "The force" intentions and your destiny. It is possible we will never again see each other, whether you die or because our paths never cross again, but in the end it is irrelevant; what is important is that you're impeccable in your challenge. Within a few hours, you will have to put into practice all you have learned in the sacred Jaguar Mountain; you will have to be flawless. All the years of strict discipline and sustained attempt; all the sacrifices and efforts you have made, will serve to overcome this challenge. You're now one of the four hundred southern warriors. You were born for the florid battle. Since you were a child I found you and made you follow the warrior path in an impeccable way. Warriors like you live for the florid battle. The consecrate and purify by sacrifice and discipline. They temper their spirit, strengthen their body and dominate their passions. The warrior virtue is the impeccability of their actions; their inspiration is the wisdom of the old grandparents; their objective: Total freedom.

The horizon began to clear; the mountains profile began appear in the blue aurora. The old man and the apprentice were sitting cross-legged, viewing the east. Soon the Sun began to emerge. A huge golden disk slowly seemed to appear from the earth guts. The victorious Sun, leaving the depths of darkness and death, had once again overcome matter inertia and resuscitated in search of the dazzling heights. When the sun finally rose, it looked extremely large and bright; the horizon first caught fire with a faint orange, then with blood-red orange. Night Eagle had before witnessed a sunrise like this.

—You're lucky; the Sun greets you; —the Teacher said— without removing his squinted eyes stare from the Sun. Perhaps you know that this may be the most important day of your life, or the day of your death. Whatever you destiny might be, you have to fight impeccably, not because you care about the result, but because it may be your last battle in this world. In front of death, the warrior lets his spirit flow freely. The Warrior knows that he cannot cheat death, therefore, the only thing he is sure of in life, is that of his own death and this irrevocably becomes the most important moment of his life. In fact, the warrior prepares a lifetime, through multiple daily battles, to get to the last, with which closes the florid battle. So intensely enjoy this wonderful gift that "The force", has given you, it is all yours.

When morning fully came, the teacher took his pupil to a nearby cave and told him: —Inside this cave, you will have to await the twilight arrival. Inside you'll find everything you need to get ready as immaculate warrior for the upcoming battle, when the time comes I will come and get you.

Night Eagle fearlessly entered the dark cave, the entrance was as high as a standing man, after ten steps, the width narrowed and took an upward direction. The boy had to crawl to move forward. He realized the cave was not natural; a tunnel was carved on a huge solid rock. He advanced ten bodies and climbed three. The tunnel ended in a chamber carved in the rock. The chamber was round and had a five body diameter, on the highest part; it reached a three body height. At the top, was a hole as a maize cane in diameter, which rose vertically through a two body distance, to the surface of the huge rock. Through the opening light strangely came in, thanks to the carving design, which illuminated the chamber in a very special way. The stone had an orange color, with red and white streaks, when in contact with light, producing a comfortable atmosphere.

After a while, when the warrior pupils completely adapted to the light intensity, he could see the chamber interior.

What he first saw, principle below the light shaft, was a huge rattlesnake, perfectly carved in the same stone. The snake was rolled and overall looked like a pyramid. Around the chamber perimeter on the cave rock was carved a sort of circular bank, only interrupted by the chamber’s entrance, which had a jaguar head sculpted, with the mouth wide open using the tunnel depth. On the circular bank were sculpted four Eagles in attack position. The chamber concave wall was completely carved, with friezes very similar to those seen in the buildings of the city of Mitla.

Altogether, the chamber was a true masterpiece, never before in his entire life; he had seen such a human achievement over matter, as this majestic chamber. The chamber was built in the center of an uncommonly huge and extremely hard rock, to the extent that it seemed to have been completely polished. Everything that there was carved on the chamber cavity, even the animals, were carved in the same rock; the rock colors and the light coming through the strange opening, every moment changed the place ambiance, giving the impression that the huge rock was alive, that the chamber was its guts and light its food.

Night Eagle realized that claws, fangs and eyes of eagles, the snake and the jaguar, were quartz inlaid, and that emitted or reflected light in a way, which gave the feeling that they were alive.

Next to the snake, he found a brazier, copal and wood to make fire; a few containers with different color paint. Without thinking he burn copal and sat down in front of the paint and began to sing a song in a serious tone that talked about a warrior who is preparing for the last battle of his life. At the same time, he carefully started to decor his entire body. The designs were inspired by the chamber friezes. He knew that the friezes had power and his body should be protected for the power battle he was about to engage. When he finished, he laid down in front of the snake and fell asleep.

When he woke up he realized that light did not enter through the shaft to the surface, but that nevertheless the chamber was better illuminated. He noticed that in the light were tiny particles, such as little filaments with light and consciousness. Amazingly he could differentiate the light of these bright filaments, which exuded consciousness; and when he saw his own body, he perceived it as an energy conglomeration that shed off light.

Somehow he then knew that the time had come and that his Teacher was waiting at the entrance of this wonderful cave. When it came out, he saw that his Teacher was another energy conglomerate which shone, yet in a more intense way and at times shed energy sparks, as tiny lightning inside of himself.

His Teacher approached and embraced him. Night Eagle felt an electric shock on his entire body that ran through him several times in all directions. He knew that his Teacher in that gesture was conveying tons of information and of affection; somehow he knew through his teacher’s energy, which flooded his entire body, what was expected and what he had to do.

Without a word, the Teacher led the warrior to the pyramid Hill. They crossed the swing bridge and began to climb the pyramid, on stairs carved in the ground. The Hill was as about fifty bodies high, from the swing bride base that linked it with the mountain range. But to the east, some of the vertices dropped vertically, to a depth of more than two hundred bodies high.

The afternoon was splendid; the sky was completely blue, clear and transparent. The Sun was beginning to hide behind the western mountains. Night Eagle was vibrating, his body at times shock with involuntary spasms. More than his mind, his body was totally excited. His body sensed that something transcendent was about to happen, the smell of death came out of every warrior pore and soaked licked the boy’s skin.

The Sun had already entered the domains of the Lord of death, some light rays uselessly trying to contain the Night Lords, which had nearly covered the entire sky. When Night Eagle saw the evening star glow, calm came to his body. The Feathered Serpent was in the sky and knew that it would protect him from the ruthless Lords of the night.

Then his Teacher began to talk:

—You have reached the end of this path. The teachings of old Toltec grandparents, given to you since the youth house until DAANY BEÉDXE, have prepared you for this moment. What you will soon live, has no parallel, because it is at the same time frightening and wonderful. The power has reserved a different path for you, we do not know why or how will this path be. You shall go through a total experience and we hope your return from it, with us to DAANY BEÉDXE, so that together, we go to the place where one never dies. To return to us again you will have to recuperate all the lessons learned in DAANY BEÉDXE, both on the Tonal side, and of the Nagual. You must recover yourself and assemble the knowledge of the right side, with that of the left.

This represents the most difficult part of this path, because you will be alone and you must retrieve your knowledge from your own depths. You know that a total freedom warrior chooses a path with a heart and merges with it, because you've learned to have consciousness of the wonder of being alive and enjoy it intensely. But at the same time, you have also learned that life can end at any time. Know that you, as well as everyone else, are not going anywhere, that death is a permanent companion that puts in their right place everything that surrounds it, there are no winners or losers and that cemeteries are full of those who did not understand the value nor the meaning of life. A warrior is a human being, who has managed to temper his spirit and polished his matter; that discipline, sobriety and austerity, are the force that allow us not to have any worldly attachments to life. A warrior knows that life is a means to achieve total freedom. Thus the warrior chooses any activity, while being conscious that by itself has no relevance, that only matter in the meantime because his will refines in it and perfects his unyielding attempt. If returning to the human beings world is in your destiny after this test, you must recover your knowledge, to again reach DAANY BEÉDXE. You will need to remember that needing is the origin of weakness and misery. The warrior permanently learns to reduce his needs to nothing, is responsible, disciplined, stays alert and is humble with his destiny.

Fire snake fell silent a moment. The night had completely overtaken the sky sphere. The enormity of those mountains and the majestic sky furthered the smallness of the human existence.

—This mountain has been worked by the old Toltec grandparents, —the teacher continued talking—. so that flourished death warriors initiate their journey without return. Here is the place in which the warrior, after an impeccable lifetime and devotion, has managed to learn our ancestors practices, so that on their own move the assembly point of their luminous cocoon, and thus attest to other worlds that are only perceived when the assembly point is shifted, to places where the internal energy has before has mixed and fired with the external.

This time you will have to use the “intent”, on your own. You'll have to jump off the cliff, and when you're in the air, you will attempt moving the assembly point. If you succeed, you can be in two places at the same time, in other words, you'll have the perception of being up here and down below at the same time, it will have to make it 17 times in a row and if you are successful, you will survive, but you will show up in some remote part of this world.

Wherever you appear, you will absolutely remember nothing of what has happened thus far, all your memories will be erased from your mind and you'll have to remember everything. It may take you a lifetime and you may not achieve it, so you will lose the ability to receive the small opportunity provided by the eagle, to transcend the self, and will die as any common man and your entire life of struggle will be lost uselessly. That is the rule for all warriors.

But if you can remember yourself, it can recover your own face and your true heart, if you can overcome the memory loss, you will have to return to DAANY BEÉDXE. There, the four hundred southern warriors and I, will be waiting for you. From my own experience, I know that it is not easy and very painful, but there is no other way. All the total freedom warriors have to travel the same path; the difference with you is that you'll have to do it alone, that's all and nothing changes in your challenge.

So let’s not wait any longer, you have an appointment with your destiny, run and jump!

Darkness was almost total. Night Eagle felt that his body was going to explode, so he ran instinctively on the flat ramp surface leading to the cliff. He heard a high-pitched noise, his legs strongly propelled him; with great strides he seemed about to take a great leap into the unknown, into eternity.

There were no ideas in his mind, because what he was doing threatened his life, it was totally illogical. He knew that it would be fatal for the mind to take control; so when he reached the precipice edge, he took the final push on the ground and jumped into the air, with the deep conviction that he would shift his assembly point through the use of the intent.

In the darkness of the night a terrifying scream was heard, which resonated in the depths of the ravine and small sparks were perceived illuminating the steep walls of the Hill that became a pyramid. A ball of fire went up and down rapidly, from the depths of the ravine to the summit of the mountain. Before Night Eagle reached the bottom, he was able to turn on all the energy fields, contained in his luminous cocoon and miraculously, he was consumed in the inner fire.