Translation:The Young Man's Love/VIII

Translation:The Young Man's Love by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource

8: Lullaby

Rest, my sweet beloved, in the shade
Of the green darkling night.
The grass rustles in the meadows;
The shadowing boughs gently fan and cool you,
As your true love keeps watch.
Sleep, O sleep,
Softly murmurs the forest:
I am yours forever.

Hush, you hidden singers!
Do not disturb her sweet repose!
The birds in their flocks give ear,
Their noisy songs fall silent.
Close your eyes, my beloved.
Sleep, O sleep.
In the twilight glow
I will watch over you.

Murmur on, O melodies;
Rush on, O quiet brook.
Beautiful reveries of love
Are expressed in these melodies;
Tender dreams swim in their wake.
Through the whispering grove
Swarm tiny golden bees
Who hum you to sleep.