Translation:The Young Man's Love by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource

7: Resolve

We must part,
O beloved lute.
It is time for me to pursue
My distant and wished-for goal.

I shall take to the battlefield.
I shall go in search of plunder.
I shall take the spoils of victory.
Then homewards I'll flee.

In dawn's red glow
I will flee with her.
My lance shall protect us,
And my coat of mail.

Come, O dear weapons,
Often borne in sport,
Safeguard now my happiness
On this new path.

I shall swiftly plunge into the waves,
I shall embrace my glorious fate.
Already many have been dragged under,
But the valiant swimmer remains afloat.

Ah! How joyful to shed
My noble blood!
To protect the joy of my life,
My precious possession!
To suffer no scorn,
Who lacks the courage?

Let the reins fall,
O happy night!
Spread your wings.
Already the dawn smiles on us
Over those distant hills.