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Moving the following commentary here, where it might belong. (For it doesn't belong on the Translation page which should just be a translation of the booklet Tikkun haKlali which has its own Introduction and commentary included BTW.) Nissimnanach (talk) 04:46, 1 June 2022 (UTC)NissimnanachReply[reply]

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Right after Nachman of Breslov revealed Tikkun Haklali to his followers, he revealed the story of the armor. This story is mentioned by Zvi Mark in the book the "Revealed and Hidden writings of Nachman of Breslov". The story is about how when people go to war, they wear armor to protect against bows and arrows shot at him. And then he talks about how Tikkun Haklali is an armor for the person against the arrows of semen that shoot forth after someone has a nocturnal emmision. The person here is said to be at war too. Nachman of Breslov cannot be actually talking about a real war. Because a real war is when one person fights against another. Therefor, the war with bows and arrows in battle is at a great distance. But with the case of someone battling temptations through pgam habris, the war is inside of the man. The war is inside the entire man. Starting from his thoughts temptations, body emotions and lower body semen. Part of going to war is wearing a shield. The shield to protect himself is also within the man. It is not a shield that he wears but the mouth that says tikkun haklali. Because the war is right inside of the entire man and not at a great distance, man and war go together. Nachman of Breslov hints here to the man o war sea creature. That shoots its drops of burning and stinging liquid like bows and arrows. It causes small fish to be knocked out. This is all hinted to in the other stories of Breslov called "the Burgher" and "a King and an Emperor".