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Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Alhamiri, Abdulah (10/02/2006)


Department of Defense
Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants

at US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

10 February 2006

To: Alhamiri, Abdulah
Subject: Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Alhamiri, Abdulah


An Administrative Review Board will be convened to review your case to determine if your continued detention is necessary.


The Administrative Review Board will conduct a comprehensive review of all reasonably available and relevant information regarding your case. At the conclusion of this review the Board will make a recommendation to: (1) release you to your home state or to a third state; (2) transfer you to your home state, or a third state, with conditions agreed upon by the United States and your home state, or the third state; or (3) continue your detention under United States control.


The following primary factors favor continued detention:

a. Commitment
  1. The detainee was taken to the front lines in Kabul approximately two weeks after 11 September 2001, where he manned an observation post and constructed defensive positions.
  2. The detainee stated that he does not like the American Government.
  3. The detainee stated that Jihad is the duty of all Muslims and that if an Imam orders it then he would fight.
  4. The detainee made it very clear that he would kill Americans if they came against Islam.
b. Training
  1. Detainee received small arms training at a camp in Omarsaif and served as an interpreter for the camp physician.
c. Connections and Associations
  1. The detainee was linked to various individuals suspected of being members of al Qaida.
d. Intent
  1. The detainee stated that any Muslim who allies himself with an American forfeits Islam and paradise.
  2. In June 2001 the detainee left the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and traveled to Afghanistan to conduct his personal Jihad.
e. Other Relevant Data
  1. Detainee was a student at Portland State University and left the United States to help the Taliban build an Islamic State in Afghanistan.
  2. The detainee continued to refuse to speak or answer questions posed to him during interviews.

The following primary factors favor release or transfer:


You will be provided with a meaningful opportunity to be heard and present information to this Board; this includes an opportunity to be physically present at the proceeding. The Assisting Military Officer (AMO) will assist you in reviewing all relevant and reasonably available unclassified information regarding your case. The AMO is not an advocate for or against continued detention, nor may the AMO form a confidential relationship with you or represent you in any other matter.