United States Code/Title 12/Chapter 2

United States Code
by the United States Government
Title 12, Chapter2. National Banks

From the Cornell Law School U.S. Code Collection

Chapter2—National Banks
  • Subchapter 1—Organization and General Provisions
  • Subchapter 2—Capital, Stock, and Stockholders
  • Subchapter 3—Directors
  • Subchapter 4—Regulation of the Banking Business; Powers and Duties of National Banks
  • Subchapter 5—Obtaining and Issuing Circulating Notes
  • Subchapter 6—Redemption and Replacement of Circulating Notes
  • Subchapter 7—Proceedings on Failure of Bank to Redeem Circulating Notes
  • Subchapter 8—Reserve Cities; Lawful Reserves
  • Subchapter 9—Formation of Associations to Issue Gold Notes
  • Subchapter 10—Bank Examinations; Reports
  • Subchapter 11—Miscellaneous Provisions Regarding United States Bonds in Relation to National Banks
  • Subchapter 12—Voluntary Dissolution
  • Subchapter 13—Receivership
  • Subchapter 14—Bank Conservation Act
  • Subchapter 15—Conversion of National Banks into State Banks
  • Subchapter 16—Consolidation and Merger
  • Subchapter 17—Disposition of Unclaimed Property Recovered from Closed National Banks