United States Code/Title 12/Chapter 3

United States Code
by the United States Government
Title 12, Chapter 3. Federal Reserve System
Chapter 3—Federal Reserve System

  • Subchapter I—Definitions, Organization, and General Provisions Affecting System
  • Subchapter II—Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • Subchapter III—Federal Advisory Council
  • Subchapter IV—Federal Open Market Committee
  • Subchapter V—Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Subchapter VI—Capital and Stock of Federal Reserve Banks; Dividends and Earnings
  • Subchapter VII—Directors of Federal Reserve Banks; Reserve Agents and Assistants
  • Subchapter VIII—State Banks as Members of System
  • Subchapter IX—Powers and Duties of Federal Reserve Banks
  • Subchapter X—Powers and Duties of Member Banks
  • Subchapter XI—Depositaries and Fiscal Agents
  • Subchapter XII—Federal Reserve Notes
  • Subchapter XIII—Circulating Notes and Bonds Securing Same
  • Subchapter XIV—Bank Reserves
  • Subchapter XV—Bank Examinations
  • Subchapter XVI—Civil Liability of Federal Reserve and Member Banks, Shareholders, and Officers
  • Subchapter XVII—Reserve-Bank Branches