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This user is a member of WikiProject Translation. Jusjih translates from Chinese into English.

I am an administrator of English Wikisource since 18 September 2005 and of multilingual Wikisource since 29 July 2005. As the only administrator of English Wikisource natively speaking Chinese, I can help to determine Chinese, Macanese, and Taiwanese copyrights. I created Template:PD-PRC-exempt, Template:PD-MacaoGov, and Template:PD-ROC-exempt here after creating them at Chinese Wikisource heavily depending on them.

I have added governmental translations of the Law of the Republic of China, which is in the public domain. However, as these laws are often changed and governmental translations there tend to be very poor, I no longer focus on these.

I plan to go through the United Nations resolutions (Template:PD-UN). I have GOCR, but I have very limited time while administering thirteen Wiki sites.