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Hello, my name is Kasia and I was born 09.01.1986. I'm 2nd year student English at the Kazimierz Wielki Univeristy. I'm going to became english teacher. Main interests: philosophy, computers,pets geography, english and books. I'm not married... My favourite quote is Sing your songs rock the nations right all wrongs or I don't know, I will where escape, if volcanoes blast. I like read books e.g "The power and The Glory", Harry Potter, philosophy books etc. My native language is polish. I like computers and I love pets e.g dog and I have one dog... I use Mozilla Firefox as my web brower and I like it much! In my opinion Mozilla Firefox is the best web brower on the world.. If you would like to contact me, your best bet is my talk page on PL-Wikibooks, which I visit regularly. My nickname derives from my brithday year - 1986. In my opinion the worst trait people is..stupidility. Last favourite my quote is One heart one life of such a certain day we will be together...

And I like quote or an anaphore: The all life of peoples is one wit. Sometimes I think life is one big blunder, but rarely..

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