Awards for participation

My pilot project of the first volume of Ackermann's Repository is underway. Feel free to dive in and help out. Wikisource:WikiProject Ackermann’s Repository of Arts has preliminary info, but so far the bulk of activity is on the talk page, where I welcome suggestions and ideas.

I would like to build a project to enable others to help transcribe at least the fashion plate descriptions of all 40 volumes of the Repository, which are all available at IA. I hope to draw in people from here and from other places who are interested in early fashion periodicals as well as those with expertise in workflows here for periodicals, and who have (or can develop) tools and expertise for creating and managing djvu files.

Ideally I'd like to see djvu files created from the high-resolution images of the complete fashion journal runs at Bunka Gakuen: these need to be collected, split, cropped, assembled into djvus, and then uploaded at IA and at Commons (including the cropped high-res images separately)--all of which are tasks better suited to automation than to people (or to me personally, anyway). They have several other complete runs of several other late 18th/early 19th century fashion journals there, some of them very rare.

I am also interested in doing something similar for The Gentleman's Magazine (which turns out to be here already, though incomplete: I will study it), Annual Register, and other late 18th/early 19th century periodicals, and perhaps even novels or other non-fiction from this period. Ackermann’s Microcosm of London, which is also on IA, might make an even better introductory or pilot project, since there is less text, and the underlying high-res images would be valuable to Commons. Which reminds me-- I need to look for an automated way to upload jp2 files associated with a djvu to Commons, for the Repository as well.

At some point I will upload and transcribe some antique documents and newspapers that I own.

I welcome advice on how to structure and design these projects. I'm just getting started and am quite ignorant. Leave me a message on my talk page or the project's talk page to say hello or comment.

I have done a little bit of work at Project Gutenberg but have not gone beyond low-level proofreading. I hope that the workflow here is easier to manage. (It is so far.)

Heretofore on Commons I have devoted myself to portraiture and some categorization of fashion plates.