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Software engineer and web developer with an unhealthy fascination for aviation disasters. I contribute primarily to WikiSource, the English Wikipedia (where I write articles about plane crashes!), and the simple English Wikipedia (where I write articles about ... anything really.)

Please feel free to leave me a note on my talk page and I will respond. Note that I will respond on the same page (my Talk), unless you ask me to reply to you elsewhere! My normal time zone is Mountain Time (UTC-7 / UTC-6 in summer); please keep this in mind if you expect any sort of fast reply.

I spent 2016 backpacking across eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Southeast Asia. I'm back now, but if you want some tips for an upcoming trip, I'm happy to talk about it. :)

I've been an admin on English WikiSource since February 2017, and am available to help in that role as well. Tambien hablo español -- i mówię trochę po polsku.