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Hello - I am an editor who joined on 30th May 2019. Previously, I was generally on Wikipedia editing and citing pages on children's books, dogs and postage stamps; now, if I edit there, it's about the Grosvenor School. The first complete book I added to the database was The Veil and other poems by Walter de la Mare.

I am usually to be found hovering around the decadent/symbolist poetry section, proofreading interesting pieces here and there for later completion, or wondering about the copyright status on certain works.

I am named after a fictional anthropomorphic tabby cat (as opposed to the book by Virginia Woolf, or the place), in case anybody's wondering.

My bookish interests include Victorian/Edwardian short stories, Yeats' poetry, and Oscar Wilde.

Feel free to leave a message on my talk page, though I may take time to respond.

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(For a complete list of records, see User:Orlando the Cat/Records)

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Note to self - no more than three indexes to proofread at a time!

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  • Collected poems, 1901-1918
Note for "Plays" edit

When arriving at "Music for Plays", use something like this:




In the examples, A. stands for Accented, U. for Unaccented.



A remarkable fail.

{See Help:Sheet music.)

(Examples from Complete Encyclopaedia of Music/A/Accent; edit by Beeswaxcandle)

Random poetry fragments edit

Below are some fragments for which I need to find the copyright status or am storing until I find a title for them; if free, or if I have found a suitable title, I will move them to mainspace.

None collected so far.