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Works I've added:

Abélard, Pierre
Letters of Abélard and Héloïse
Abercrombie, Lascelles
An Essay Towards a Theory of Art
Acton, John
The History of Freedom in Antiquity (60 kb)
The History of Freedom in Christianity
Adams, Henry
History of the United States 1801-09/The First Administration of Thomas Jefferson (1260 kb)
History of the United States 1801-09/The Second Administration of Thomas Jefferson with assistance from ShakespeareFan00.
Aquinas, Thomas:
Treatise on Human Acts (part 1) (377 kb)
Treatise on Human Acts (part 2) (504 kb)
Treatise on Habits (part 1-2a) (508 kb)
Treatise on Habits (part 2b) (478 kb)
Treatise on Law (646 kb)
These are the only hyperlinked "treatise-sized" sections of the Summa Theologica freely available on the internet.
Organon (Owen)
Arnold, Matthew:
Culture and Anarchy (394 kb)
Benham, William:
The Poetical Works of William Cowper (164 kb)
Rare biography of William Cowper
Cleanthes of Assos:
Hymn to Zeus
Cowper, William:
Olney Hymns/Cowper (57 kb)
Drinkwater, John
Mary Stuart
Duhem, Pierre
"The Origins of Statics" (1903)
Medea (Euripides/Coleridge)
Hippolytus (Euripides/Coleridge)
The Bacchantes (Euripides/Coleridge)
Galsworthy, John
A Portrait (33 kb)
The Japanese Quince (<32 kb)
Grierson, Herbert John Clifford
The First Half of the Seventeenth Century
Assisted in adding most of this author's works
Martin Luther
Trinity Sunday
Albert Jay Nock
The Myth of a Guilty Nation
Lives (Dryden translation)/Theseus (71 kb)
Thomas Reid
An Essay on Quantity
On Benefits
Oedipus the King (86 kb)
Trachiniae (Jebb) (62 kb)
Ajax (67 kb)
Philoctetes (74 kb)
Electra (71 kb)
Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune
Reflections on the Formation and the Distribution of Riches
Woodrow Wilson
Congressional Government

"And what did it profit me that I could read and understand for myself all the books I could get in the so-called 'liberal arts,'. . . I took delight in them, not knowing the real source of what it was in them that was true and certain. For I had my back toward the light, and my face toward the things on which the light falls, so that my face, which looked toward the illuminated things, was not itself illuminated." Augustine, Confessions, Book 4, Chapter 16.

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