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Sije is the username of a user of Wikisource; also known as a Wikisourcer.


Observe the sabbath day, to keep it holy[1]Edit

This user observes the holy Sabbath on Saturday, and encourages his Jewish brothers and sisters to do likewise. This includes (but is not limited to) not using a computer from sundown Friday until the appearance of three "small" stars in the sky on Saturday night.[2]

My educationEdit

My education consists of high school (passed all of my Regents Examinations) and Yeshiva Gedolah. No higher secular college.

My methods of translatingEdit

When translating Hebrew (including Jewish Aramaic) texts, I strive for the most accurate definition as possible. I am aware that I don’t always achieve that goal, and Wikisourcers are encouraged to improve my translations.


I often consult Wiktionary,, and

I do not consult copyrighted translations of the text; so any similarity or resemblance to a copyrighted translation is purely coincidental.

Hebrew BibleEdit

When translating verses of the Hebrew Bible, I first consult the translations that are available on Wikisource (and hence, are not copyrighted).


As long as the most literal definition makes sense, I generally stick to that definition.


I do not add my own explanations to the text, since I think that the translation namespace should be strictly for translation. Should Wikisource in the future allow a separate namespace for explanations (something like the ביאור namespace of the Hebrew language Wikisource), then explanations and suchlike might be added there. That being said, should other Wikisourcers decide to add explanations, I will not object. Leave it up to the experts to decide exactly what is or isn’t allowed.

When I feel that it is necessary to add one or more words that are not found in the original text, I generally place them in brackets.

Hebrew TextEdit

I generally do not add the Hebrew text, since I think that the English language Wikisource should be strictly for English, and especially since the Hebrew text is already conveniently available by clicking on the interwiki link. That being said, should other Wikisourcers decide to add the Hebrew text, I will not object.

Changing others’ translationsEdit

I generally do not change the translations of other Wikisourcers; except when I feel that the change is necessary for the sake of accuracy or for the sake of better English. I also might add brackets before and after words that are not found in the original text.

Changing my translationsEdit

Wikisourcers can feel free to change my translations however they feel is necessary. There is no need to ask me for permission; nor even to notify me.