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Limited ActivityEdit

Because of my commitment (or enslavement, depending on how you look at it :) ) to school, I am not able to be as active as normal. I will probably get your message if you leave it on my talk page, because while I do not edit every day I do check my messages.

Skunkmaster IV

Note on usernameEdit

My username is Skunkmaster IV. When you say it, you say "Skunkmaster the 4th." like when saying the names of kings or whatever (like King George III), not "Skunkmaster 4."

Skunkmaster IV

What I doEdit

Most of the time I like adding new texts or attempting to clear out the 'Texts needing to be split' category.

Books that don't belongEdit

If you see a book here that you think belongs somewhere else (like WikiBooks), please tell me on my talk page. If it violates Copyright, then report it and please also let me know.


Skunkmaster IV

Books I have added and pretty much finishedEdit

Here is a list of books I have added and pretty much are finished but it never hurts to proofread them just in case I messed something up when I added them. :) (ignore the second link in parentheses):

Books I have split and headedEdit

Books I am Working onEdit

Books I Have added and am working onEdit

Books I added and am working on

Books I have found and am helping withEdit

Books I have split but need page headingsEdit

Books I am still splitting (or going to split)Edit

Ones I Haven't Started yetEdit

If you have books from other online sources or text files that could be categorized in any of the three sections below (Russian,Diplomacy, Vatican), but don't want to add them, please let me know on my talk page and I would be happy to add them. :)

Here is a list of books that I plan on adding eventually :) :



The VaticanEdit


Napoleon's Addresses:Edit

Books I would like to see on WikisourceEdit

  • Old Librarian's Almanack (John Cotton Dana)


Test Page

Egypt Campaign

List of stuff I have added

WikiProject:Split Texts

Link Page