My first edit was on 23 December, 2005. I plan to work on The Diary of Samuel Pepys. The Diary of Samuel Pepys takes is 6.59 megabytes and, according to Microsoft Word, is 1828 pages long.



I chose Think Fast as my username because after just over one hour of trying to think of a username (and doing nothing else) I still didn't have any good ideas. "Think Fast" reminds me to make decisions without wasting time. It is not like I am trying to tell others that I am sneaky and you had better think fast or else you'll get hit in the face with a cream pie. It's nothing like that.

Pepys ChecklistEdit

1. Put templates and calendar on page
2. Adjust calendar, referring to the previous month or to the notation of “Lord’s day” or “Sunday” in the text
3. Paste in header text
a. Center using <"center"> and <"/center"> (without quotation marks when actually formatting)
b. Add forced line breaks where needed using <"/br"> (without quotation marks when actually formatting)
4. Paste in journal text for that month
5. Turn days into level 2 headings (==day==)
6. Check calendar If there are problems, make adjustments.
7. Make footnotes
8. Check footnotes. If there are any problems, make adjustments.
9. Find and replace:
a. "&" with "& a m p ;" (without spaces)
b. "--" with "—" (alt+0151)
10. Format line breaks
11. Show progress on project page


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