Wagner the Wehr-wolf

Wagner the Wehr-wolf  (1846)  by George W. M. Reynolds
Table of Contents

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Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Title Page, Part I
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter I: The Death-Bed — The Oath — The Last Injunctions.
  4. Chapter II: Nisida — The Mysterious Closet.
  5. Chapter III: The Manuscript — Flora Francatelli.
  6. Chapter IV: The Funeral — The Interruption of the Ceremony.
  7. Chapter V: The Reading of the Will.
  8. Chapter VI: The Pictures — Agnes and the Unknown Mystery.
  9. Chapter VII: Revelations.
  10. Chapter VIII: The History of Agnes.
  11. Chapter IX: Conclusion of the History of Agnes.
  12. Chapter X: Francisco, Wagner and Nisida.
  13. Chapter XI: Nisida and Wagner — Francisco and Flora — The Approach of Sunset.
  14. Chapter XII: The Wehr-wolf.
  15. Chapter XIII: Nisida's Emotions — The Disguise — The Plot.
  16. Chapter XIV: The Last Meeting of Agnes and the Stranger-Lady.
  17. Chapter XV: The Sbirri — The Arrest.
  18. Chapter XVI: Nisida and the Carmelite Abbess.
  19. Chapter XVII: Wagner in Prison — A Visitor.
  20. Chapter XVIII: Flora Francatelli — The Three Nuns — The Chair.
  21. Chapter XIX: The Descent — The Chamber of Penitence.
  22. Chapter XX: Francisco and Nisida — Dr. Duras and the Letter.
  23. Chapter XXI: The Suburb of Alla Croce — The Jew — The Robber Chief's Love.
  24. Chapter XXII: The Countess of Arestino.
  25. Chapter XXIII: The Love of Woman — Giulia and Her Lover.
  26. Chapter XXIV: The Injured Husband — The Guilty Wife — And The Insolent Lover.
  27. Chapter XXV: The Marquis of Orsini.
  28. Chapter XXVI: A Combat — The Despised and Persecuted Israelite.
  29. Chapter XXVII: Stephano and the Marquis — The Stronghold of the Banditti.
  30. Chapter XXVIII: A Fearful Accusation.
  31. Chapter XXIX: The Visit of the Banditti to the Riverola Palace.
  32. Chapter XXX: Flora's Captivity — A Companion — The Living Tomb.
  33. Chapter XXXI: The Banditti.
  34. Chapter XXXII: The Mystery of the Chair — The Catastrophe.
  35. Chapter XXXIII: Lomellino's Escape — Stephano's Intentions.
  36. Chapter XXXIV: The Abduction.
  37. Chapter XXXV: Wagner and the Tempter — Phantasmagoria.
  38. Chapter XXXVI: The Trial of Fernand Wagner.
  39. Chapter XXXVII: The Shipwreck.
  40. Chapter XXXVIII: The Island in the Mediterranean Sea.
  41. Chapter XXXIX: The Wehr-Wolf.
  42. Chapter XL: Wagner in Search of Nisida.
  43. Chapter XLI: The Island Queen.
  44. Chapter XLII: The Temptation — The Anaconda.
  45. Chapter XLIII: Nisida and Wagner.
  46. Chapter XLIV: Alessandro Francatelli.
  47. Part II
  48. Chapter XLV: The Lady of Constantinople.
  49. Chapter XLVI: The Apostate Ibrahim.
  50. Chapter XLVII: The Siege of Rhodes.
  51. Chapter XLVIII: The Prisoner.
  52. Chapter XLIX: The New Grand Vizier.
  53. Chapter L: The Count of Arestino — The Plot Thickens.
  54. Chapter LI: The Meeting.
  55. Chapter LII: The Greek Page — Song of the Greek Page — A Revelation.
  56. Chapter LIII: The Sultana Valida — The Three Black Slaves.
  57. Chapter LIV.
  58. Chapter LV.
  59. Chapter LVI.
  60. Chapter LVII.
  61. Chapter LVIII.
  62. Chapter LIX.
  63. Chapter LX.
  64. Chapter LXI.
  65. Chapter LXII: The Sick-Room — Florence in Dismay.
  66. Chapter LXIII: The Manuscript.
  67. Chapter LXIV.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.