Hosting extracts of works on Wikisource.

Wikisource does not host partial works or extracts. Works that are deemed to be extracts risk being deleted.

Deletion rationale edit

Project scope edit

Extracts are not within the scope of Wikisource. The intent of Wikisource is to create a library of freely available, complete texts. The creation of extracts and abridgements of original works involves an element of creativity on the part of the user and falls under the restriction on original writing. Previously published extracts and abridgements that meet our criteria are, however, appropriate for inclusion on Wikisource as they are faithful reproductions of those previously published works.

Very brief extracts may be appropriate for Wikisource's sister project Wikiquote.

Potential misrepresentation edit

An extract is not a reliable nor neutral work. The act of making the extract introduces a bias, placing emphasis on certain points and potentially eliminatig counterpoints or contextual information. Even an extract made in good faith may inadvertently change the intent of the original work.

Therefore, in order to maintain the reliability and reputation of the Wikisource project and its library of works, extracts will be deleted from Wikisource.

Extracts vs. Incomplete works edit

Works that are simply not finished yet do not count as extracts, as long as it is possible for someone to complete them. Ideally, they will be based on a scanned copy of the work, for which the proofreading can be completed by anyone, or have a listed source for copy-and-paste works or manual transcriptions. If incomplete works lack a source, they may also be deleted as inadvertent extracts for the same reason made above.