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Volume 2

Volume 2Edit


  • Jan. 2013 (no. 1)
    Featured text for January 2013; 2 Collaborations for January 2013; 3 Administrator confirmations; 4 Over 100 000 validated pages
  • Feb. 2013 (no. 2)
    Wikivoyage: Wikisource's new adopted sister; New Wikisource for Assamese-language texts; Quirky texts; Wikimedia moves to Virginia; Featured text for February 2013; Collaborations for February 2013; Wikimedian in Residence in the UK; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Technical changes
  • Mar. 2013 (no. 3)
    Winners of the Picture of the Year 2012 contest on Wikimedia Commons; Dictionary of National Biography first edition completed; Featured text for March 2013; Collaborations for March 2013; New WikiProject for the Gerald Ford Library; Lua rolled out; Strategic vision grant request; Steward elections, 2013; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Wikimedians in Residence
  • Apr. 2013 (no. 4)
    Sue Gardner to step down; Featured text for April 2013; Collaborations for April 2013; First Lua-based template; Raw images; Annotation and derivative works debate; Individual Engagement Grant results; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Technology notes; Sister project notes
  • May 2013 (no. 5)
    One thousandth validated index; One quarter proofread; Score extension; Musical score transcription project; Wikisource vision development; Interproject links interface; Annotations and derivative works; Featured text for May 2013; Collaborations for May 2013; New guidelines; Account standardisation; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Notes
  • Jun. 2013 (no. 6)
    Request for comment: Scope of Ombudsman Commission; GLAM Boot Camp proofread-a-thon; Featured text for June 2013; Collaborations for June 2013; New administrators; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Jul. 2013 (no. 7)
    Results of 2013 Wikimedia Foundation elections; Translation namespace; Proofread Page changes; Vision development project: Inter-project links; Wikisource used towards plagiarism detection in Arabic; Featured text for July 2013; Collaborations for July 2013; Discussions on Meta; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Notes
  • Aug. 2013 (no. 8)
    Translation namespace; New logo selection for Wikivoyage; Wikisource vision development and open access; Featured text for August 2013; Collaborations for August 2013; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Sep. 2013 (no. 9)
    Midpoint report, Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision; New Wikivoyage logo; HTTPS enabled by default; Featured text for September 2013; Collaborations for September 2013; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Oct. 2013 (no. 10)
    Dominic McDevitt-Parks goes pro; Trademark protection on the community logo; Featured text for October 2013; Collaborations for October 2013; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Nov. 2013 (no. 11)
    One million pages!; Echo deployed; New, improved search function; Wikidata deployment scheduled; Private data leak; October report for the Wikisource vision development and online survey; Featured text for November 2013; Collaborations for November 2013; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Dec. 2013 (no. 12)
    Featured text for December 2013; Collaborations for December 2013; Administrator confirmations


  • Jan. 2014 (no. 13)
    Tenth Anniversary Contest; Featured text for January 2014; Collaborations for January 2014; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • Feb. 2014 (no. 14)
    Wikidata deployment; Final report, Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision; Web fonts and language selector disabled; Featured text for February 2014; Collaborations for February 2014; Administrator confirmations; Milestones; Notes
  • Mar. 2014 (no. 15)
    Featured text for March 2014; Collaborations for March 2014; Administrator confirmations
  • Apr. 2014 (no. 16)
    Winners of the Picture of the Year 2013 contest on Wikimedia Commons; Wikidata fully deployed; IEG not extended; The King in Yellow and the impact of television; Featured text for April 2014; Collaborations for April 2014; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • May 2014 (no. 17)
    Heartbleed and Wikimedia; Wikidata integration; Featured texts for May 2014; Collaborations for May 2014; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • June 2014 (no. 18)
    Launching a privacy policy built the wiki way; Featured texts for June 2014; Collaborations for June 2014; Administrator confirmations;
  • July 2014 (no. 19)
    Proposal for an automated import of openly licensed scholarly articles; Request for Comment about developing a disclosure policy; Collaborations for July 2014; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • August 2014 (no. 20)
    Wikimania 2014; Featured text for August 2014; Collaborations for August 2014; Request for comment about the annotation policy; Administrator confirmations; Thumbnail style update
  • September 2014 (no. 21)
    Improvements requested for the English Wikisource; Collaborations for September 2014; Administrator confirmations
  • October 2014 (no. 22)
    Featured text for October 2014; Collaborations for October 2014; Administrator confirmations; Notes
  • November 2014 (no. 23)
    New Wikisource for Oriya-language texts; Collaborations for November 2014; Administrator confirmations
  • December 2014 (no. 24)
    Featured text for December 2014; Collaborations for December 2014; Administrator confirmations


  • January 2015 (no. 25)
    Featured text for January 2015; Collaborations for January 2015; Administrator confirmations; Milestones
  • April 2015 (no. 26)
  • July 2015 (no. 27)
    Tool labs' outage