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WikiProject 1903 Encyclopædia Biblica

This project relates to the adding of the Encyclopaedia Biblica to Wikisource. This work is probably the most comprehensive and detailed Biblical encyclopedia in the public domain:

The great number of leading biblical scholars contributing to this work and the generally high degree of accuracy and completeness pervading it place it high on the priority list - Frederick Danker


Structure and points of discussionEdit

This is a work in progress, feel free to add to the list of things to consider ;)

  • Layout: images, footnotes, etc.
  • Organising wikipedians for this mammoth task.
  • Linking to corresponding articles on Wikipedia where appropriate

Style ManualEdit

  • The EB1903 style manual should be a general style manual that should be used specifically for this project. Mainly, it should be a way to standardise the look and feel, suggestions on formatting, and in general some tips on what to look for when trying to improve these articles over the raw text from external sources.


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