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Memoranda of conversations ("memcon") are primarily typed transcripts of discussions from President Ford’s meetings with heads of state and other foreign officials, American Ambassadors, senior intelligence and national security officials, Cabinet members, members of Congress, and other distinguished foreign and American visitors.

Special notes on transcribing memconsEdit

  • Many of these files include the handwritten notes on which the typed texts are based. These do not need to be transcribed (although you can if you want).
  • A template for a common form of header for these files can be found at {{memcon header}}. Not all documents follow this pattern, however, so some will need to be put together manually.


The Memoranda of Conversations collection is large: 828 files in 17 boxes for President Ford and 187 files in 4 boxes relating to President Nixon. Due to the number of files within this section, they have been split into different pages: